The situation in Turkey is BEYOND horrific. People have immediately stopped talking about it, but it’s getting of course much worse than it was during the attempted coup. Because Erdogan clearly exploited that to become even much more of a dictator.

I’m not going to include graphic images of piles of prisoners in their underwear, treated like beasts, because the mere thought makes me nauseous.

He is firing teachers from colleges and High Schools who don’t comply with HIS views, he is re-introducing death penalty (which, only good side of it, will exclude him from even starting a discourse with the EU for good). He is acting like a FULL-ON dictator, Hitler-style.

Please spread awareness. The people of Turkey need help and they deserve much better than this. The UN and NATO must intervene to stop this.

42 people died in Turkey and I really couldn’t give any less of a shit as to what they believed or supported, but what I do give a shit about is the fact that the president came out and told those 42 people that it was a good idea to take to the streets. Now, those 42 people lost their lives, cannot go back to their families, while Erdogan rode out the most of the night in safety before going out to speak about unity and democracy. Who the fuck gave him the right because it sure as hell wasn’t the people.

What's Happening in Turkey?

-Erdogan, a ruler whose lead over Turkey is controversial (especially amongst secularists), was enjoying his holiday in Bodrum until around three hours ago.
-The military has launched a coup against the government. Who- and which parts of the military- this involves is unclear.

- Flights departing from airports in Istanbul and Ankara have been cancelled, with landing flights diverted.
- Both of the bridges in Istanbul have been closed by the military.
- Social media has been blocked or curtailed as much as possible.
- The military has overrun the headquarters of TRT, the national broadcaster. As best I understand it, their channels are off the air.
- Martial Law and a curfew has been imposed by the military.
- Erdogan has appeared on CNN TÜRK on an iPhone telling people to ignore the Martial Law and go out onto the streets to show their support for him.
-In recent minutes, there has been gunfire heard over the City, as the previously quiet streets are becoming overrun with Erdogan supporters. On Istanbul’s bridges, military and Erdogan supporters are facing off.
- There are unconfirmed reports of a military helicopter shooting down onto the streets of Istanbul.
- There are also highly unsubstantiated reports that Erdogan has left the country.

To my followers in Turkey, please, stay safe, and stay indoors.
WikiLeaks Put Women in Turkey in Danger, for No Reason
Just days after a bloody coup attempt shook Turkey, WikiLeaks dumped some 300,000 emails they chose to call "Erdogan emails." In response, Turkey's inter...

This is a PSA that not only did Wikileaks release the social security and credit card numbers of Democratic donors in an email, but they doxxed about a million Turkish women - releasing their names, addresses, cell phone numbers, and party affiliation.  In a country where the opposition has been cracked down on, this is putting them in harms way to be harassed, arrested or even killed.

And this is on top of Julian Assange being antisemitic.



EDIT (11:50 GMT +1) - The whole crowd on the street has immediately dropped to the ground as gun fire is heard. Injured people are being taken to safety. People are climbing tanks.

EDIT (12:14 EDIT +1) - An F-16 has shot down a helicopter. Thousands of people are on the streets. All social media has been blocked/shut down. All flights to and from Turkey have been cancelled. All airports have been closed.

EDIT (12:38 GMT +1) - Thousands of people have gathered in town squares and streets. It is unclear who has control. The whereabouts of Erdogan are unknown, it is said that he is safe. Both bridges across the Bosphorus in Istanbul have been partially closed. Soldiers are inside building of Turkish state broadcaster TRT.

EDIT (1:27 GMT +1) - U.N. chief has appealed for calm. Turkish military tanks are deployed outside airports (edit; specifically Ataturk airport, Istanbul). Gunshots have been heard at the presidential complex in Ankara. Turkish chief of military has reportedly been taken hostage. Gunshots heard near police headquarters in Istanbul. A no-fly zone has been declared over Ankara. New reports state that Erdogan has just landed in Istanbul.

EDIT (1:49 GMT +1) - Coup soldiers have entered CNN Turk studios. They are about to be taken off the air, like many other news stations. Several reports state a loud explosion has been heard at Ataturk airport. Anadolu news states that 17 police officers have been killed. Two more explosions have been heard outside Turkey’s parliament in Ankara. Some coup soldiers have surrendered to armed police.

EDIT (10:16 GMT +1) - The coup appears to be over. 1500 soldiers have been arrested. 190 people have been killed. 47 civilians have been killed. This is why civilians should not go outside when martial law is in place. They were shot dead. I also accidentally left my caps lock on.

