The melancholy is vivid in this musical piece.


Imagine Music Festival was a blast! Thanks to all who came out to make it an awesome night!

Filmed by Charlie Trester

Behind the scenes. Erez Sabag’s photo shoot at Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet for the May 12-14 installation in NYC. 

The incredible Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (Based in NYC) are doing a dance installation at their huge and gorgeous Chelsea space (26th between 9 and 10) on May 12-14. The tickets are apparently going really fast, and an extra show has now been added at 9pm on May 14 to accommodate the high demand. The original three shows are almost sold out already.
Choreographer: Benoit-Swan PoufferAssistant to the choreographer: Alexandra DamianiOriginal score and remixes/recompositions of a few pop tracks: Mikael KarlssonDuration: 1h
I may just tickle the ivories of the house grand in one part of the installation. If you saw The Adjustment Bureau, you’ve seen what a Cedar Lake installation (plus Blunt) can be like.
Video by Jubal BattistiEditing by Harumi Terayama


Been working with the amazing Yoav on this project for the past month. This is development work for a short film about an Israel miliary unit. It will be shown on national TV on Memorial Day in Israel.

Learned a lot on what (not) to do & I’m happy to see it finally coming together :)