Erik Bruun

Finnish poster art

I held a presentation of Finnish poster art at school today and I wanted to share the beauty with you! Most of the posters are from the 50’s and the 60’s and the last poster which is done by Albert Andersson, may not be Finnish. He is sort of a mystery and you can’t find any information of him. :I But enjoy!

Erik Bruun

Funny story: last year I visited his art exhibition in Suomenlinna and saw a very familiar face there - after double-checking the face from info, I accepted that it was Erik Bruun himself! I’ve admired his artwork since I was a kid so I rushed to buy this post card and with trembling voice told my thank-yous and asked for a signature. He signed the other side of the card though, as this one is already signed… Artists! 


Ad for the Jaffa soda pop by the Finnish brewery Hartwall, featuring art by Erik Bruun.

Erik bruunデザインの大好きな壁紙を使って、クリップボードが出来ないか模索中。試しにボード作ってみたけど、なんだかいまいち。KOKUYOとかよく見るボードは、シンプルで良く出来てる◎金具やクリップ、ステキなパーツに出会えるといいな。 

Creating a domestic alternative to the Ögonkakao poster

If you have been paying any attention to interior design blogs lately you probably know there is only one rule these days; you can basically do whatever you want as long as you remember to hang aframed Ögonkakao poster by Olle Eksell on the wall.

The poster is obviously nice and all, but as we here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog are all about Finnish design we decided it was about time someone created a domestic alternative. For this purpose it felt natural to use Erik Bruun's logo for traffic wardens as a basis.

Then we simply got creative with the old scissors and glue, and came up with this beauty:

So there we have it folks; why go for the Swedish alternative when you can just as easily have a domestic one?

Needless to say now every day here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog International Headquarters  feels like a “weekday carnival”.