Tired of not having Trans characters represented in modern media? 

Well look no further, because the game Catherine has a really great one~ 

Meet Erica Anderson! 

She’s a waitress at the game’s bar “Stray Sheep” and talks to the protagonist’s group of friends frequently, even flirting with one of the younger friends. She’s also one of the nicest characters in the game, as you’re told that many customers come in just for her and her ray of sunshine of a personality. 

“But you said she’s a trans character!" 

She is. She grew up with the protagonist and 2 of his friends, but not the one she later develops a crush on. During High School, she underwent a sex change operation, as she was a boy prior to the operation. Her name was originally Eric, and she just felt like she was born into the wrong body. 

Now what’s great about her is that the fact that she’s trans is subtle throughout the game. They don’t explicitly tell you that she was once a boy unless you get a certain ending. But, there are little clues that help you make the connection. 

Long story short, Erica is a really nice, awesome video game character, and her being trans (and not stereotypical) just makes her all the more special.

Toby: Man, I’m so jealous. Life is so friggin’ unfair ya know? I’m never gonna win big like him– Ah! Erica!

Erica: Oh, don’t you worry now. We’ll always have each other, sweet pea.

Toby: Ahhh! The other guys knew you as “eric” back in school! I want my damned V-Card back…!

Erica: Sorry, but once that hole is punched, there’s no refund!

Toby: Awww…!

Here the art book for Catherine refers to Erica, a trans woman, as Eric. It also seems to list her sex as male.

Additionally, in Catherine, Erica is insulted by her alleged friends, who accuse her of not being a real woman. She is given nightmares exclusively given to men. The nightmares themselves are punishment for not revealing that she was trans to one guy she slept with.

Beyond that, a character in the game also says that sex with Erica was “weird”.

All in all, the game is thoroughly transphobic and deserves no praise for its representation of trans women.

Wow, that Catherine Wiki is incredibly transphobic. Not the articles themselves, but the people commenting on the articles, especially Erica's.

I don’t usually look at the wiki comments (I always forget they are at the bottom), but I accidentally clicked on the “end” key and the first comment I see is a transphobic remark. I then see a lot more and it made my stomach churn. Ugh, this is making me rage like crazy and I need to take a break from seeing that site.

Again, so glad I didn’t buy this game.