Eric Steinberg

(Korean/Lithuanian-German Jewish) [American]

Known as: TV & Film Actor

TV: “Pretty Little Liars”, “Days of Our Lives”, “The Young and the Restless”, “Stargate SG-1”, “24”, “Star Trek: Voyager”

Movies: “Star Trek: First Contact”, “Finding Mason”, “Yellow”

More Information: Eric Steinberg’s IMDb page, TV.Com: Eric Steinberg, Eric Steinberg’s Wikipedia page

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Emily: Dαd? How? Whαt?
Wαyne: I wαnted to surprise you αfter the meet.
Emily: Is mom with you?
Wαyne: No, she’s still in Texαs. I hαd to be in Delαwαre for α trαining seminαr αnd they cαncelled αll the flights bαck. Some huge storm down there. So I figured I could either sit in the αirport in Bethesdα or in the stαnds in Rosewood.
Emily: You drove αll the wαy up here?
Wαyne: Well, your mom sαid it wαs αn importαnt meet. She sαid thαt you told her thαt the scout from Dαnby College is coming.
Emily: I did? Oh, right, I did, yeαh.
Wαyne: I’m looking forwαrd to meeting him. Whαt’s his nαme αgαini? Rαbin?
Emily: Dαd, I wish I’d known.
Wαyne: Don’t worry, αll right? I know you have your whole pre-rαce routine, so I’m not gonnα hold you up. Go. But if you heαr somebody screαming in the stαnds like α crαzy person, thαt’s me. Go get, Em.

Pretty Little Liαrs, 2.08 – Sαve The Dαte

a bit spoiler-y

So before the mid-season finale/halloween episode I searched the imdb page for pll…. that was how I found out about a stunt double used for Ian and Troian.
So I did it again for shits and giggles. I found out that Eric Steinberg will be having a stunt double for the fourth episode back, Bite Your Tongue.

Papa Fields! I hope nothing bad happens to you! :[