Eric Griffin

On this week’s The 100
  • Kabby: continue their streak as Arkadia’s #1 power couple 
  • Jasper: continues his streak as The Literal Worst™
  • Raven: continues her streak as The Actual Best™
  • Kane: does his best Ned Stark impression, succeeds 
  • Octavia: does her best Aragorn impression, somewhat succeeds
  • Murphy: does his best impression of dude who does not give a fuck about anyone else, does not succeed
  • Abby: adventures AF 
  • Jackson: Abby AF 
  • Nyko: dead AF 
  • Clarke: reminds us that she’s not great at Arkadian politics, makes me wonder for the 10000th time why the narrative did not keep her in Polis 
  • Jaha: reminds us all that he’s a seasoned politician, makes me feel uncomfortable because I hate that I’m agreeing with his choices 
  • Bellamy: reminds us all that Bob Morley is a FANTASTIC actor, makes me wish for better storylines for him 

what a beautiful day to remember that bellamy loves clarke, raven is going to space again (and not to die this time), roan is alive, monty loves harper, mackson exists, and marcus kane saved abby griffin.

I am really excited for season 5. With a 6-year time jump, we get to know these characters that we love so much again. I want to see how much they’ve changed and evolved in leadership and their relationships. Primfiya didn’t just end the world; it started a new beginning for the show.