Imagine Jun getting bashful and shy when you call him your Silent Prince of China.


when your girlfriend tells you about her day and you genuinely enjoy it because you love her

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Interesting Niall hasn't posted anything yet. It's almost as if the plan was for for the focus to be on H/L for a bit, as the GossipCop article demonstrates.

It is interesting, and honestly I’m okay with that. If Niall tweets and Liam doesn’t it would make Liam’s absence more noticeable, especially in light of his new solo deal. But much like the way when Harry is unable (for whatever reason) to participate, they tend to only have two others involved, this may be a Liam cover since he said what he wanted to say on Thursday and doesn’t want to push it.

But there are six hours left in the day in the UK, so there’s still time :)

I think when you fall in love with someone you fall in love with the color of their eyes also. It’s like a magic spell has been placed on the color because it just isn’t the same anymore. The ocean and the sky are not as beautiful when you are in love with someone with blue eyes, because their eyes are brighter. The green color of trees, flowers, and jewels cannot compare to the unique color of green eyes. The color brown becomes warm and lovely when you love someone with brown eyes, especially when their eyes shine like gold in the light. It’s one of those things in life that cannot be explained, but those in love understand.

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Hi! I wanted to share D. VA hcs. She's super immersed in the world of virtual reality, so even wiggling your fingers at her over Skype would make her flinch and giggle. Her feet are probably her worst spot, especially the toes. She snorts when her stomach is tickled, especially when her bellybutton gets ANY kind of attention. Her red warpaint turn redder with blush when she laughs. But her gaming dexterity makes her a terrifying ler, and with her tech knowhow, even Zenyatta and Bastion feel it!

I had one more but it wouldn’t fit in the ask! D. Va has a SUPER ticklish butt. Like, it’s the worst. Especially to light tickles. She’s ALWAYS sitting, whether in her mech or her gaming chair, so it doesn’t get a lot of attention so when it does, it’s SUPER ticklish. As payback for tickling even his metal parts with her tech knowledge, Genji will Swift Strike past to smack her butt or squeeze it or tickle it just because of how sensitive it is. Smacks make her blush and squeal but she loves it.

10 OUT OF 10…. DAMN OKAY WHERE DO I START.. like first off, omg that’s CUTE! i bet she really likes the teasing where people wave their fingers because it makes her really giggly already. and i agree, i think her feet would be really ticklish, i bet they’re very small and cute too. cute tiny feet omg.. and i think in my old hcs about her i mentioned that she loves raspberries so right on her bellybutton will absolutely KILL HER. and her as a ler, oh boy she’s gotta be good at it.

AND LIKE.. i’m kinda into genji and it’s cute oh my god so.. i can see her being all sneaky and offer to look at genji’s wiring and tickling him instead (maybe trying to initiate tickles from him). and he can’t just let her go after that. AND OH MY GOSH SHE HAS A TICKLISH BUTT and i can see him poking at her or giving her a squeeze to let her know he’s not gonna lose this tickle war. but let’s be real, both of them are too ticklish to really ever “win” a tickle fight.

((and i bet when she squeals and blushes he immediately overheats cause he thinks it’s cute))

UGH SO CUTE thank you for the ask! :>

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Can you explain the difference between the whole "cold" "warm" colors for makeup especially foundation...

Cold colours are light and neutral colours like mainly cold foundations will be pink toned, also eye shadows will be neutral and soft colours. Warm foundations will be darker and more yellow toned and shadows will be more deep and warm shades like deep purples and oranges 💖

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Isibella(?) And Jess(binkie) both are kittenplay parasites. Who the fuck goes on a public social platform and brings anything bdsm related to light? Especially something with millions of viewers. Like good job to both thesw girls. But really Isi took the cake, your stupid ass fucking online shiteau magazine literally makes no money. You're just a free service for teenage boys to jack off to. At least Jess is entertaining, all you do is show off your plastic surgery breasts. How fucking stupid...

Jess isn’t a kitten anymore

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birthday: June 18th

gender: genderflux (between boy and agender)

relationship status: im dating the amazing @nvriel

zodiac sign: Gemini

siblings: I have a little sister

pets: I have a kitty

wake up time: 12 pm usually

love/lust: love

lemonade/ice tea: lemonade

day/night: night!

text/call: text bc im practically deaf

met a celebrity: nope

smile/eyes: FUCK i like both especially my boyfriend’s so

light/dark: ???? R we talking about the force? Hair color? Morals? Dark for all

short/tall: I am short and i hate it so tall i guess

last song i listened to: I think it was don’t stop the party by black eyed peas

current location: my home

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“Was there something you needed?” Hanzo asked gently as he let his prosthetic legs hang idly over the balcony, observing the city below in all its tiny details and taking it in. It bustled with life, as busy as ever as if unaware of the late hours that ticked on by.

He didn’t think he liked it.
Especially all the light pollution, the landscape radiating with light so strong it seemed to frighten the stars into hiding.

Slowly, he let his soft gaze settle on Tracer behind him, her small frame silhouetted against the glow of her chest.
It actually made him wonder if she had trouble sleeping with the constant blue hue radiating.

“It is late, little one.”

started a tumblr for research/inspiration/scraps for my book: if ur interested! 

also wanna say a big thank you for your encouragement. the internet can be a scary place (especially for women) so finding kind & supportive people online feels like lighting a web of passages in the dark. xox

HEY I’ve been watching stranger things on Netflix and posting a few things about it on here but before you watch it please please please be aware there is a bit of extreme gore (and one scene where a body is cut into very graphically with a pocket knife) and a LOT of flashing lights. Like every single episode especially towards the end has flashing lights.

Drew a teenage Patton from my fanfic, “Reputation”. I especially like the light up shoes.

It’s funny seeing reviews call him “adorable”, for soem reason (like, can somebody please explain it to me?). I don’t really know how i feel about that.

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Birthday: 12 February 1995

Gender: Female

Relationship status: In a relationship

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Siblings: 3 brothers, 2 half sisters, and step-sibling(s)?

Pet: 9 cats, 7 of them are strays.

Wake up time: 9AM but 5AM on school days.

Lemonade vs. ice tea: Iced tea all the way!

Day or night: Day!

Text vs. call: Text! Unless it’s family or close friends.

Ever met a celebrity? Local ones, all the time. But they’re meh. I don’t watch local shows/movies.

Smile vs. eyes: Smile. I’m a sucker for guys with great smiles. Especially if they have cute little dimples LIKE WYD TAKE ME ALREADY!

Light or dark hair: I have black hair. Sometimes it’s dark brown. I prefer dark hair.

Short or tall: I’m very short. I prefer tall guys though.

City/country: Malaysia. I’m almost positive that I’m the only Malaysian Sims 2 simmer on the face of this planet. SOMEONE PROVE ME WRONG PLS

Last song listened to: Hey Jude - The Beatles

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