i know i go on about how tall mathieu is and i know how immovable that headcanon is but 


i kinda took this screenshot and um 

tiny small breton????????????

thank u for your attention

[DMMD Fic] Lab Rat [1/2] (NoiCle)

Chapter Two

Rating: T

Summary: High school AU. All Clear wants to do is eat his lunch in peace in the school stairwell, but the kid from German class who’s already fluent in the language decides that’s not happening.

Notes: This is a commissioned piece, so if you’d like a commission of your own you can find more info here. Many thanks to Bloops for beta'ing.

‭ ‬It took two weeks for Clear to notice that the guy who sat behind him in second year German was already fluent in the language.‭ ‬Not that it took two weeks for Clear to notice him in general.‭ ‬It was hard not to notice someone with a name like Noiz,‭ ‬especially when he had piercings that caught light at every angle and spent more time with his head on his desk sleeping than taking notes.

‭ ‬It hadn‭’‬t even been in class that Clear had made the discovery.‭ ‬It‭’‬d been during lunch instead,‭ ‬Clear stealing away into the school‭’‬s old stairwell with a tray of food,‭ ‬hoping for a quiet reprieve from the cafeteria after being called‭ ‬‘lab rat‭’‬ one too many times.‭ ‬He was nearly to the top of the third landing when he heard it.

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uuuugh listen i get so Messy about good cinematography and editing and i think that’s like 30% of the reason i love band of brothers so damn much it’s just so fucking well done in general

grace-philosopher replied to your post:Lawbin, the clash of smartasses.

{why am I always getting blamed for this in the end omg}

it’s cuz your muse is flawless and literally not even law can resist


No Where to Hide

Unfortunately for Rin his dramatic revelation gives no impact from the others as they tell him it’s common knowledge that Mephisto was one of the Demon Kings-and is even featured in some of their textbooks where he’s clearly identified as Samael, the King of Time.((Well given Rin’s general academic habits, it’s not surprising that he’d be the last one to know.))

But thanks to him the others also see this as a chance to interrogate the man with certain questions that have been on their mind lately, particularly with Izumo and Yukio who bring up some key point events and details that are valid enough reason to suspect him of plotting something behind everyone’s back.

Of course the biggest question for Yukio that he feels Mephisto can’t hide from with so many witnesses before them is the one that has been bothering him all his life and that he’s been trying to uncover pretty much since Fujimoto had him inducted him as an exorcist;

why did he spare the bastard son of Satan and decide to raise him as his guardian?

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how do you match colors and patterns so well?

idk how you guys feel but i have eufolic satisfaction from matching/fittings things especially if its about colors or patterns. like my room is light peach colored and all the furnitures are white and the disturbing colors are minimal and the number of furnitures are minimal too and it just pleases my eyes and brain so much…. i like clear, arranged, matching things omg
btw thank you


I should be writing more but instead I’m making a list of some words I love. Don’t know why, I just feel like it.

Perendinate - To procrastinate for an especially long time, specifically two days

Hebetudinous - Dull or blunt, can also refer to dull as in boring

Serendipity - Good fortune or luck

Hagiography - A biography painting someone in an especially flattering light

Snip - To cut with a small, quick stroke  (I just like the sound of the word)

Effervescent - Bubbling or vivacious, lively

Quieten - To make or become quiet

Brusque - Abrupt, blunt or rough in manner

Terpsichore - A muse of dancing, choreography (which is another beautiful word in it’s own right)

Sieve - A utensil with a perforated or meshed bottom used for straining

Zephyr - A gentle breeze

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So I've been watching Shameless because of you and now the internet tells me Noel Fisher might not come back next season? No, he can't leave, Mickey's the oNLY ONE I STILL LIKE! I WANNA HUG THAT BOY AND NEVER LET HIM GO! Jesus, the rest of them is so fucked up right now I just focused all my love on him. And he's the only one I really believe when he says he's in love. It's all making me really sad, can I have a hug? And thanks for recommending the show. :)

Of course you can have a hug! 

Yeeeaaaaah, the season 5 finale sort of pissed me right the fuck off and left me freaking out - especially in light of Cameron Monaghan’s tweet regarding Noel, like, the next day lol I’m still trying to hold out some hope that maybe Cam was trolling (he’s done stuff similar before, from what I’ve heard), and waiting to hear the news straight from Noel himself. Also, my understanding is that Noel’s taken time off the show before, to work on TMNT (which is what the big issue is all about now, since he’s contractually obligated to start work on the sequel soon); the last time, they just made that when Mickey was in jail doing some time.

Needless to say, I will be furious if THAT turned out to be the big ending to the Gallavich storyline, and Mickey’s character specifically. I agree, of all of them there, he’s my favorite (Ian being a close second). The fifth season was sort of all over the place in terms of plot lines and characterization, wtf lol 

I know that sometimes I sound like I talk casually with my deities, especially the Lady of Light. I don’t. Like, how disrespectful would that be? No. I rarely even call on Them or pray to Them because I know my place and it is not anywhere near Their level. They are gods. I’m currently just a girl typing at her computer and avoiding writing a paper. I’m probably worth less than a single one of Their eyelashes. 

It blows my mind when people laugh or joke about their deities. Not to say that it’s a bad thing, I understand that we all have different experiences. But I literally shake when the Lady approaches me with a request or when I present an offering to Them. I use capitalized pronouns out of the utmost respect for Them. I would be horrified to just talk about the weather with any of Them. 

When I’m petitioning the Lady or She has requested my presence, I kneel on the ground and don’t even dare to give myself the honor of looking at Her until She prompts me to. She is…glorious and so powerful that I don’t even feel worthy to ask for Her audience unless it is an important matter. And Ra and Mafdet-it’s very similar with Them. 

Where is the respect when you assume that you have the privilege of the gods’ audience whenever you want it? Where is the respect when you treat them like you are on Their level? When you freely and easily gaze upon Them without realizing how much of an honor it is to even be in Their presence? 

Don’t even get me started on how appalled I am when people are constantly joking about their deities and put their entire relationship out for all to see like it’s bragging rights. I don’t see a drop of respect in that. 

These are my opinions. I understand situations differ, but this is my viewpoint.

theres a quest in oblivion where you do one of those dungeons that you do 500 times in skyrim but the one in oblivion is creepy as fuck and i did not like it at all especially with the lighting mod i had and it was really foggy and the farther you went it just got worse and there was some satanic cult doing shit and i dont even know im just glad the skyrim version of that kind of dungeon is not like that they just have friendly draugr chilling out and there are no death pits and some crazy dude forcing people into a tournament to the death and just killing them all before they even had a chance to participate  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Today’s vid: Love this scene from “Like Father, Like Daughter”, especially in light of Kate and Alexis’s growing closeness this season

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H, M, E, L, and K :3c

H - Howlite! I’m literally always wearing it

M - mom :u I have one of those and she is a nice one

E - energy. Especially when I have it.

L - Light! That’s like, my thing!

K - Kellex my meme ofc ♡