Disclaimers You Need to Add to Your Seeking Arrangement/website profile: Sugar Babies and Escorts

1. Please do not attempt to negotiate my rates, I find this insulting.

2. When we meet, please have any gift for our time together in an envelope marked “gift”.

3. I do not meet without proper verification, no exceptions.

4. I will need to discretely verify you for my own safety. You will be required to provide ID.

5. Emails or text only. I will only discuss location and time we are meeting, no irrelevant or frivolous texts.

6. I do not answer unscheduled text messages or calls. Unsolicited sexual messages will deleted and you will be blocked.

7. For your convenience, I will travel to your location for extra donation.

8. I am very selective as to whom I accept as a client/sugar daddy. You must be polite and sincere in your request.

9. I do not discuss details until after you have submitted a request.

10. I do not discuss session details until after you have been accepted as a client.

11. Please inquire about discreet souvenirs from our experience. (Great way to sell you panties and such)

12. And finally, if you are at a loss of how to word your services, here’s an example: I offer travel companionship, dating services, deep massage services, and lingerie modeling.

Remember: Bill them like a man. Any amount of time you spend talking, texting, or even thinking about them should be paid for. It is up to you to limit the amount of time you spend interacting with them for free.
Tip for any girls newer to the SB/ escort life

Do NOT let a man make you feel guilty for “acting like a prostitute”, I.e demanding compensation upfront. Ive had 3 situations in my life where the man didn’t pay me upfront, in cash. Each time he has a bogus ass reason, I.e. it makes it feel less genuine, he doesn’t like how the girls act after he pays them, etc…EACH of these 3 times (note I see men multiple times a week over the last 2 years…so, LOTS of experience)…I was cheated!!

1. I was a senior in college. This man sent an electronic bank payment while we were at the hotel. The payment WAS sent, but never went through, I.e the bank denied it the next business day. He never paid up.
2. The man (stupid me, thought I could trust him), said he’ll pay me after. Well after he suggested we go to the bar, then have another round. We go downstairs. I turn for one second, this motherfucker RUNS away.
3. The man convinced me that he’d give me $ after, which he did, but during the act, made me feel like I had to succumb to doing things I didn’t wanna do, so that I’d get paid. He ends up NOT using a condom against my demands and I had to take a plan B and actually considered filing a lawsuit for a long time. FUCK him. Really. I wish the worst on him.

I recently met with a man off SA who just refused to give it to me upfront. We legit argued for 10 minutes. He tried to kiss me as if I was there to play with his saggy azz and give in, I pushed him away and left. Honestly just typing these stories makes my blood boil so Ima stop right there.

Moral is. Of my 100s of tricks I’ve turned, never has it gone well when he refuses to compensate you upon your arrival. Stay safe ladies. Don’t let these disgusting delusional trouts finesse you. Learn from my mistakes. Xo