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Eren wonders what heichou thinks about as he cleans…

Catching Fire

“You know I want to give you everything,” whispers Eren into Levi’s neck, so that he’s dragging his lips across trembling, sensitive skin with each raspy utterance. “Every single part of me.” 

Levi sucks in a breath and leans back, just a whisper of a movement, but it’s enough so that he can see Eren’s eyes glowing like two flames beneath emerald, silken sheets. 

“All of it,” Levi agrees, not caring how selfish that sounds, and everything catches fire.  

[Fic] 森男 Forest Boy

Rating: M
Tags: Post-Canon, Masturbation, Outdoor Sex, Self-Indulgent Porn, Implied M/M relationship, Eren-centric

Eren loves the outdoors, but he does not quite remember when he developed this habit. There is something wonderful about touching himself out in the open like this that really gets him off.

A/N: This is a post-canonverse story, supposedly after they have defeated all the Titans. Eren is older, somewhere in his twenties. Really, this is just self-indulgent trash with lots of Eren love and appreciation. ;)

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