One of my favorite underrated scenes.

Reluctant at first, Speedwagon looks at Smokey and sees himself in him from the days of his robust youth. He spies the indignation and spirit behind the boy’s eyes and understands his feelings.

Adamant and earnest. Unyielding.

He’s always been a good judge of character and he can sense his intentions are not only noble, but sincere. He really wants to support everyone, especially JoJo to repay the favor. Speedwagon himself was once spared and allowed redemption from an incorrigible act.

There are many parallels to their stories; Speedwagon once having lived in the gutters of Ogre street as a mugger and violent thug, and Smokey, a petty pickpocket that scavenged the streets of New York.

Both had their lives changed upon meeting the Joestar’s. Both turned it around and went on to accomplish great things with Smokey becoming mayor, and Speedwagon a rich tycoon.

He recognizes and acknowledges Smokey’s loyalty to JoJo and the Joestar family and respects that enough to entrust him with such valuable knowledge because he feels that he’s proved to be a good friend as Speedwagon himself is.

He appreciates what he’s done and figures since he’s already involved, to shed some light on the confounding situation is the least he could do for the young man.

A little something I observed. I think it’s just a tad heartwarming.


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anonymous asked:

how do you think it was for speedwagon when he lived on ogre street?

Rough as hell. You don’t get to being a gang leader on Ogre street without fighting to get there. I honestly think that he’s been on his own for quite some time, since he’s never said anything about parents or siblings. Also seeing as how the basis for admirability to him was that Jonathan didn’t try to kill him it’s safe to say members of his own gang and other people on Ogre street have tried to off him in more then one occasion. I believe he would have gotten the scar on his face when he was pretty young for it to scar so badly, so he’s probably had to fight just to live since he was around 10-12 years old. Speedwagon talks about disliking upperclass people usually; the upperclass people he had probably met were men cheating on their wives in brothels, using money and status to do whatever they want that’s less then ‘proper’ while people who actually live there are fighting just to make it. So I think it was a super rough time, and I can very much see how someone showing a tiny bit of kindness to him would effect him so much as to change his entire life style. He hasn’t been treated like a decent human being since he was a child.

But he’s in good hands now.