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Hi saccstry just wondering if you can post more of your candy/cookie sweets I miss those a lot ;( and how big is your sweet tooth?

Buying candy online is expensive so I haven’t been doing it as much lately :c Just eating candy I can buy around here! Especially Lindor truffles I love them so muuuch. Here’s a tip if you’re buying the mini pack, look through the little window in all of them and you’ll usually find one that accidentally has 4 truffles instead of the usual 3. Example from my last truffle hunt:

*breathes inappropriately at this picture*

So this random guy from my writing class who I’ve never spoken too in all my life messages me out of nowhere earlier and was all, “ oh hey are you that one girl from my 4th period??”

And I was like “uh yeah”

And he then asked me out.

And idk if anyone else out there would agree with this, but it makes me really uncomfortable when strangers ask me out right off the bat rather than getting to know me first.

Like, I don’t think it’s outright rude or problematic, it just makes me feel kinda put off, because they clearly aren’t dating me for /me/ if they don’t know me at all.


I had to awkwardly turn him down because I’m in a relationship with someone atm, so now tomorrow’s gonna be uncomfortable af.

At least it’s my last day ever in that class because I graduate Sunday!! Yay!


do’s and don’ts of meeting band members


  • bother them if they are talking to someone else
  • touch them without their consent (this includes hugs, putting your arm around them, etc)
  • beg and plead for them to take a picture with you, sign something, etc
  • make sexual comments toward them (especially if they have a significant other)
  • insult them or their family, friends, significant other, etc
  • ask for free merch
  • freak out and tell them how much you love them (yes, it’s fine to say that you love their music. just don’t go all “i love you soo much marry me”
  • bring up ships/fanfics as it makes a lot of band members very uncomfortable


  • approach them nicely and calmly
  • tell them how much their music means to you if you feel it is necessary
  • ask them to sign something or for a picture (if they can’t/don’t want to, leave it be)
  • if you’re able to and they’re okay with it, talk to them! have a nice conversation with someone who may mean a lot to you
  • give them gifts if you have any! most band members appreciate them very much

overall, just be a decent person. they’re no different from you, they’re just any other person, so treat them as such. don’t be annoying, don’t freak out over them, just treat them like normal people

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I seriously believe A is either Wren or Ezra. They are the ones that would make sense, and I can't really think of any others who would fit the role of A perfectly. Plus there are so many good clues pointing towards them, especially Wren. Ever notice how Wren is there when ever the girls need him, he's at Radley, he's sewing wounds, he's a masseuse when spencer had a knot in her shoulder. what kind of doctor is he??

Exactly why I place him in my top 5!

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Kagehana was just walking around the unfamiliar forest area. she was in her full ANBU outfit save for the mask which hangs on her hips. the out fit for ANBU agents of the Hidden Shadow tend to be rather tight. especially for females. this allows them to move more swiftly and with less chance of them getting caught on something. she also carried a sword on her back, much like the one Sasuke uses. she seemed focused on something.

Naruto was relaxed against a tree as he was not going anywahere near the Leaf. Its been about a few months since her left.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, especially since some of them seem to be weird even for Silas, lol. I'd like to know, does Kaitlyn still run Laf's twitter or have you and Jordan taken over for them this season?

We took over it.

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I need to remind myself everytime when there's a Valenrue gifset that I friend ship them. Especially after I saw that nose kisses one and on The View right before he kissed her nose he nudged her nose with his (I guess that's an Eskimo kiss). Why do they have to be so damn cute? Friend ship. Friend ship. Friend ship. I'm good again.

I need to go watch the View again…BYE

Recovering from depression and self harm, I’m finally finding a place where I can love my body exactly as it is. Cellulite, scars, and all. I also have Spina Bifida, and learning how to love that difference in me has been a long uncomfortable journey. This was the first time I ever laid out with friends by the pool and the first time in a long time I wore something that didn’t cover most of my body.

Thank you so much for submitting this! Seriously guys, I really want to see/hear your self love stories. This is such a lovely picture of you, and you truly are gorgeous. I can empathise 100% with dealing with cellulite and scars, and it can be very difficult to love them, especially when society says you shouldn’t. Spina Bifida is something I personally don’t relate to, but loving yourself despite it is a wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing this moment with me, you beautiful goddess. xoxoxo

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"Miss Mei~" Aladdin smiled over at the woman, hurrying over with his hands somewhat cupped together. "Look! I found the pigeon!" He held up the baby dove for Koumei to see.

“Yes, sweetie?” She perked up when she saw the bird in his hands. It was a small thing, an almost flawless baby dove. She held her palms out to take the bird, if he gave it to her that is.

