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Request: about four requests, I’ll not write them all here.

Notes: Again I didn’t put all your requests to a tee but I liked it. 

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It was late in the afternoon on a Sunday, and you and Newt were down in the case spending time with the creatures. As much as you enjoyed all the time spent with them, you closed your eyes and couldn’t help but try and remember the last time you got a good night sleep. You were helping Newt with his book, illustrating the creatures. And you loved it, you loved them. Hours were spent down in the case with them, especially Frank. He was to you like Pickett was too Newt, just a lot less clingy, but still very protective.

When you re-opened your eyes, Newt had moved away and it was now just you and frank. You were watching him as he bent down to check on something. You couldn’t see just what he was doing but you saw him smile. You quickly grabbed your sketchbook and subtly started to sketch him. As you drew the familiar lines of his body, you thought back to late last night when you drew him in a very similar position. The thought makes you yawn and you’re reminded of the lack of sleep you’re running on. All of the late nights working with the creatures at all hours of the night has been taxing your body and leaving you exhausted. It wasn’t healthy, and that’s why you internally promised yourself that you need to get to bed sooner tonight. 

 Frank trotted towards you laying his head on your lap.  You smiled and ran your hands through his feathers. He went around the back of you so you could lay on him and he put his wing around you protectively. You finished the last lines on the sketch deciding that you were too tired to make details a priority. You notice that Newt has wandered out of your sight, presumably into another biome. You figure you can get a little bit more work in, and look around seeing if you could spot Dougal to finish sketching. You can’t seem to locate him and as you stand up to go in search of him you suddenly feel alarmingly faint. You can’t catch yourself quick enough as you begin to fall. The last thing you hear before your eyes shut is the sound of your head hitting the ground.

You groaned once again, this time opening your eyes all the way. 

“You, Y/N, have been working yourself too hard recently. Look what’s happened, you’ve collapsed from exhaustion. Come on, we’re going to bed right now.” Newt rambled stuffing all of the pages back into your sketchbook. You lean to the side to see what it is he’s messing with.

 “My sketchbook!” You shrieked embarrassed because you know that he must have seen all of the sketches of himself.

 “Oh, don’t blush. I’ve already seen them.” He said blushing as well when you tried to grab the book. “A-and I think you’ve drawn m-me very pretty. I m-mean beautiful. No! H-handsome. Handsome. You’ve drawn me far more handsome than I am.” He finished, bashfully.

 “Oh don’t blush.” You quipped repeating the line he just used on you. “It’s the way I see you.” You quietly admitted. He looked away, blushing even harder. You smiled at him, and he returned the gesture and leaned to grab your hand.

 “Well, I’d say it’s time for you to go and get some sleep.” He said as he began to walk you toward the stairs. Sketchbook tucked safely under his arm.

 “Only if you’re coming too.” You replied grabbing onto his arm and resting your head against his shoulder. 

 “Of course, love.” He said while leaning down to kiss the crown of your head. You blushed and leaned into him even more. Even though the two of you have been together for nearly two years, he could still make you blush with just a few words. 

 You climbed out of the case and made your way to the bedroom. You left Newt to get ready for bed while you climbed straight under the covers. After he had gotten into his night clothes and turned off all of the lights, he climbed in beside you and pulled you close. You wrapped your arms around him and sneakily pressed your fingers into the skin of his hips, making him squirm. 

He smirked at your giggling form and quickly reached down to tickled the back of your knees. You squealed and tried to roll away. As soon as he stopped you attacked his most sensitive spot, the back of his neck. He shrieked and quickly covered his mouth with embarrassment. You giggled softly and pressed a kiss to the back of his hand that was still on his lips. He removed his hand and pressed a gentle kiss to the corner of your mouth. You smiled and pulled his cheeks towards you and planted a kiss on his lips. 

“Sleep, now. As much as I want to kiss you, you need sleep. I love you, now rest, beautiful.” He said, pulling you in to him again. 

 “I love you too.” You smiled.

it’s so nice to see a russian gay/bi? man who isn’t at all the stereotypical alcoholic or spy 

and it’s soooo refreshing to see a universe in which homophobia doesn’t seem to exist. while i acknowledge the need to address homophobia in the media sometimes it’s just so fucking nice to be able to watch something and not think about how much the world hates people like you, especially when one of them is a russian person.

i’ve always been so sensitive to russian homophobia in particular it’s my #1 touchy subject and i’m so glad i get to have nice representation with viktor without having to deal with all the violent toxic homophobia that exists irl in russia. i acknowledge the need for it to be addressed but at this point i just want happy russian lgbt+ people. i don’t want to think about the violence and brutality when it makes me shut down entirely or literally cry for hours. i’m so thankful for yuri on ice tbh

band of brothers au

shall we look at what your otp is doing when there is a Christmas party?

