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i see a lot of fanart where white characters are drawn as poc, which is fine and doesnt bother me at all ! however something i also see a lot of is japanese characters with light skin being drawn in fanart with darker skin.

i understand that light skinned poc have some type of privilege, but i still personally feel its inappropriate to do this…? it promotes the idea that light skinned poc like myself “arent poc enough” - but we’re not white either so?? it also promotes the extremely toxic idea that poc are interchangeable - which they are Not.

(light skinned poc, especially light skinned east asians, are already treated like theyre “not like other poc” by white people too - eg, the “model minority”)

anyways im wondering if anyone who does this could just… idk. tell me why? i see it a lot and it makes me feel kinda :/

Glaiza de Castro on the Hot 100, “The Rich Man’s Daughter” and her singing career

This year’s Hot 100 was filled with lots of new faces, which shows the power and dedication of fans to their favorite actors and character. Actress Glaiza de Castro was among them, the starred of the Filipino drama The Rich Man’s Daughter, where she plays Althea, a wedding coordinator who falls hard for a bride to be Jade (Rhian Ramos). 

The show, which just recently ended, was pretty groundbreaking in the Philippines, as LGBT characters are still fairly new to the scene, especially ones portrayed in such a positive light. However, just like in the States, changing mindsets are making a difference and now the vast majority of Filipinos support the acceptance of LGBT persons

Filled with drama, tense and tender moments, The Rich Man’s Daughter really captured the hearts of fans. Glaiza was kind enough to answer a few questions we sent over about the show, the Hot 100, and of course, the fact that Althea and Jade never got to kiss.

AfterEllen: Congratulations on the Hot 100! Your fans are very passionate about TRMD and voted you very high in the poll. What would you like to say to them? 

Glaiza de Castro: Thank you so much! I owe it to you guys. I’ll remember all those sleepless nights and callous hands just to put me on this list. I feel your passion and will do what I can to sustain it. It’s a collaboration between me and you now. 

AE: The fact that The Rich Man’s Daughter has two gay leads, and LGBT supporting roles is a really big deal, not just in the Philippines but internationally. What has that meant to you as an actress but also as an ally

GC: I always believe that supporting people with an honest cause is worth giving my heart and soul. But with the success of Richman’s Daughter it gave me a sense of purpose as a woman to lead, to be heard and represent through different forms of art.  

AE: Were you surprised at how popular the show became around the globe? 

GC: Honestly, yes. I was expecting it to be big in the Philippines but I was surprised that it’s bigger around the globe. I’m amazed by how many people from different countries are tagging us, sending love for TRMD.  

AE: What were some of your favorite scenes to film with your co-star Rhian Ramos? 

GC: I enjoy doing light scenes with her because our characters come out naturally. We do ad libs and we laugh about it after the take. I also love our scene on the rooftop because she was a revelation to me at that time. I can watch that scene over and over and I’ll still feel the same emotion like it’s my first time.

via booasaur.tumblr

AE: In the US, we are used to seeing a more intimacy between gay characters. In TRMD, Jade and Althea have tremendous chemistry and affection for each other, but don’t kiss, which is something the fans have been really campaigning for. What are your thoughts on that? 

GC: We understand the restrictions our country has for that matter. And, to me, as long as they feel the love and passion, our characters’ hunger for each other, whether they kiss or not, I’m good. I think it’s also interesting to always leave something to the imagination.  

AE: In addition to be an very in demand actress, you are also a singer and have put out two albums. How would you describe your music? Do you find yourself drawn more to acting or singing? 

GC: I always love to sing even before I got acting jobs. I feel like there’s more freedom to express myself in music. Though I love the fact that they’re interconnected, I can say that music speaks to me the most. My genre is very diverse, like acting I don’t like to get stuck in a specific role. My first album was  more pop and ballad but with Synthesis, it’s a combination of all my influences from pop to rock, new wave, shoegaze and post-punk.

via Glaiza’s Official Facebook page

AE: Okay, so we know you are one of the Hot 100, but who would be your choice? What lady or ladies do you think are pretty amazing? 

GC: I think I also have to give credit to my amazing co-actors, Rhian, Katrina [Halili ] and Chynna[Ortaleza]. I’ve known them before TRMD and have witnessed their growth not just actors but women on fire! I love their attitude and it’s always fun to be with them on the set.

i just had a horrid idea….. i want a nouis fic where they are both obviously crushing on the other and both know it but they don’t want to act on it because they both think they don’t deserve the other and the other deserves better than them and if they don’t encourage this crush it’ll fade away and the other will evetually date someone that’s more ‘worthy’ than them

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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that Judecca is one of my favorite comics that I've come across in years. I'm so very glad there are people out there making art and writing like this. I hope you're well and the comic treats you well through to the end

Thank you very much! These are lovely words to receive, like a little light to focus on, especially now when my energies are ground down to a husk. Thanks for telling me. :)



If you look closely enough (if you can’t already tell by looking), you can see my eye color is in the process of going back to green. I always find it so cool when I look in a mirror or whatever and see the dual colors.

strawberrycheesecakeprincess replied to your post “strawberrycheesecakeprincess replied to your post: “got a haircut…”

Oooww That’s awesome! Any thoughts on which colour in particular, or you haven’t decided yet? I always wanted to bleach my hair, but it’s waaay to dry for that

well I really liked it when it was pink so I might do that again but i’m not sure really i also might just go back to brown because touchups are such a pain especially with a very light color like pastel pink and my very dark hair we’ll see though. mostly i just want my hair to be long again orz


Some of the clothes that I bought in China. They’re all made from hemp so they’re really comfortable and light. I especially like the second dress because the buttons are 景泰蓝. I didn’t get my qipao custom made because I didn’t have enough time so I had to buy a premade one. This one is kinda wide because the smaller sizes were too short. All of these were under $30 dollars because I bought them at local stores. If you were to buy a cheap qipao at a tourist spot it would have probably cost more.


