Escape From Furnace

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How about that bodie hmmm 😉

I’ll stop you there. I don’t really like the guy and I’ll be honest here:

Bodie can be kinda decent. Like he and his brother talk a lot and I get that he gets worried about the guy.

At the same time though

man chooses to hang out with the wrong company. The worst company, actually. He can do better. Hell, you can do better get out of here with that wink and get some better taste.

Also, fuck this guy the bunk still smells like piss and I haven’t forgotten ‘bout that neither.

Execution:My emotional roller coaster finishing the book

We find out exactly what the wheezers are and that Zee could’ve become one

Alex and the stranger kill furnace and then I realize that I actually feel sad that Furnace is dying cause it really wasn’t his fault

Zee, Simon, and Lucy go in and see Alex and convince him that he can’t take Furnace’s place

And then Alex remembers all those somewhat better times back in Lockdown

Then Alex has the dream with the stranger in the orchard again

And then Donovan’s in the crowd telling Alex he can kill the stranger

Let’s kill all of Furnace’s mofo’s and give them a happy death

And then Simon starts laughing and you wonder why, then you find out its cause that would mean killing Simon too

Hugs all around cause Simon is gonna die. Zee runs up to Simon and hugs the living breath out of him

Paniterre runs in and dies with the stranger

Walking into the helicopter and seeing Donovan and Simon walking off the cliff

Talking to General Hamilton. “I can tell you the day it all went to hell”

Read the epilogue online?!


I totally forgot about this, but found it again today. I wrote it when I was 12. You will only understand if you’ve read the Escape From Furnace series, by Alexander Gordon Smith. (Spoiler alert) oh and sorry it only goes to Fugitives, Execution wasn’t out yet in the USA.

You cannot run,
You cannot hide,
You can’t escape,
The poison inside.

You hate this place,
Because you know all to well,
It’s completely true,
Beneath heaven is hell.

You hear a noise,
Your heart starts to race,
You run for your life,
Beneath hell is Furnace.

You want to leave,
And you think that you can.
But when you try to escape,
You’re only caught once again.

With a bone chilling laugh,
Sentenced to the hole,
A dark silent place,
That swallows your soul.

What could be worse?
Than being trapped here?
The answer is simple,
Becoming your fear.

The poison injected,
Your mind starts to dim.
Your body cut open,
And stitched back together again.

Who you are is lost.
Even your name.
You’re a soldier of Furnace,
The world your’s to rein!

So much power,
But you refuse to die.
With struggle and strife,
Through the poison you rise.

You mind has returned,
You’re as strong as a tree,
You finally have,
What it takes to be free.

You’ve made it out!
Towards the sun you head,
You’ve killed Furnace,
The monster is dead.

But this isn’t the end,
and a happy one? No.
Cause while you may be out,
So are the beasts from below.

A new poison finds you,
You don’t stand a chance.
Furnace is king,
And you? His prince.