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E2 for fave eeveeolution?

Okay so like this might shock people but Espeon is my favorite eevee evolution because it was the first one I ever got??? like I was playing pokemon moon in the middle of the Night and my Eevee (Name Takeru) evolve into Espeon because I didn’t know that eevee would evolve without a evolution stone. So like I have become VERY attached to my Espeon. 
Here’s two different versions of the same drawing. I base my design on dolllightful’s design tbh. 


Halloween is just around the corner and I have new plushes now in the shop! First up we have a new Eeveelution loaf to add: Umbreon! This one is ready to go and after it finds a home I’ll open them up for made to order with customizable faces. (But how can you not love that cute fanged smile? <3) 

🌗 You can adopt Umbreon here 🌗

While going through my drafts looking for things to add to my queue, I found this, which I’d apparently written but never posted.  I feels like now is the appropriate time to do so.

I had a thought, and I am probably not the first person to notice this so please pardon me if someone else has mentioned this first BUT I am excited and want to talk about this.

So Umbreon’s markings look like a solar eclipse, right?  And this makes sense, because the “umbra” is the darkest part of a shadow, and specifically during a solar eclipse, it’s the darkest part of the moon’s shadow, where the total eclipse is visible from.

What I didn’t realize until just now is that Espeon has this connection too!  During a lunar eclipse, the moon doesn’t disappear.  Instead, due to interference from the Earth’s atmosphere, it turns red, like the gem on Espeon’s forehead!