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Aaron Hotchner & Emily Prentiss: A History

From him not wanting her there, to her quiting her job to save his and him convincing her to go back with him, passing by the time he sent her away to save her life, to all the times he asked her to return, to the very last time, when he requests that it be her the one to take his place as the BAU Unit Chief. (and so many more things in the middle)


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when you wake up and realize you just got your period

I just realized something: Reid has a grief color. Whenever someone close to him dies, he’s wearing purple.

The wife of the leader of this team who has always welcomed them with a smiling face and open arms? Purple.

His best friend in whom he confides his fears and his desires and who’s usually down to watch all five (5) hours of Solaris in it’s original Russian? Purple.

The love of his life, and the only one who really understands Thomas Martin? Purple.

Boss lady who was lowkey a witch but really did mean well and loved all of her idiotic FBI children? Purple.

Distant, kind-of-a-dick, king of chess? Purple.

Why Don’t You Then? - Reid/Reader

This stupid activity. Headquarters was testing out the teams profiling skills, getting all your fellow co-workers to profile each other.

Right now, you were sitting in front of Spencer, looking into his beautiful eyes. The same ones that made your heart beat increasingly faster.

There was no way you could think of anything right now let alone profile the man opposite you. He was too distracting, your mind kept slipping into fantasy land.

Spencer’s head tilted to the left paying close attention to your actions. Something that made you nervous, he was an incredible profiler, one of the many things you admired about him.


Spencer licked his bottom lip, turning to look at Strauss.

“She wants to kiss me right now.” He smirked,

“W-What?” You mumbled.

“See the way her eyes flicked from my eyes to my lips, she mirrored my movements and her pupils are dilated, I could explain further but I kind of want to kiss her too.” He didn’t feel like explaining the whole ordeal right now,

Your cheeks lit up bright red at his comment. Biting at your own lower lip this time.

“Why don’t you then, Doctor?”

Cute Work Things

A/N: This was an anon request that wanted Spencer and the reader to be in a relationship and the reader to constantly do cute little things at work. It was a slightly vague request, so it’s super fluffy and not much story. I also switched perspectives between Spencer and the Reader. Hope you enjoy - and keep the requests coming! 


She was always one to do cute things, sometimes inappropriate things, around the office. But everything Y/N did made him love her even more. Early that morning, she’d grabbed him coffee on the way into work, adorning his cup with a little missive - as she did every day - along with a little heart and smiley face.

She was painfully cute; he couldn’t help but smile as she passed him his coffee and kissed him on the top of the head before walking to her desk to finish the previous case’s paperwork.

Hours later, after the monotony of paperwork had driven her to the brink of insanity, Y/N asked Spencer if he wanted to go pick up lunch from the deli nearby. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were drawn, as if the paperwork had slowly been sucking out all of her energy through her eyes, and her mouth was hanging open in exasperation. But to Spencer, she always looked beautiful. Her very being exuded through her skin.

She jumped up from the desk, excited at the prospect of food, and bear-hugged JJ from behind as she was headed outside to make a phone call to Will. After a brief gasp, she realized who had come up behind her and reached her hand back and patted Y/N’s head, giving her a kiss on the cheek. 

“Give our love to Will,” Y/N said, grabbing Spencer’s hand, entwining it with his, and practically skipping to the elevator, the lure of a deli sandwich pushing her forward.


After lunch, you finally felt better. The salami and provolone sandwich with lettuce and tomato was sitting happily in your stomach. Begrudgingly, you sat back down to attack the rest of your paperwork with renewed vigor. Lunch might have helped your mood, but this paperwork was just as boring and never-ending as it had been this morning. If anyone interrupted you, they might have to face your wrath - packaged in a 5′2″ 125-pound frame. You might be cute, but you could easily kick anyone’s ass. 

Spencer looked your way with a knowing glance.

About an hour later, Derek approached you from behind, not noticing the death glare you were giving when you first sat back down at your desk. With just the slightest touch, he grazed the back of your neck. He was intending to give you a hug, but the slight graze made you feel as if a bug had landed on your neck. You thought it was a spider. You hated spiders. 

With one swift motion, you smacked your hand back (accidentally hitting Derek square in the face), jumped up from your chair, kicked it back (hitting him right in the balls) and smacked the nearest person to you, which happened to be Garcia, who had just entered the room.

“Hey!” Garcia shrieked, “What did I do?”

“Oh, babe, I’m sorry,” you said, regretting that she had been hit. You gave her a hug, trying to assuage your guilt. It was only at this point that you noticed Derek slightly hunched over, attempting to breathe through the pain.

“Oh my god,” you gasped, “Did I hit you in the…?”

At that, you heard Spencer inhale hard. He was laughing so violently, he almost forgot to breathe.

Derek exhaled, “Yea, Y/N, you did. Ow.” Spencer was practically choking.

“Oh, babe, you make me laugh,” Spencer cackled. “That’s why I love you.”

“Thanks, kid. My family jewels have been damaged and you’re over here laughing,” Derek chuckled.

Speaking through your hands, which you had clasped over your mouth, “Derek, I’m so sorry! Can I give you one of my amazing hugs to make up for it?”

He’d forgotten it already. He knew it was an accident. “Of course, Y/N,” he smiled - that trademarked Derek Morgan smile, “but it better be a good one.” 


It was nearing the end of the day. One that had been filled with routine and monotony and you were just about to lose it.


