“I’m not like any of the other mutants here” you complained to the man who listened closely “maybe it’s because I’m just… so much angrier than Hank or Sean or Alex even”.

“Anger is not necessarily a bad thing” Erik said patting you on the shoulder “you’re a powerful mutant [Y/N]. Use that anger”.

You nodded. You connected with Erik more than the professor. He understood you and because of that you’d trust him no matter what.




someone - or something - out there is attacking people and mutants are getting blamed. things are getting out of hand, so a gang of meddling kids have decided they’re going to get to the bottom of whatever is going on, whatever the cost. monsters are real, and the mutant mystery team are going to kick their butts…when they’ve finished their algebra homework. 

RAVEN: ringleader | plan maker | abundant mystery novel owner

ERIK: shitty van owner | perpetual bait | embarrassing flirter

JANOS: map reader | conspiracy hater | pinnacle of common sense  

AZAZEL: getaway vehicle | tired of this shit | spooky viber

ANGEL: trap setter | baseball bat owner | leather jacket enthusiast

The Heavy Entertainment Show

“This is why you’re never going to win an Oscar, Papa.”

Nina loves her papa a lot, but she loves Charles Xavier more. Erik has never quite been able to work out why she is so fascinated by the British actor, but after the pair land leading rolls in Matthew Vaughn’s latest blockbuster, be begins to realise exactly why his daughter is so in love with him.

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Prompts List

GenderNeutral!Reader x Erik Lehnsherr, SFW

Reader: Human/Mutant (whichever you prefer)

Requested by: Anonymous

Word Count: 134

Warnings: none

You laughed as you walked into the kitchen and found Erik there.

“Stop laughing…” he said rolling his eyes. “You’re the reason I’m in this mess,” he added as he tried to get flour out of his hair.

Erik was really in a mess, but you failed to see how was that your fault.

“What are you talking about? How am I the reason for this?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Well, it’s your birthday, not mine…”

You raised your brow in surprise. “Are you– are you telling me you’re baking me a cake?” you asked in disbelief.

“I know it looks more as if I were only making a mess here, but yes.”

You smiled happily and had to kiss him. Erik wrapped his arms around you kissing you back.