some time I will random draw gogglestuck on friends blog if thay can find it

sometime friend draw on my blog I want thanks for it

draw line for it

and color it

draw the girl who killd by he

and kill he

(thank you ldefix)

but your blog can’t show color

some  time draw shade for it

and more shade for it

sometime just draw out line for it

and fix it

but I can’t stay on one blog too long,because the goggles home page will show top 20 blog who draw goggle more,then some bad guys will erase it. (sorry abi blog kanaya is gone.)
the NO.1 is tumblr NO.2 is MSPA
(sometime when homestuck upd8 they will turn NO.1)


Stalking Eridan

Nepeta/Editing: alexissam

Anon: shadetastic

Eridan: seventh-tense

Art: askcr33pernepeta