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161024 “Three hours for 10 Sushi”, Shinhwa’s Eric emerges as ‘the master of real life cooking’

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Taking the shell off the crab, clearing out the gills, he looks skillful. ‘Chef’s know-how’ for taking care of the crab is different. It’s unique that he used a push stick to get the flesh out of crab shells. The Doenjang jjigae had more flavor since he used shells for broth and put flesh into the jjigae. You don’t need to struggle with hard shells. It’s not something ‘Big mamaLee Hyejung taught. Eric, singer and actor (Moon Junghyuk, 37), gives you a twist with unexpected cooking skills.

Eric’s Twist, “I was expecting more of fishing”

Eric emerged as the ‘the next Chajumma (Cha Seungwon)’. It’s interesting that he has cooking tips like regular housewife. Eric didn’t put egg directly on fried rice when he made one. He emptied a corner of the pan and cooked the egg there, then mixed it with the rice. He said “It turns soggy if you put it directly on the rice.” Listen to cooking tips from the charismatic leader of the longest-living idol group Shinhwa! Viewers are surprised too, commenting on the show’s online guest-board, “Such a sagikae sagi-character”, ‘Casting Eric was the great move’. There’s also a user who lists all the cooking tips Eric did in the show. (t/n: “sagikae sagi”, originally is a gaming term to describe characters that are so powerful that cheat codes were probably involved. Nowadays, it’s commonly used outside of gaming to describe someone who is outstandingly talented in many ways).

Eric and Cha Seungwon, who was in charge of the kitchen, have things in common. Cha Seungwon carried ‘tuna extract’ from ‘Fishing Village 1~2’. Eric carried the 3 spices: dried bonito, dried shrimp, and anchovy as power, putting more flavors into foods. ‘Fishing Village 3’ Yang Jungwoo PD said, “We were expecting more of fishing from him than cooking…” and laughed. They were surprised because in pre-interview, Eric said he can cook, but they didn’t have much expectation, so it’s surprising to see he knows all the hard cooking skills.

“Cha Seungwon is ‘pro-housewife’; Eric is ‘real-life cooking master’”

If Cha Seungwon is the pro-housewife, Eric is more like the master of the real-life cooking. It shows with the ways they cook. Eric makes dough in an oiled plastic bag. He uses scissors to cut out the dough. It’s a scheme to do things that minimize getting your hands dirty and not having to clean up many dishes.

Eric left SM Ent. in 2004, left to have his own house and lives on his own for over 10 years. “He eats seolleong-tang alone” (Tak Jaehoon). He’s used to eat and cook by himself. His food shows the trace of it. Eric’s management E&J Ent. Representative Lee Junghyun said Eric got tired of eating out and got interested in cooking about 2-3 years ago. He never learned it professionally. TV cooking shows and cooking cartoons are his ‘cooking masters’.

The only downside of his cooking is he takes long time to make food since he hasn’t been cooking that long. According to the production, Eric spent 3 hours to make 10 pieces of Sushi. But he puts his effort into it. He remembers the foods that Lee Seojin mentioned then studies it and brings back the ingredients to the next shooting. The “Remarkable Curry” is one of it. Yang PD said, “Eric is watching more cooking shows and read more books after ‘Fishing Village’. I’m expecting more but also curious (about what unusual foods he would cook)

Source: Hankookilbo via Naver + Translation by EricMun.tumblr + special thanks to Sumi13 for the explanation of “sagikae sagi


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