As it stands, Turkey under Erdogan is incredibly unstable [despite how Turkish media may make it seem] and Erdogan’s policies only make things worse and worse. Turkey’s economy is somewhat similar to that of the US before the housing market crash, as it’s built on an unsustainable bubble based on neoliberal economic policies and extreme development projects that have made thousands of Turks essentially homeless. This, coupled with the influx of refugees that Turkey can’t properly sustain, who were accepted so that Erdogan could ~show the world~ how noble and capable a leader he is, spending tons of money on “state of the art refugee camps” that can only house a small fraction of the number of refugees in Turkey in the first place, as well as his pushing of Islam into politics and governance [from his school reform programs, to his restructuring of the police forces, who were on his side during the coup], ON TOP of his direct support of ISIS [treating ISIS/Daesh commanders in Turkish hospitals and then letting them go, bombing the Kurds fighting against ISIS] have all contributed greatly to this instability and precarious position, greatening the split in Turkish society between those who practically worship him, and those who want him gone

Despite all this, however, a military coup right now [despite being “ripe” for it, so to speak] is extremely dangerous, which could be part of the very reason why it failed in the first place.

Were a coup to take place and succeed, Erdogan would be ousted and the military would be in charge. The problem is, there hasn’t been a leader with as strong a following since modern Turkey’s founder, Ataturk [who Erdogan despises while also trying to emulate him]. Even if Erdogan was ousted and a military coup was successful, his legion of followers, from those in the government [he has been consolidating power over the last few years] to the millions of citizens, to the entire police force that practically works for HIM, would not take it sitting down. There would be conflict, greater instability, and more turmoil than anything we’re seeing right now. 

This kind of turmoil is not something Turkey can afford right now, as such cracks in Turkish society/governance/military would allow ISIS to seep in from the Syrian border and increase the number of attacks against civilians. Such a situation would lead to extremely elevated levels of xenophobia towards the Syrian refugees [who are already facing lots of trouble and racism] as well as Turkey’s Kurdish citizens, who are always the scapegoats for when things go wrong.

It’s this same threat of complete chaos, the same threat that may have helped motivate those responsible for the coup, that may have led to its collapse and failure.

Unless the coup was completely successful without hitch, the military risked the above scenario and a potential civil-war. They may have underestimated the legions of people who support Erdogan answering his call and taking to the streets to fight off the coup. This friction/opposition meant that the military had to decide between fully committing to the coup and fighting back and risking such a civil war, or realizing that they had failed and kinda just half-assing it…knowing that their lives are essentially over no matter how it goes anyways. The fear of what damage they may potentially cause if they weren’t completely successful may have served to destroy moral in this already poorly-executed coup.

The second Turkey’s control starts to slip, it’s nothing but a steep downhill decline in security and heavy lurch to the far-right in sight.

As it stands, however, the failure of this coup is no doubt only going to strengthen Erdogan’s position. Supporters of Erdogan will become emboldened by their success in fighting off the military, Erdogan will now have field-tested the support of his cult followers, and he will use this to his advantage to cleanse the remaining opposition he faces in whatever sectors of society/government he chooses to target and bolster his influence in the region as he becomes emboldened and tries to move Turkey past what is currently happening.

Given all the different variables, the entire ordeal is lose/lose. Under Erdogan, Turkey has become more and more unstable, he is among those responsible for ISIS growing strength in Syria, and whether or not a military coup will be the cause of it, he is setting the stage for a major economic collapse in Turkey. Under the military, there may have potentially been greater internal conflict within Turkey, further exacerbating the instability, resulting in a fractured military trying to rule with an iron fist “in the name of security” while ISIS takes advantage and seeps in.

Frankly, it’s a mess, and while civilian casualties are never something to celebrate or jeer at, I wouldn’t be opposed to comments of “you will reap what you sow” aimed at Erdogan, as despite Turkey’s history of military coup’s, he is to blame for the current situation in Turkey and making these people WANT a coup in the first place.

If this was a real military takeover, there would be no internet, no tv, we couldn’t even turn the lights on, the heads of the government would be arrested.

It is not more than an act. I mean Erdogan is facetiming via the internet which he insisted on shutting down many times.

Until last night, he said that the rioters were traitors. But now he wants people to go outside. He wants to use them as meat shields.

And since last night he became a national hero. He’s the only one profiting from the situation.