  • winnix
  • the couple that most likely to host said Christmas party bc the boys secretly (and not so secretly) consider Dick and Nix as their dads
  • so it’s understandable that everyone wants to hang out with them especially with Dick and talk to him and make him proud when there’s a talk about what the boys have been doing for the past year
  • Nix usually will just lean against the wall between then living room and the kitchen; watching at Dick being surrounded by his boys while drinking beer, a proud smile on his face
  • and honestly, Nix doesn’t mind that these boys are monopolizing Dick because he knows later Dick will come to him with a flushed face and a proud smile bc he’s happy for his boys and ask Nix to dance to make up for it
  • baberoe
  • that one couple who most likely will be at a party with a matching sweaters
  • bc Babe thinks it’s cute to wear something similar to Gene and Gene loves Babe too much to tell him that argyle makes him itch
  • still
  • Gene is learning to let loose and has began to talk to their friends more rather than hanging out at the dark corner of the room watching everyone
  • and it helps that Babe never once leave his side, always there to hold his hand when he’s not busy poking Bill
  • and it feels like an achievement when they are alone at the balcony and Babe is brushing Gene’s hair and leaning in to kiss him and telling him that he’s proud bc he knows Gene is trying his best to talk to their friends
  • webgott
  • that one couple who don’t stick around each other much bc they have their own set of friends
  • like Lieb will hang out with Tab and Toye and Grant and Malarkey and Skip and Perco and Luz and be loud and talking about things that Web has no interest in like the latest gadgets and that new Batman movie and cars
  • then at the other side of the room, you’ll see Web hanging out with Pat and Hoob and Janovec and discussing about books and politics and Hoobler rolling his eyes when Web is using big words and Pat smiles easily when Janovec is goading Web about the new government policy about ocean life
  • but in the middle of a heated discussion about which actor is a better Batman, Lieb will look up to see Web already looking at him from the end of the room and everything seems to slow down and fade away when he only sees Web’s blue eyes and the beginning of a smile
  • then later when the crowd is getting a bit rowdy, Lieb and Web can be found sitting in the garden with a bottle of champagne that Web smuggles out from Nix’s collection; leaning against each other and sharing a smoke and lots of kisses
  • not talking
  • just savoring this little quiet moment between them
  • luztoye
  • that one couple where the other half has to babysit the other person
  • bc Luz can be rowdy and loud and making impressions of others and is always surrounded by his own fanclub bc who doesn’t love Luz?
  • Toye definitely loves Luz and his annoying puns and his stupidly adorable face and his stupidly silly impressions on others and how he manages to make everyone laugh with just one joke
  • Toye also knows Luz is most likely to get tipsy drunk so fast bc he’s small and he drinks too fast and he gets all giggly and handsy and Toye is the willing victim of Luz’s handsiness
  • following Luz to the dance floor when his boyfriend drags him there with a blindingly not so innocent smile and a low voice that asks him to “dance with me”
  • he doesn’t mind that they’re dancing to a slow song bc Luz is warm and soft and lovely
  • speirton
  • the other parental unit couple at the party with Lip being the ultimate mom and Ron watching everyone like a hawk
  • they don’t always keep an eye of the boys though bc they are literally adults so Lip and Ron can always be found hanging with Harry and Kitty, with Lip talking to the married couple and Ron stands quietly next to him; drinking his beer and bopping to the music
  • for some reason, Ron always ends up dancing with Kitty much to Harry’s annoyance bc Kitty gets all flustered giggly bc Ron is a handsome man and Lip only smiles bc he knows Ron is trying to push Harry’s button
  • it doesn’t stop Harry to steal his girl back and Lip smoothly fills in the space and they will spend the evening dancing and holding each other and Ron is conscious enough to let himself go, but he’s among friends so he’s trying and Lip looks so proud and beaming at him
  • and when the evening dwindles on, you can see Lip starts to be the mom again, asking Luz to “maybe stop drinking now, George atta boy” and Ron quietly covers Grant and Tab with a thick blanket when they fall asleep on the couch
  • and even when Dick says not to help, Ron and Lip still help clean the house bc they don’t want to go yet and if tomorrow the boys wake up to a stack of pancakes and bottles of water and two pots worth of coffee, they don’t ask any question bc the sight of Ron expertly flipping pancake while wearing an apron is bizzare enough

My top 5 blogs on tumblr
Sorry for tagging you awesome people, but someone wants to know I love your blogs far too much for it to be considered healthy

