Why are y'all blowing this out of proportion??? Like if the fans with claustrophobia/panic/anxiety disorders know it will be a risk to go in the pit then they won’t do it. But if they have all those things and still go in and feel fine after then that’s okay too.

Just because you have a perception of one thing doesn’t mean it’s right. Many people deal with it differently. No one if forcing you to go in.

Also yes Calum IS right because going to a concert is not the ideal place, but if you feel comfortable in your space then that’s okay and not a problem just be careful.

Another thing don’t tell them to be more considerate of their fans that’s basically an insult to them, especially Calum, because they are considerate and would not want you to go in if you are highly triggered by it.


Just me appreciating loads of Boss and Nobu’s cute laughter, smiles and just them having some fun talking together…and Boss’ cute red spotted shirt…X3

If only I wasn’t watching this on my phone with a nasty connection that the broadcast ended up lagging every 10 seconds or so I can barely catch their talks though…>_<”

But well, I get to see these two cuties having fun together, so I’m pleased even though my phone sucks…especially seeing them laughing together live…So cute…X3

PS. Sorry for crappy quality screenshot from my crappy phone too…-_-”

okay also I feel like there’s this frequent misconception both on the entirety of but especially in discourse that u like. have to accept people’s apologies lmao?

if someone does something homophobic/transphobic/sexist/ableist/etc and eventually apologizes the person/people on the receiving end of that don’t have to accept their apology or forgive them? especially if they don’t feel the apology was genuine lmao

like most of the receipts on @discourseprincesa seem to be “X person apologized but princess was still mean about it >:(”. this goes for everyone but just bc people apologized to them doesn’t mean they can’t still be mad about it and talk shit about whoever was bad to them.

no one is obligated to forgive or accept an apology from someone who’s been shitty and oppressive.

Again, you cleay dont understand equality if you think it is acceptable to hate certain groups based on how they were born.

Now first off, i am a woman. As expected, both of you assumed with no evodence that someone disagreeing with you was male. However it doesnt matter the gender of the person because the argument is still valid. You even mentioned black men, which is funny because that would be the other half of this blog. You didnt even check before commenting, which says sething about your willingness to research before spouting your opinion.

You dont wanna start an argument on the concept of privilege because as a woman, i actually have a crap ton of them, especially in first world countries.

OP made a negatove generalization about men, something that wouldnt be allowed for women. She was called out, and instead of responding in a similar way, just threw out accusations and insults. She did not respind in the same tone, but in a childish one, not too different than the response of a teenager. But this is different. She is in her 30s. She should know by now that telling people to die is not a counterargument. It is childish.

It diesnt matter who you are or what an individual has done, it does not justify hating people for how they were born. War veterans have literally been tortured and shot by people of different races. It still isnt okay for a Vietnam Vet to think all Asians are evil. That would get you sent to therapy. Their negative and rude generalizations of Asians would be deemed racism. The same applies to men. Arguably nothing in your life is as bad as being a prisoner of war. So you have less justification for your actions towards men than they do. Same as OP.

Me being a wan is not a gacha, but a show of your immaturity. As stated before, you assumed that i was a man as reason to get angry. That me not liking the post was proof that the post is good. Too bad for you, men make up half of the world. So yeah, some of the people who disagree will be men. If i made a poat about how whiny women are and how they just want to be the victim, i should expect some women to comment about the generalization. Them doing so does not justify the post.

Your equality is trying to justify hatred and negative generalization of certain groups. Unfortunately that is pretty common in feminism and is used to ignore and worsen what men go through, the opposite of our equality. Our equality recognizes that everyone has problems. Our equality doesnt assume or go with the first study we see. It researches and considers both sides of the argument before commenting. It cares about everyone regardless of race and doesnt block and then make fun of people who disagree like a 15 year old trapped in a 32 year olds body.

Sorry, women arent some hive mind. You cannot blame brainwashing or internalized misogyny. I know that you and your friend may live in a bubble where you block any opposition, but we actually consider how everyone feels, so no, the OP was actually expressing sexism, the same sexism that can be found all over their blog. I know it is popular to hate men on tumblr, but that certainly doesnt justify it.

Thanks for blocking us. Have fun in your bubble. #teamblocked @martinsaurus

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Bi men get so much shit for not being "proper men". Like, gender roles are bs anyway, but I don't see what the issue with supporting our family that don't fit into them properly is, especially when it causes them harm, directly or indirectly. @All bi men: you're important, you are valid, you are enough, you are loved. - A bi nb.

thank you!

I came home to eat lunch today since I live about five minutes away from my work, and I decided to do some sweeping, and I saw a big brown spider…and I’m literally, truly, legitimately arachnophobic. The sight of spiders, whether it’s an illustration or even a cartoon of them, and even thinking about them makes me panic.

I was on the phone saying hi to my mom when the spider popped out and I just started panicking and sobbing. I’m so afraid of spiders that I can’t get close enough to kill them, especially when they are big like this. I tried to spray it with some cleaning spray to see if that would poison/immobilize/kill it but it was no use. I smacked it with a broom but it was no use, it was just crawling around in the bristles. I finally opened the door, shoved the broom into the hallway, and then whacked the spider hard with it until it died. The people near the elevator were laughing at me because they probably heard me panicking and crying on the phone. 

