Charming attempts to convince Hook to take a role on the Royal Council. It doesn’t go as planned.


“Admiral of the Fleet.”

“Come again, mate?”

“I’m asking you if you want to be Admiral of Fleet,” Charming repeats slowly, pretending that the pirate didn’t hear his proposition instead of blatantly ignoring it. “If we ever end up back in the Enchanted Forest, you could be Admiral of the Fleet of the Royal Navy.”

The prince regards the man across from him hopefully. Instead of answering, however, Hook plucks an errant onion ring from Charming’s plate. He would almost be insulted, if it isn’t for the fact that he (the Prince of Misthaven) is currently proposing that Captain Hook (fearsome pirate who claims to serve no king) to serve in the now-defunct Royal Navy of a kingdom that they no longer reside in over plates of Granny’s finest cheeseburgers and onion rings.

“Why on earth would I ever want to do that?”

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True Love's Kiss

Well, kind of, Nonny.

Harry Potter AU, but set after Hogwarts, so after the previous five parts [I, II, III, IV, V].

Also probably not as angsty as you wanted, but I was in a schmoopy mood tonight so you get a bit of angst but ending in happiness because of course.

E/R, established relationship.

Grantaire carefully prodded the canvas with his wand, watching approvingly as the background of the portrait, previously a gorgeous landscape until ruined by an errant charm that escaped the Department of Mysteries, slowly filled in with the proper foliage. He could see the little fox in the background heave a sigh of relief as the hedgerow it clearly lived in reappeared, and grinned.

He had been working for the Ministry of Magic’s Magical Artifacts Office doing magical portrait restoration for over a year now after getting his NEWTs and moving to London with Enjolras. He was still a little thrilled everytime he thought about that fact, that he was living with Enjolras in a tiny little flat off Diagon Alley and they were both doing their dream jobs, that life after Hogwarts had somehow turned out to be better than he could ever imagine.

Allowing himself a triumphant smile, he slowly straightened, running the tip of his wand one last time over the portrait for last-minute touch-ups, and was surprised by arms that suddenly snaked around his waist and a kiss being pressed to the side of his neck. “This better not be Bossuet playing a trick on me again,” Grantaire said warningly, turning slowly to grin at Enjolras, who raised an eyebrow at him.

“Do I even want to know?” Enjolras asked resignedly, though he was smiling as he leaned in to give Grantaire a proper kiss.

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