Branding for Caffè Pagani by Eskimo Studio

“The new logo is a metaphor of circular movement of coffee during roasting. In general, the entire roasting process is based on circles, coffee beans always move in a circle. Two main characteristics (time and temperature) have round dials too. Everything is circular and everything rotates.”

Eskimo design studio is one of the leading design agencies in Russia. Their core abilities cover various creative fields including logo design, brand identity and web design. They are a small team of likeminded people being on the market just for a few years. And for this period they have had an opportunity to present several successful and publicly recognised projects. They work worldwide elaborating subtle ideas with strong visual character for a diverse range of brands and clients.


Caffè Pagani

Russian design studio Eskimo Design has created a beautiful identity for Roasting Caffè Pagani. The Cafè was founded in 1949 from the dream and the passion of the founder Giorgio Pagani. 

I love the subtle colour choices, it’s elegant yet simple and most of all feels like coffee.