A resounding thud echoed throughout the bullpen. Derek buried his head in hands, laughing. Aaron just shook his head, trying to hide a smirk on his way back to the office - and JJ and Emily were rocking back and forth laughing and trying not to cry. Garcia had unfortunately missed the whole thing. You did this frequently- smacking your boyfriend’s ass in the middle of work, so you weren’t quite sure why everyone was reacting more than they normally did.

Until you turned around.

Standing there, with her eyebrow raised, was Chief Strauss.

You were convinced she didn’t like you when you first started - a feeling everyone apparently had when they began - but she’d gotten used to your personality at this point. You weren’t shy. You weren’t one to censor yourself. It was one of the reasons you and Spencer worked so well together as a couple. Opposites attract. At least to an extent, it was true. 

“What?” you asked incredulously, trying to get Strauss to reveal the smile she was suppressing. You shrugged your hands and flipped your head back, “I like my boyfriend’s butt, what can I tell you?”

She tried to intensify her stare, but it wasn’t working. You could see through the mask - as much as she hated anyone being able to see through it. She oversaw profilers, what did she expect.

You leaned up to kiss Spencer on the cheek as Emily and JJ wiped the tears from their eyes and Derek attempted to get back to work. “Hey, at least there’s no one important in the office today, Chief? No one to impress.” Spencer watched you as you walked toward the file room, wondering how he had landed someone as weird and as wonderful as you. You turned around and saw him glancing at your butt. He figured he might return the favor one day; he’d definitely make sure Strauss wasn’t around though.

He wasn’t that bold. That was your territory.

The Alter (Part 3) // Spencer Reid

Part 1/Part 2/Part 4/Part 5/ Part 6

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“Are you sure you can’t stay longer?”

Spencer was taken aback by the question, a small subtle grin fighting to appear on his face at the longing in her voice. Violet stood by her couch, her brown eyes hopeful as he stopped at the door. It was already midnight after the two had lost track of time, their planned Netflix night running much longer than they expected. He stared at the team’s newest member, surprised at how easy she was to be around after knowing her only for a few months, and more astounded by his desire to remain by her side.

Spencer had been nervous when accepting her invitation to hang out that night. Violet Pierce was beautiful, kind, and intelligent; something Spencer thought was much too good to be true. She was a great addition to the team and someone who victims naturally gravitated towards because of her peaceful aura that seemed to radiate from her.

Of course she was human so she wasn’t exactly perfect. She had an intensity to her when they worked on cases that seemed to roar in burning flames whenever she was dealt something that displeased her. Never one for straight confrontation, she would do so passive aggressively, calling out the inadequacy of many police officers with sly remarks. She was a caring woman and knowing that resources weren’t being used to their full extent only made her agitated.

Luckily for him, her frustration never seemed to be directed at anyone on the team.

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Nerf Gun War

“Why are we under this table with nerf guns bigger than us?” I whispered to my long term boyfriend as we waited for people to walk by Spencer’s desk.
“We are waiting for Morgan. He pranked me the other day and it was a good one so now it’s my turn. You are here my love, because I needed back up.” He said making me begin to giggle from under the table but he covered my mouth to keep from anyone knowing that we were under here. A few seconds later a feet pair of feet walked through the doors of the BAU bullpen, causing Spencer and I to jump out from under to the table only to be met by JJ, Rossi, Penelope, Derek, and Hotch all having the same nerf guns that we had, now pointed at us.
“Even you Hotch?” Spencer asked causing Hotch to shrug and Morgan to chuckle.
“You brought extra guns didn’t you?” I asked as the rest of the team pumped their guns, lining up their first shot with Spencer and I.
“I thought it would be good to have extra just in case.” He said just before looking at me, we shared the game look and dove opposite ways and out of eye line of the team. Before I knew it there were nerf darts being fired, laughs let loose and teams being formed. JJ ran towards me and I put my hands up in surrender but just as she fired I ducked and shot her quickly before running the other way. There were no teams, it was just seven adults acting like children and getting a break from the dark work that they did ever day. At first darts were flying everywhere and not hitting anyone but once we all got the hang of it, it was deadly. Basically once you get hit you have to lay there and act dead until it’s there is a winner. So far JJ and Spencer were the only two dead, no surprise seeing as Spencer, as much as I love him, was a horrible shot and I shot JJ myself.
“(Y/N) do you really think you could win? You are in a room full of trained agents with target practice drills.” Derek shouted not knowing that I was behind him.
“I know I could beat you.” I said making him turn around and my dart hitting him right in the chest. He chuckled before falling to the ground and acting dead just like the others. Rossi took out Hotch just because Rossi was just as competitive as I was and now it was just a stare down. I knew Rossi and I knew that we was going to be Rossi and go the macho way and just walk around before finding me but I had the advantage of being light on my feet. I hid under Spencer’s desk just like this all started and once I saw Rossi walk by I shot his leg and jumped out from under the table.
“I win!” I said jumping up and down and laughing. I turned in my jumps of happiness to see Erin Strauss standing there and looking rather disappointed in all of us.
“Reid’s girlfriend, shot a room full of trained agents? Maybe she should be working for the FBI and not all of you. Hotch, now.” She said causing everyone to jump up from the floor. We were all trying not to laugh as Hotch walked towards Erin with his head hung low but we couldn’t help it. We all took out of phones and waved them back and forth slowly as if Hotch was walking to his death, making him smile before going into the room with Erin.
“How the hell did we let her beat us?” Derek asked as the other agents groaned in defeat but happy that they got some fun time in.
“You didn’t let me, I won fair and square. Now, who is up for another round after Strauss leaves?” I asked causing them all to raise their hands. Time to gather up all our darts and reload.

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