“I used to think that leaving a legacy meant those you left behind mourned your departure and yearned for your return. But I’ve come to learn that if I’ve truly done my job as a ‘leader of leaders,’ leaving a legacy will mean that no one even notices I’m gone.” –Eric Tsytsylin (MBA '14)

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8 Ways to Maximize Your Creativity at Work

Giving to others and orienting yourself to a larger purpose can result in more creativity and enhanced work performance.
–Professor Jennifer Aaker
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Trusting employees with the freedom and resources to excel leads to more creativity and risk-taking in the workplace.
–Professor Joel Peterson
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Laughter in the workplace can help organizations boost happiness, creativity, and productivity.
–Eric Tsytsylin (MBA ’14)
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By fostering a greater sense of fairness in the workplace, companies can achieve “sustainable creativity.”
–Peter Georgescu (MBA ‘63)
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A manager who takes time to feed his or her own creative side knows how to elicit the creativity of others.
–Professor Baba Shiv
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Constructive disagreements at work can cut down on mistakes and be a source of creativity.
–Lecturer David Bradford
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People who find a sense of meaning and joy in their daily jobs are up to 3x more creative than their colleagues.
–Professor Behnam Tabrizi

Visual thinking is the foundation for being creative and solving some of the most complex problems.
–Lisa Kay Solomon
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