Eren: *watching Levi*


Eren: Jean what the fuck?!

Connie: Bet you love him don`t you Eren~

Jean: Yeah, whatcha staring for?

Eren: He was doing a maneuver, I had to!

Jean: You were watching awful hard Jaeger!

Eren: S-so?

Connie: So, it means you love the captain!

Eren: No it doesn`t!

Jean: Yeah-huh

Connie: Kissy kissy~

Levi: What`s going on here?

Jean and Connie: Nothing sir.

Eren: *sighs in relief*

Connie: Eren just wants to marry you.


Shingeki no Kyojin Anthology Covers 

At this years’ San Diego Comic-Con, Kodansha Comics revealed the official cover for Shingeki no Kyojin Anthology. Along with the title cover, Kodansha also announced two variant covers which will be available through Books-A-Million, Diamond, Barnes & Noble, and Fried Pie Comics. 

The title cover, illustrated by Paul Pope, depicts Eren transforming in the Rogue Titan. The two variant covers, illustrated by Eisner Award winners Phil Jimenez and Paolo Rivera respectively, depict a titan attack and Eren battling the Colossal Titan. Jimenez’s cover is a Diamond exclusive while Rivera’s cover will be available through Books-A-Million and Fried Pie Comics.  

Shingeki no Kyojin Anthology will be released October 18th for $29.99


anonymous asked:

Help! I'm losing faith that Armin will live next chapter :'(

Oh babe, come here! *hugs*

Let’s look at the narrative to see how it’s implied that Armin is most likely to be the one to receive the serum.

  • Armin’s dream (as written in canon) is beyond the struggle/confinement of the titans.

Erwin’s dream is centered around finding out what is in the basement. This is short-term compared to Armin’s goal of seeing the ocean/exploring the world with Eren.

  • Eren is the main character not Levi.

Armin is closest to the main cast, closer to the main character. This automatically puts him to the forefront to be chosen.

  • The editor of Kodansha suggested before Chapter 82, that we reread the first chapter.

He also said that those who read the book version should wait “a few months” to read the chapter. This is probably because there will be some type of resolution for Armin and we should not jump to conclusions about the chapter.

  • Levi overheard the conversation about Eren/Armin’s dream.

Levi’s old squad with Farlan and Isabel had dreams similar to Eren and Armin. It’s very possible this factor/foreshadowing will come into play.

Mikasa has a order from Hanji to retrieve the serum.

Hanji’s is Levi’s superior at the moment since Erwin is incapacitated. Levi has to obey those orders.

  • Hanji’s decision could really be the final one.

She could procure the serum from Levi and decide who “needs” it more.

Levi looks affected by Mikasa’s reaction.

I think Levi usually sees a lot of himself in her and could possibly regard her feelings more than anyone else.

I hope that my line of thinking gives you a little more hope my dear :)

Feel better <3

When Squad Levi notices their captain`s not so small crush on the bright-eyed newbie, they all try their own ways of getting them closer. Except Oluo.

Gunther is subtle, he makes sure to sit in a way where they`re next to each other at dinnertime.

Eld is the wingman, telling Eren about how nice and kind the captain really is. 

Oluo is loud and obnoxious by saying Eren shouldn`t even dream of the captain without his consent and may have a cute face but that didn`t mean- well, almost everyone shuts him up after that. 

And Petra goes straight to the source and is very blunt about it “Captain isn`t Eren adorable? “Captain, don`t you think Eren is sweet?” “Captain Eren`s such a handsome young man!” “Captain will you just fuck him already?”

Until one day Levi cracks under all the overly obvious (to him) matchmaking and just talks to Eren himself to avoid further embarrassment. Because no Eld, he`s not that great, no Gunther, being closer to him made it worse, no Oluo you don`t have a say in this and yes Petra, all of the above.

Eren and Mikasa plush got curious about “Pokémon Go” and decided to go adventuring around the house to ‘catch ‘em all’! Here they are trying to catch a Meowth. They may want to turn around, there’s a Pikachu right behind them too…