powerful disney women of colour

*updated to include go go from big hero 6 and honey lemon. i cannot add any more photos, so i’ll make another post with other princesses/non-princesses (including iridessa) ALSO elena will be in the next post :)


.crystal princesses collection (part 2)

after the official disney princesses i started to draw my favorite girls from my favorite movies :3 some are disney, some are not :) if you think your fav is missing please don’t yell at me “you forgot xy!!!” as i did not, just these are the ones i like :) but i do take commissions if you would like to see her in this style, feel free to write me a pm :)

.please do not use without permission~

OK, so The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorite movies of all time, but even is has its… moments. 

So this is Esmeralda and her goat Djali. 

Djali is really small, barely reaching Esmeralda’s knees. Precious tiny Djali! 

And his hight is pretty consistent throughout the whole movie. 

And then there’s this shot. 

Or his standing on a box. You decide. 

EDIT: Adding this GIF since some people don’t seem to believe me when I say that this is a fuckup. These 2 shots are right after one another in the movie (X)

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