anonymous asked:

Hi I listened to your podcast an loved your reading! Do you have alot of stories or have a book?

Glad you dug the podcast– I think what @the-other-stories-podcast is doing is pretty great and I really enjoyed myself during the reading / interview!

I have more stories, yeah– check out my About Me page or my website, I have a few things published here and there, and I try to link to them all unless it’s in-print only. I’ve finished a short story collection called BROWNFIELDS which I’ve been sending out to people to look over. Hopefully someone will see its potential; I’d be thrilled to get this out to the world. So far I’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback and I think, in this age of Tr*mp, people are interested in Rust Belt stories, which is where my book is set. Of course my characters would have rather had Bernie win…

At any rate, thanks so much! Whenever there is a book, you’ll all hear about it!