Erin Case is a 32 year old artist from the United States. She makes paper, interactive, and digital collages. Erin’s technique combines an abundance of diverse images from vintage portraits to bright and breathtaking landscapes.

I’ve always been creative. My parents are artists, my mom is a graphic designer, and my dad is singer/songwriter/guitarist and draws. So, I guess it’s sort of in my blood, coupled with being exposed to art at an early age.

I remember making art that had intention as far back as elementary school. I have gone through a lot of experimentation with different mediums over the years and started making collages about 7 years ago.

I don’t really understand people who don’t make art [and] how they get through life without it.

Some of Erin’s favourite artists include John Stezaker, David Delruelle, Ashkan Honarvar, Claude Cahun, and Tomi Ungerer.

You can support Erin’s art by buying her merch in her Society6 shop and following her here on Tumblr.


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There really is nothing better than an honest, quality mixed media collage. Erin Case is an award winning collage artist that meshes together throwback photos and beautiful landscape images which in turn result in gorgeous surreal juxtaposition that almost makes you feel like you’ve discovered an old back of 60s photographs (really cool ones). These beautiful colleges are also available to buy over at Case’s Society6 shop!