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nitrateglow answered: meryl streep obviously— but srsly i have no idea. No one seems quite right to me. Maybe J. Depp?
thefyuzhe answered: Johnny Depp - either one

haven’t thought about Depp, but he does look a lot like Buster sometimes under a proper lighting, especially when he squints his eyes!  How would you rate his performance in Benny & Joon?

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name: catherine
nickname: cat
birthday: nov 6
height: 5'10″
sign: scorpio
gender: cis she/her
sexuality: chris pratt in jurassic world
favorite color: i like all the colors but especially light purple, pink, and blue
time right now: 8:27 am (idk why im up this early but here i am!!)
lucky numbers: 25
last thing I googled: “silent generation” bc i needed to know what that meant
number of blankets I sleep under: usually two
celebrity crush: leonardo dicaprio always
favorite book: the secret history
favorite band/artists: lana del rey, beach house, king krule, vince staples 
last movie I saw in theaters: inside out
What I’m wearing now: pajamas 

I tag: neiptune, 003foxway, katinss, algeae, demaeter, and anyone else who wants to do this :^)

sometimes i feel blessed that the worst john prompts are in something other than john’s blue.

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I don't think I've ever seen Desideratum by Serria mentioned here, but if you haven't read it, Miss/Mr Mod/Admin, you might like to give it a try? It's got some really nice scenes comparing Kira to Robespierre and the French Revolution in La Place de la Concorde, and all the usual love and war Lawlight jazz (it's canon divergence from the Rem Gambit).

Desideratum by Serria seems very interesting! All of Serria’s works are very nice, I’m sure, and I’ve already read her one shot The Golden Son, Light which is very special and very realistic. I love it when works deal with depression/psychological trauma especially when it comes to characters as complex as Light Yagami; something like Genius is A Curse and Victory and Defeat by bahari; those are really nice. Anyway, thank you for this recommendation, and for being nice :)

Things you can deduce about my life from this photo… I got really hella burnt at one point this summer XD I have a huge ass phone Duotone hair with an undercut 8D I like pretty lights…especially with my bubble baths ^^)

My #1 tips for ppl who draw the human face/figure is ALWAYS do planes on the figure. even if it’s just light and basic, drawing rough or really basic planes is v important especially for strong lighting situations. And always thumbnail 100 times if you feel like a comp isn’t working. And plot out highlights and shadows (a good exercise is working in 2 tone light and shadow). And never EVER EVER let someone tell you not to use reference. Use the shit out of reference. Just know to use it to get basic features of humans down. Eye positions, nose positions, how the features change based on how they turn. Open up 100 reference photos for one subject if you need to. Reference is extremely important and anyone who tells you not to use it is a weenie.

Anyway yeah those help me a lot

SpiderWolves Lair Review

First Impression: Ooohh I love the lore in your clan info! It’s mysterious while still setting a nice backdrop. I like the variety of your clan. There’s a great mix of muted colors and bright, vibrant dragons. I especially like the blues and greens on your first page.

This guy looks tough. The light apparel works great and keeps the crackle from getting too busy. The red accents in the apparel work surprisingly well with the coloration, and I love the layering of the birdskull and helmet. It gives a nice effect and matches the other reds. His lore is nice and works well with his Arcane heritage. 

:D look at her! Lavender crackle is beeaaauuuutiful especially on the maize! I like how the light apparel shows off the natural beauty of the dragon. She makes me think of those flowers that are white with the purple edges and veins:) She has a nice short bio with nice colored text:3

oh yes. lightning spirals yes please. He must be pretty smart to adjust his flight pattern to those mesa mechanojets! I love his story about how he just showed up one day and started fixing wagons, that is such a spiral thing to do xD. His circuit looks great and fits him well!

:D the celadon silks oh my goodness! She looks so elegant and beautiful. I like her story, being a shy fae with a beautiful voice. I love how she overcame her species’ monotone tendencies. Her accent looks absolutely perfect with her shimmer wings:D

Everybody loves an XXX ice, but this one in particular is gorgeous! The gold bits in the apparel stand out beautifully, and the silks blend in really well:) He looks very cold and mysterious! The smoke is the perfect tertiary to go with the cry/face it makes the dragon look shiny as well as sparkly:D

Final Notes: Wonderful use apparel that doesn’t cover up the dragon’s natural beauty:) Your dragons all have such nice personalities that work well with your clan lore. So many beautiful, well characterized dragons!