So I went to my first rave tonight!  I was expecting to see lots of weird things - candy necklaces, grown adults using pacifiers, the dropping of crazy sick beats.  But nothing could prepare me for what I saw in that warehouse - A TEENAGER SPLIT APART INTO TWO KIDS!!!

There’s only one explanation - Steven and his friend were hiding in a specially fabricated bodysuit built by the Illuminati for the purposes of international espionage!

You might have heard of it before under the official name: Project L.I.L. R.A.S.C.A.L. 

Local Illuminati's Latest Really Attractive Spy Concealing Approximated Life-form

It’s a shame because I was totally gonna go ask them to dance… you know, until I learned it was Steven and his friend.


In the shadowy world of espionage a dead drop refers to a method of passing information between two people using a secret location that doesn’t require them to ever meet directly. Here’s a geekstastic project inspired by that cloak-and-dagger sneakiness that’ll have you scrutinizing the walls of every building in your city. In 2010 Berlin-based media artist Aram Bartholl started the Dead Drops project, an anonymous, offline public file-sharing network comprised of USB flash drives discretely embedded into walls, buildings and even curbs in New York. Here’s how it works:

“Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop to a wall, house or pole to share your favorite files and data. Each dead drop is installed empty except a readme.txt file explaining the project. ‘Dead Drops’ is open to participation. If you want to install a dead drop in your city/neighborhood follow the ‘how to’ instructions and submit the location and pictures.”

Bartholl’s Dead Drops project began as part of the Talk to Me group exhibition at the MOMA, which ran from July to November in 2011. The public response was so enthusiastic that Bartholl created a Dead Drops website and now anyone can share files with anyone else in perfect anonymity and secrecy that even the likes of James Bond might enjoy.

Visit the Dead Drops project website to learn more about this awesome project and how you can participate and even create brand new dead drop locations of your own.

[via Art Sheep and Dead Drops]

The Job



A year ago, even most American history professors probably had never heard of Hercules Mulligan, the American patriot whose name sounds like a punchline.

Thanks to the musical blockbuster Hamilton, Mulligan finally is famous, 190 years after his death. Of course, the real Mulligan was not quite what Lin Manuel Miranda’s casting director sought: “Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race, African Descent… able to sing and rap well … the life of the party, dripping with swagger, streetwise and hilarious…. Joins the revolution to get out of being a tailor’s apprentice.”

Hercules Mulligan was a discrete but silver-tongued Irish immigrant in New York City, who prospered as a haberdasher, tailoring garments for colonial aristocrats and British officers. He was also a member of the Sons of Liberty, and his passion helped recruit Alexander Hamilton to the Revolutionary cause. His work also happened to make him a great, meaning oft-overlooked, spy.  


In 1779, some sources claim, a British officer insisted late one night he needed a warm “watch coat.” When Mulligan casually asked why the rush, the officer described his important mission, exulting, “before another day, we’ll have the rebel general in our hands.” Mulligan immediately mobilized his slave Cato, who was known to many of the well-outfitted British officers surrounding the city. Cato passed the information to Hamilton, who had become Washington’s aide de camp. Washington avoided the British ambush. Thus Hamilton’s hip hop Mulligan can rap: “A tailor spyin’ on the British government! I take their measurements, information, and then I smuggle it.”

Mulligan and Cato were already reliable sources for Washington regarding troop movements—working despite at least two interrogations by wary British officers. Mulligan occasionally collaborated with the New York-based Culper Ring and with the famous Jewish patriot Haym Solomon, whose German fluency made him a popular translator for the Hessian troops—and thus a great source of intelligence regarding troop movements.


Brigitte Momfort was the heroine of over 500 (!) espionage and adventure novels written in Brazil from 1965-1992.

Brigitte was a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who occasionally worked as a CIA agent. She was not only a great journalist before the age of 30, but a martial artist and crack shot, the daughter of a French Resistance fighter.

Hilariously enough, there was a real conspiracy theory that her novels were themselves a CIA propaganda op, written with CIA consultation. The theory goes that the books were written to improve the view of the CIA in Latin America by featuring a sympathetic, sexy, and cool American CIA Agent hero in the best possible light. One of the biggest bits of support for this theory is that the Brigitte Monfort had uncannily accurate and detailed insights into CIA operations. Thus far, this remains just speculation and an intriguing possibility, but it wouldn’t be out of step with the CIA’s modus operandi.


The Rat Bomb

One of the many zany ideas of the British Special Operations Executive during World War II, the rat bomb was an explosive device featuring the corpse of a rat which was stuff with a small charge of high explosives.  While the explosive charge was small, it was enough to cause a devastating explosion if tossed into a steam boiler.  The idea was that the rat bombs would be smuggled into Germany, then placed in boiler rooms of factories, locomotives, or power stations. The stoker tending the boiler would throw the offending critter into the fire, the explosive would ignite, fracturing the boiler and causing a massive blast.

Several dead rats were acquired and converted into bombs. Some were also produced with timed delayed fuses. However, the first shipment of rats was intercepted by the Germans, thus none saw their intended use before the program was cancelled. In the meantime the Germans sent their captured rats to military schools for further study and set up security protocols to ensure that the British rats would never be exploded on German soil.  While the rat bombs never blew up a boiler, SOE concluded the program was effective because it wasted precious German manpower, redirected soldiers and security guards away from the war effort in order to search for dead rats.

espionage.| listen. 52min.
 For those who carry the film noir excense, blending amongst the citizens and shadowed alleyways, heart breakers with guns hidden under trench coats, eyes covered by the cold fog and secrets that invite them into violent missions;

001. lurk by the neighbourhood | 002. iron by woodkid | 003. gun by elenika | 004. hudson by vampire weekend | 005. don’t worry, we’ll be watching you by gotye | 006. angel by massive attack | 007. who are you, really? by mikky ekko | 008. this is a trick by crosses | 009. warrior rmx. by magic wands | 010. the mission mix. by puscifer | 011. back to black by beyoncé & andré 3000 | 012. this is not a love song by katie cruel | 013. glory box by portishead | 014. immigrant song by karen o.

Is Twitter being used as a numbers station?

‘GooGuns posts nothing but strings of letters and numbers, like b39e65fa00000000 in intervals of about five minutes on average. The string of characters always ends with zeroes, occasionally with the location service turned on, so you can see that 554705fa00000000 was allegedly tweeted from the “Region of Khabarovsk.” This has been going on all day and all night, for years, with more than 318,000 tweets posted since 2009. But why?’

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actualbush  asked:

can we pleeeaaassseee get some more mission action of these two? i really liked the ending of the last one

ok, i have a few unfinished spy comics so i’ll just post one of those

the time period is like between the creation of the entente cordiale and the beginning of the first world war. they’re in a plane getting ready to jump out and land at a private party hosted by austria/hungary and spy on them and maybe the black hand idk.

-later as they walk into the party-

and yeah that’s all i got lol

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.
—  Extract from The Art of War, Sun Tzu (544 BC - 496 BC)