@sportathicc, @fabulouslyrotten, @fcllenflowers, @shmoof, @dailyrowlet, @markiplier, @fireflysummers, @littlemoonsuggestions, @petite-pumpkin, @mimikyudaily, @zentherainbowunicorn, @flavor-text-chara, @peppermintbee, @ammazolie, @dailyjirachi, @daily-disguise-pokemon
And basically everyone else I’m following tbh

“Whenever Vaggie trys to take a photo of herself, most of the misfits or one of them in the area she’s in, would bud in just before she snaps a pic, this annoys her to the point where she’ll even try to photoshop them out of the picture. Charlie is the only one she allows to be part of the pictures, despite that, she usually looks around for any sign of them, especially Mimzy, Angel, or Nifty”

-Submitted by Anonymous

Original Artist-  amberluvsbugs

whenever someone is talking about people that are 15-16 yrs old and refers to them as “children” i die a bit

Winchester Takeover!!! (7k Celebration)

Okay so I have contacted the boys and they said that they’ll be in town and at my house some time tomorrow around 1pm EST! That being said I’m sure I can persuade them (especially Dean lol) to get on here to answer a few of y’alls question that you might have for them!! 

Would you guys like that???

I hope you do or else I’ll have a couple of bored Winchesters at my house…okay…well maybe just one bored Winchester ;)

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*Shut up Dean! I told them you’d be here tomorrow! You can’t just go and-ugh, just go get back in the bed! *

Alright okay, sorry guys I lied…they’re here right now but they won’t be available to answer questions until tomorrow same time as I said up there(1pm EST)…so I guess you can go ahead and send in questions for them? Only if you wanna of course :) 

Send the Winchesters Questions!!!

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One of the hardest parts for me is that there is a strong chance that Fizzy, and the oldest twins will be seperate from the youngest. If mark decides he wants them, he'll get full custody as dan is only their step dad.

i don’t think he’d do that to them especially not now when they all need each other the most

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I still cant believe they all went out of their way to support louis I am just in shock still that just shows what kind of people they are despite what the head lines and what other people think of them. Especially Niall, he was at jingle ball last night, and I don't think he even filmed for jimmy fallon yet... he is gonna be so exhausted and jet lagged I have so much respect for these boys.

Yes. Absolutely agree. They’re brothers, and I’m so proud of them for rallying around louis. I hope he’s taking some comfort in that. Jay would be very proud of all of them for sticking together.

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You're right though. Having been a "real person x real person" shipper I can definitely agree with the fact they are totally destructive.

Especially when forcing them out of the closet. It’s ridiculous. If they’re still not out, it’s because they want to be and we have no right to force them out.

Circles - A "Gilmore Girls" Fanfic

Summary: Takes place after “A Year in the Life” and continues what happens next. Told from Rory’s POV. Oneshot but long.

Ships/Characters: Rory & Jess, Luke & Lorelai, Emily, Logan, Paris, Lane, Christopher, various other Stars Hollow and show characters, and new characters.

Author’s Note: This is my first “Gilmore Girls” fic but I’ve written fanfic for years since “Buffy” was originally on. I usually write my own self-published novels now so this is done in my usual writing style I do for them, especially the epilogues. Wanted to write my own version of what happens next in case we don’t get more episodes. This is also inspired by the song “Circles” by Jana Kramer.

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I still cant believe they all went out of their way to support louis I am just in shock still that just shows what kind of people they are despite what the head lines and what other people think of them. Especially Niall, he was at jingle ball last night, and I don't think he even filmed for jimmy fallon yet... he is gonna be so exhausted and jet lagged.

I can believe it

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Is Sailor Moon manga any good? What are the pros and cons?

  • they are shorter (10, 12 or 18 volumes depending on which version you’re reading), especially if you compare them to the 200 episodes of the old anime so it’s really packed with one thing happening after the other so quickly.
  • i personally adore naoko’s drawing style so it’s beautiful.
  • it’s dark.
  • it’s usagi-centric and everybody loves usagi (i know that happens across all adaptations but i feel like it’s extra in the manga).
  • not enough development for the inners and outers but there are some neat side stories.
  • if you’re an usamamo fan, i think you’d love the manga.
  • it will be painful if you’re a harumichi fan, at least in the infinity arc, and it’s not the good kind of painful.
  • i still want to deep submerge haruka when i think about it.
  • the dream arc and super s are very different and i love the manga version!
  • the stars arc is also somewhat different and oh boy the love i have for manga seiya is so abundant.
  • the ending is a bit abrupt and there are some loose ends.
  • while you’re at it, there’s also the sailor v manga!

this is just my biased opinion :) the manga is one of the earliest manga i read so it’ll always have that sentimental value for me (and it is what started everything), but it’s not my favorite sm adaptation. go read it if you want! some translations out there aren’t exactly accurate though.