“That’s a dove, Aladdin. Isn’t it beautiful? … is it hurt? Most birds don’t let people touch them, especially if they are making sound.”

plant Qs

more questions because i am overly concerned. or maybe just enough, who knows.

i noticed a lot of my plants seem to have these darkish, translucent patches on them, especially the crypts. a few of the leaves have actually fallen off, but there’s also new leaves budding up on them. the java fern has new leaves coming up too but they’re also starting to get these darker patches at the tip. the retrospiralis has a few on their tips. the sword has the least, but was also delivered to me slightly brown on the edges. i cant really tell on the anacharis, i think it might be slightly discolored? but not sure. the little crypts are definitely the most noticeable.

is this a typical thing when you first put plants in a tank? i read some things that said if plants are grown above water and then you submerge them, the original leaves will fall off and new ones will grow back in place. like they’re not wilting or anything, and the fern and crypts definitely have new leaves popping up, so im not sure if this is it. temp is around 78F, ph was 7.6 last i check, ammonia was dosed 2 days ago and was at 3ppm as of yesterday, been keeping the LEDs on for about 12 hours a day. 

so i guess if anyone has any knowledge or suggestions otherwise? if its a normal thing and just involves waiting it out i dont mind, but if its an actual disease or deficiency obviously i’d like to fix it sooner. thanks! can take pics if needed?

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even aside from stalia malia is such a plot holed character like i don't know the "rules" of the supernatural beings in beacon hills but malia theoretically has the human mentality of a 9 year old how is she in the same classes as the rest of them (especially lydia???) she had so much potential but she's obviously just there to replace cora since cora was supposed to take stiles' virginity

i mean that’s why i dont like this character. she’s just ‘there’ but she’s not supposed to be ‘there’ i keep telling y’all she’s just made for stiles

i liked her story at first. jeff could have made this character lovable as much as stiles but he’s just a mess let’s not talk about jeff 

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Artemis Fowl? :D

I haven’t read the AF books in well over a decade. I really should re-read them. Especially the Eternity Code - damn, that was a great book.

Sexuality Headcanon: My brain says he’s asexual. My heart says he’s hetero.

Gender Headcanon: Agender?

A ship you have for said character: Always been a fan of Artemis/Minerva, tbh. But if I’m allowed to mention a crossover pairing, Ivy/Artemis is growing on me FAST! Imagine the possibiliies *_*

A BROTP you have for said character: Artemis & Foaly. Ultimate nerds.

A NOTP you have for said character: Artemis/Holly. Partly because THEY WORK SO WELL AS FRIENDS WHHHY WOULD YOU CHANGE IT?!!?! Also because I am a hardcore Holly/Trouble shipper. Like Holly/Trouble is my OTP for that series, and I think it’s a shame that the books never really explored his character (or at least the ones I read didn’t; I stopped after the Time Paradox). I cried forever when Root died but at the same time I was really looking forward to Trouble taking over that role and he and Holly getting to be together more… *sigh* I guess it wasn’t to be… u_u

A random headcanon: Artemis wants to kill all the memes. He hates them. Which of course means that literally everyone around him quotes them incessantly and makes references to things he doesn’t understand, which only makes him angrier because he needs to be the smartest person in the room at all times.

General opinion of said character: Artemis Fowl has to be one of my all time favourite characters. He was a huge, huge part of my life at one stage, and my memories of my time in the AF fandom are still so vivid, every second of it enjoyable. That character arc of bad boy turned good, a frozen hearted monster learning to save the world, is so inspirational and incredibly well done in this series. I adore him completely. :)

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I can name any pokemon just by looking at them (theres nothing really interesting about me .w.)

That’s still pretty interesting though, especially considering how many of them there are. 

When I was in second grade, for show-and-tell one time I brought in everything Pokemon related I owned and showed off my mass Pokemon-naming knowledge. I know a lot of people thought some of the books I had were cool, but the thing I remember mostly from that day was the fact my teacher had a hell of a time trying to pronounce Bulbasaur. 

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Another pearl of winsdom from katemiddletons (even she DID NOT agree with this post): "Thanks God, we don't get W&K and Harry engagements anymore. I don't like it. Harry always follows them like lost puppies and disturbs them, especially Kate. Go to Africa and don't come back Harry." What I find most disturbing about this is that Kate always makes inappropriate faces at Harry. She CLEARLY laps up whatever attention he gives her..

I think she is not watching the same engagements as us because Harry is off doing his own thing and ignoring the Cambridge’s and it is Kate that disturbs Harry, making faces and trying to get his attention and ignoring her husband.

I agree, thank goodness we don’t have trio engagements anymore but I am thankful because now Kate may remember which brother she married!