The ero-loli meet was fantastic!! And everyone’s coords were great.
I really should have ditched the red accessories. I didn’t have any good black shoes that weren’t over-the-knee boots, which would hide the leggings,so I wore those shoes you see, and tried to make it work. It didn’t work. Next time I’ll buy some appropriate black shoes XD

Coord Rundown
Blouse, gloves, skirt, leggings, hair accesories: Taobao or offbrand
Chest Pin: Me!
Heart Harness: creepyyeha
Overskirt: LiParo
Bolero: Fan+Friend


When I purchase red lipstick and a trashy spiked headband from an overpriced market, you’re damn right I’m going to show them off. Sadly didn’t get any outfit pics because I was just dicking around with my iPhone :/ Sigh, someday that pleather Metamorphose jsk will get the love and respect it deserves.

Thoughts on Erololi?

A few times recently I’ve been asked to write a “style guide” about Erololi for my blog, but the problem is, I don’t really know how I feel about Erololi in the first place. Not necessarily a matter of “Do I like it or don’t I?” but I’ve been wondering lately: Is Erololi really even a thing?…

I made this post over on EGL asking what people thought about Erololi and how they would define substyles. I’m really curious to hear people’s opinions on how they define Erololi!