I’m really upset. My mom suggested I buy that spider/bug spray that you can spray at them from a distance to kill them, but that spray has pictures/illustrations of spiders and bugs on it, and I can’t even look at the bottles to pick them up. I guess I just have to buy the bottle somehow and then cover it up somehow. 

It was just really upsetting…

Illiteracy limits Indian Christians - especially women. It makes them vulnerable to unfair prices in the market. And without the ability to ready God’s Word for themselves, they are far more susceptible to false teachings.

That’s why Open Doors started literacy classes in India. Through these classes, believers are learning to read using God’s Word as a study tool.

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Parent Headcanons + a scenario for Sinbad please😊.

~he will be very protective of his kid, especially if it is a girl.
~he will be very lenient, always giving in to his kids’ needs, be it piggy back rides or a big birthday party that involved the whole of Sindria, and would do anything to protect them.
~he will try to teach his kids how to fight in order to defend themselves, and will ask one of the eight generals to teach them based on their choice of fighting.
~overall he is a kind and caring father who acts sort of goofy and will give in to his kids’ needs, and is very protective of them, especially if his kid is a girl. However, he would toughen them up by teaching them how to fight, and sometimes being slightly cruel to teach them life lessons.

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I rly wanna find a bf but I rly don't want them to know I'm trans at first but I don't always pass, do u have any advice?

honesty, baby
you can’t have a serious relationship with someone if you’re hiding something, especially something that major, from them
the boyfriend you find will love you for who you are, your lovely trans self and all

ADDENDUM: try not to get involved with people who would react negatively if they knew you were trans, I’m sure u knew that already but just stating the obv
to all my arospecs insecure about their QPR

I know it can be hard to believe your QPP that yes, you really are important to them, especially if your QPP has a romantic partner at the same time. i know it can be easy to think you’re second to them. i know it’s hard.

you all need to understand that trying to overcome this type of thinking is difficult and a process. there is not an easy solution.

discuss, discuss, discuss. talk to your QPP. your QPP can help you through your feelings and holding in all those insecurities may very well blow up in your face if you get into a fight with them. ask them to help you figure out what may be lacking in your QPR, what might be making you uncomfortable or feeling unloved. you and your QPP can figure out ways to better your relationship, to become closer, to become stronger!

but you, yourself, will still probably need to fight against your fears. that little voice telling you you’re not important - that voice is a liar. it takes a conscious effort to argue against that voice and say “no, i am important”, “no, i am loved”, no, no. no. you don’t have to do it alone. you can confide in your QPP. but it’s an important skill to have, to maintain, to be able to fight against your self doubt.

you can do this. i believe in you.

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Your kissing hcs were cute! Could you do some for Killer, Basil, Thatch and Izo?

(Thank you, hun! (✿ ♥‿♥) And of course!)


  • Most of Killer’s kisses are hungry and needy. He cannot get enough of his significant other. He has the habit of grabbing their face and pulling them closer to him and deeper into the kiss.
  • His first kiss with his partner really surprised them, especially when he lifted his mask just a little above his nose and forcefully pressed his lips to theirs. It was a heartfelt kiss though.
  • Killer doesn’t often lift his mask and he absolutely loves it when his significant other places cute little pecks on the side of his mask.

Basil Hawkins

  • Affectionate is not the first word to describe Hawkins, although, from time to time, he gives his significant other the deserved attention. His kisses are short, but slow and sweet and secretly, he kinda wants to give them more.
  • When he first kissed his partner, it was pretty much on impulse. He thought they looked really cute and he simply connected his lips to theirs in a quick and electric kiss.
  • He doesn’t care much for receiving back the pecks he gives, but he finds it adorable when his s/o stands on their tip-toes to reach his lips.


  • This goofball’s specialty is sneaking up on his significant other and placing a sloppy peck on their lips before going on with his day. They’re really short, but incredibly cute.
  • When he’s giving his all, Thatch likes putting his arms around their waist while their arms brush against his back. His kisses can get so rough and passionate, he might go on for some good minutes.
  • He finds it heartwarming when his partner kisses the bridge of his nose or his eyelids when they think he’s asleep.


  • Izo is so damn smooth and sensual with his smooches, his partner would still brush brightly even after quite a while of them being together. He likes dragging his fingers under their chin when he brings their face closer to his.
  • His first kiss probably got them dizzy. It was so slow, but at the time passionate and with each second, he seemed to deepen the kiss before suddenly cutting it off and winking.
  • Izo loves when his significant other kisses the back of his hand and has no problem with them going on up his arm.

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Piles of blueberry poptarts and mint toothpaste appear in front of Vince.



That wasn’t  ..right.

That didn’t feel quite.  Real.  But it is. The poptarts go untouched at first, still safe in their foil wrappers. He recognizes very well what they are, especially after the conversation about them.

He doesn’t want these.

He does, however, reach out to examine one of the many, many tubes of toothpaste. Unscrews the lid- sniffs at it. Recoils with a disgusted ‘Ghehk

Confusion turns to distaste, and then, he’s reaching for his pack, unzipping a compartment and shoving several of each item into it.

He doesn’t want these he doesn’t NEED these. There’s enough food to eat from the last catch, and after enough searching, he has landed his hands on meat flavored toothpaste.      No more of that sickening mint.

There are people who could use these things better. 

It’s long overdue since he last trekked out to his familiar streets anyways.