Spring Awakening at San Jose Rep, 2011 - Touch Me


Spring Awakening at San Jose Rep, 2011 - The Song of Purple Summer


Spring Awakening’s Broadway Ensemble: Eryn Murman

Eryn first joined Spring Awakening in fall of 2007 as a temporary replacement for Phoebe Strole in the role of Anna. When Phoebe returned, Eryn was added to the cast as an understudy for Wendla, Ilse, Anna, Martha, and Thea. She remained in the ensemble until the show’s closing.

Eryn has yet to return to Broadway, but she has returned to Spring Awakening as Wendla in the San Jose Repertory Theatre’s production and has been involved in various other other regional and off-Broadway shows.

Here are some videos of Eryn singing songs from Spring Awakening:
“Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind” with Gerard Canonico

And here are a few videos of her singing songs outside the show:
“Both Hands” by Ani DiFranco
“Somewhere Out There” with Morgan Karr
“Waiting on an Angel” by Ben Harper with Blake Daniel