Regenerate Me ||Closed||

Angel gasped in pain as she stumbled to the familiar blue phone box. Oh did she have a story to share with Eleven…

That could wait, it had to. She fumbled with the key around her neck and her breathing was noticeably shaky as she opened the doors to his Tardis. Her brow furrowed in concentration as she counted the steos she needed to take.

One, two, three, four..

She sunk into the chair, holding her head tightly. Mister Clever had paid her a visit. A failed attempt to upgrade her was leaving her to regenerate. Almost as if on cue, her hands started glowing a faint golden.

Angel swallowed and squeezed her eyes shut. “Eleven?” she whimpered, not wanting to be alone for this regeneration. She had a lot to say before she left, most important to be said had been said many times before. The words would lose their ring, but she hoped she could fix it before she left.

“I’m sorry..”

For no reason ’m looking over old threads ’ve done.


I found the one where Vortex threatened to, and I quote:

take you and I drain all that spirit from you? Slowly. Intimately. And then, when you’re balancing on the edge of life and death and you desire nothing more but my touch to end your life I’ll kill him and take all the others with me to let you die alone, broken and sullied on a dirty floor!”

…. That was the literal best.