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Can I have a smut with Hank where he's actually not shy at all in the bedroom? (*cough* professor kink *cough*) if you dont do smut I'd like complete fluff of a nerdy day in with hank? Thankyou love x

words - 1,252

pairing - hank mccoy x fem!reader

warnings - pure smut, professor kink, oral (fr), edging and i think that’s it?

a/n - okay so this is my first time writing somewhat kinky sex, so i hope its good!

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hope you guys dont mind me tagging you!


Hank pushed you against the wall causing you to gasp, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth. He kissed you hungrily and you moaned into his mouth.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer, tugging on his lower lip with your teeth. He growled and lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his torso, before pushing you back into the wall. He kissed down your neck, stopping occasionally to leave small marks across your collar bones and jaw.

He pulled away from the wall and carried you over to his bed, throwing you down onto it. You sat up and quickly took off your dress as he took off his shirt. You bit your lip, eyes raking over Hank’s body.

You stared up at him in wonder as he unbuttoned his pants slowly, seeing how his teasing affected you. Hank had always been soft and caring, and you never minded that. It was what had drawn you to him.

But this, seeing him so dominating was…exciting.

Even though he wouldn’t say it, Hank was jealous. Seeing the way Alex shamelessly flirted with you tonight set him on edge. The way he grabbed your wrist and all but dragged you out of the party sent an ache straight to your core.

You were broken out of your thoughts when he was suddenly on top of you, teeth tugging at the skin on your neck. You moaned and arched your back, pressing your bra-clad chest against his. He pinned your hands above your head with one hand and kept the other at your waist, rubbing small, sensual circles on the exposed skin. You squirmed as he kissed your neck all the way down to your stomach, tongue dipping slightly into your navel. He laughed lowly and looked up at you. He slipped his hands into the waistband of your panties and pulled them down, tossing them somewhere on the other side of the room.

He let go of your hands and lifted you up so you were sitting on his lap with your legs wrapped around him. You kissed him roughly and ran your hands through his hair, occasionally pulling. He groaned and tugged on your lip, causing you to whimper in return. Hank removed himself from your body and stood at the side of his bed. He grabbed your thighs and pulled you so your legs were dangling off of the side, before kneeling down, his head between your thighs. He smirked as he put your legs over his shoulders. He lowered his face and began trailing kisses from your thigh to the apex in the middle.

Hank-” I gasped, cutting my sentence short.

The first lick of his tongue had you writhing in pleasure.

You whimpered, as he held your hips down with his calloused hands, tongue flicking your sensitive bud. He kissed down from your clit, until his tongue prodded at your entrance, causing you to whine wantonly. His tongue slipped inside and began to fuck you, brushing against your g-spot with every move. You felt the heat coil in your lower abdomen, the knot near unraveling, when he pulled away, leaving you right on the edge.

“Hank,” you whimpered, eyes screwed shut.

He leaned down, taking your earlobe between his teeth, whispering, “That’s Professor to you.”

You inhaled sharply, his words only adding to the heat building between your thighs.

He moved to hover back over you and slipped two fingers past your wet entrance. They pumped inside you, speeds varying from tortuously slow to dangerously fast, as his teeth scraped against you. Your back arched as you cried out his name, your climax making your body shudder. The ecstasy flowed through your veins and you thought you would pass out. You closed your eyes, throwing your head back as his fingers moved incessantly.

“Profes…” you rasped. You couldn’t even form a coherent thought before you went over the edge again.

Only when you were trembling and gasping, did Hank stop. He stood up and gave you a lopsided grin as he unbuckled his belt and took off his pants along with his boxers. Your mouth went dry as he slowly climbed on top of you.

He lifted you back up into a sitting position, your legs draped across his thighs, and leaned down, pressing his lips to yours, roughly. You gasped, feeling him fully sheath himself in you quickly.

“Professor-agh,” you moaned, eliciting a groan from Hank. He quickly moved you into a laying position, holding himself over you. He gripped your hips, leaning back on his heels to gain more leverage in order to thrust harder.

Fuck, princess,” he murmured, your heat tight and constricting around him.

Your hips began moving in sync with his, as you dragged your nails down his back, no doubt leaving red lines. You swallowed the moan that tore from his throat when you pressed your lips roughly to his. He buried his face in the crook of your neck, sucking harshly at your sweet spot over your jugular. You moaned as his tongue left a trail down to your breast.

He slipped it in his mouth, his teeth slightly biting down on the nipple. You began to grind your hips against his. Hank growled and pulled out, flipping you on your front. You leaned up on your forearms and gripped the bedsheets. He spread your legs apart with his knees and gripped your hips roughly, fingertips digging in.

He rammed into you harshly, setting a brutal pace.

You felt infinite; You could stay like this forever. You could die like this, you’d decided, and be perfectly content.

You gasped, as his teeth grazed the column of your throat. The air as thick with your combined breaths as the sound of skin against skin reverberated throughout the bedroom, the bed creaking and headboard banging against the wall.

You looked over your shoulder to where your bodies met and shuddered, a loud moan forcing its way out of your throat in the form of ‘professor’. You cried his name as his hand went up to roughly grab your breast. He groaned as you rotated your hips against his. You were numb with ecstasy.

He saw the euphoria on your face and slammed into you roughly. You cried his name as he gripped your hips harshly. He leaned close to your ear, his breath making you shiver. “‘Come for me, princess.”

You shook as you climaxed, your body bowing at the sensation.  Your walls clenched around him, quickly bringing him to his own orgasm. You laid there, him on top of you, gasping.

“Are you okay?” he asked, still panting. “I wasn’t too rough was I?”

You had a satisfied smile on your face as you ran your fingers through his hair. “Are you kidding me? That was extremely hot. Maybe I should make you jealous more often.”

Hank smirked and pulled you closer, pressing kisses to the place where your neck met your shoulder. “I don’t suggest that, doll.”

You pulled his face down to yours, lightly brushing your lips against his as he groaned, his member twitching against your thigh. He kissed you again and you wrapped your arms around his neck as rolled you onto your back slowly making his way back down your body.

“You wanna be a tease? Two can play at that game.”

You bit your lip, not taking long to realize it was gonna be a long night.


Which are you? Round 2!

The fact that this is one of my most popular surprises me for 3 reasons: 1) the art isn’t that gr8, 2) I don’t drink, and 3) I accidentally made a tag yourself meme months before that began  haha These are gonna be on redbubble soon! You’ll find them here when they go up!