It breaks my heart how little tumblr is talking about what is happening in Turkey

Erdogan, their president, is turning the entire country inside out and is steadily becoming a worse and worse tyrant

Things that are going down in Holland

Since Tumblr is being awfully quiet about this drama going on between Nethelands and Turkey, allow me to shine some light on this rediculous happening.

As some of you may know: dutch elections are coming up, that are currently on the same level of chaos as the american last year.

A few days ago, the turkish minister of foreign business (I’m just literal translating don’t know the english word) wanted to speech in Rotterdam about a referendum in Turkey that will give Erdogan more power, a.k.a. become a dictator.
That visit was supossed to be today but parlement (all parties, left and right) decided to say no to this visit because we are in the middle of campaigning for our own shitshow and don’t want another country meddling with the people that have to vote. Also we don’t support this referendum.

Erdogan got pissed, pulled out some sanctions, and called us nazi’s and facists.

He’s done this to Germany as well for not supporting his plan and in my eyes you’re just being a huge manchild.

Tumblr likes punching nazi’s, Tumblr likes freedom of speech, sexuality and gender. (Things Holland likes too, remember gay marriage in 2001, first of the world, ;) )

I’m sort of freaked out about the situation and the silence around it on the internet. Trump is a big deal, but I can tell you that Erdogan is on the same page.

I justed wanted to inform you on this, do with it whatever you want. I don’t really care anymore. *buddies, pals, support the turkish protestor as well please. There are some who are pro-Erdogan but I’ve heard of people from Turkey that agree that this whole thing is getting out of hand. Support them, compliment and praise because that’s how we stay connected and pull ourselves through this!

Hi if you support Erdogan then please unfollow me.

I don’t see anyone who isn’t Turkish giving any attention to Erdogan ‘winning’ the referendum and it disgusts me; if this was the UK or USA there would be a relentless stream of online protest but because it’s not a part of the western world (I don’t like that term but I’m not sure how else to phrase it) most people are as quiet as they always seem to be.

The least we can do, as people who aren’t Turkish, is raise awareness and help amplify the voice of the citizens of Turkey until it can no longer be ignored.

If you haven’t heard about this yet then please help spread awareness.

Don’t be a part of another country falling into some kind of dystopia that belongs in a novel - not in everyday life.

WATCH: The men seen in this disturbing Voice of America - VOA video beating protesters outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC, are bodyguards from Turkish Pres. Erdogan’s entourage, US officials tell Andrea Mitchell Reports.

As the video shows, the guards continued to beat and kick protesters, despite efforts by US police officers to intervene.

Birth rates of Europeans on record low; migration on record high; birth rates of migrants 2-3 times as high as those of Europeans. Erdogan telling the Turkish in Europe to have more children, not 3, but 5, because they “are the future of Europe”. 

I promise you, you will lose everything you love and know if you don’t wake up now. Muslims will soon be a majority in Europe. They will form their own parties and they will win in elections because they are the majority. Civil wars will start. If you don’t see it, or if you now think that’s “racism”, you are indoctrinated by the media, because it doesn’t take any ideology to recognise it, math is enough. Important leftwing thinkers turn their backs to their parties to support the Nouvelle Droite, because they know there won’t be any social European society - no European society at all - if you don’t wake up. This isn’t a fight for anyones “supremacy”, it is a fight for existence.

So schlimm es auch sein mag, dass Erdogan nun sein Evet hat für die Verfassungsänderung und ohne die Katastrophe die das für tausende Menschen in der Türkei bedeutet herunterspielen zu wollen -

Biodeutsche, die jetzt vom heimischen Sofa selbstgefällige Aussagen über die Integration aller Deutschtürken tätigen oder sogar Aussagen über “Die Türken” oder “Die Muslime” im allgemeinen verbreiten sind trotzdem absolut daneben, vor allem wenn sie selbst damit Gedankengut verbreiten wollen, dass in vielen Fällen nicht um ein Deut besser ist als das, was Erdogan möchte.

Ich höre immer: “63% der Türken in Deutschland sind für eine Diktatur.”

Nein. 13% haben für Evet gestimmt.

“Wait what??? Aber in den Nachrichten-”


Von 3,5 Millionen Deutschtürken haben 1,5 Millionen einen türkischen Pass und dürfen wählen.

Die Wahlbeteiligung lag bei 46% - also ca. 750.000 Leute haben gewählt. 

(Ich selbst sehe das gespalten. Einerseits bin ich einer der Menschen die immer sagen GEHT VERDAMMT NOCH MAL WÄHLEN!!! (wirklich. Leute. GEHT WÄHLEN!) besonders bei einer so wichtigen Frage wie dieser, andererseits stand ich auch noch nie vor der Entscheidung für ein anderes Land zu wählen und einen Kurs zu entschieden, der mich dann selbst nicht betrifft.)

Also von diesen 46% aus weniger als 50% der Deutschtürken haben dann 63% Evet gewählt. Das sind ca. 13% der deutschtürkischen Bevölkerung und ihr habt damit keinen Einblick in irgendeinen Schwarmverstand bekommen, wie scheinbar einige denken.

Jetzt von allen Deutschtürken Rechtfertigungen zu fordern oder zu sagen, dass man sie alle ausweisen (!!1!1) soll ist genauso xenophob und rassistisch wie es noch vor einer Woche war.


Anti-AK Parti / Anti-Erdogan posters seen in Istanbul.

Tayyip Erdogan and his AKP party have ruled Turkey for the past 15 years. In that period he has increasingly centralised power around himself, purging thousands of civil servants, judges, military figures, from the state apparatus, replacing them with party loyalists.

He is now campaigning to further strengthen his executive power in an upcoming referendum.

I think the whole issue with this turkish referendum is not even Erdogan. It’s the people who voted for him. There will always be politicians who aim for dictatorships. The statistics show that the majority of people in Germany, Belgium and France voted for the referendum. And why? Anyone who follows the news knows that Erdogan frequently promises Turkey a bright economic future and therefore Turkish people from other European countries voted for him in hopes that in the near future they can move/go back to Turkey and live a better life. Why would they want that? Simple. The Turkish nationality is absolutely despised in European countries (especially Germany), mainly because it’s the biggest ethnic minority, so they are often seen as ‘parasites’. People are extremely racist towards them and the Turks don’t feel welcome there. And then there’s Erdogan who promises all these nice, benefiting things for them, so they vote for him.
Dictatorship sucks. This is a nightmare. But people need to remember that the discrimination towards Turks is the main reason why things crumble down in the first place.