Eric Singer

Not going to lie, I love the original songs from this album. They totally remind me of B-Sides from Paul’s 78’ Solo Record. It’s too bad, KILLERS is an already taken band name. Naming a Tribute Band KILLERS, dressing in these outfits, and only playing a set list of songs from his album would be pretty badass. Such an cool selection of songs.

With yesterday being the 41st Anniversary of ROCK AND ROLL OVER, my friends and I have been discussing the “Blue Tear Drop” Album Cover theory. Whatever the true cause for the variant, (I have heard ‘Printing error’ and / or versions produced by a Record Club i.e. ‘RCA / Columbia House’)….this story fascinates me. So much fun!
Even more fascinating is realizing a “tear drop” version has been under my nose for at least 20 years and I have never even noticed.
You discover something new everyday…