headcanon heights/body types during/post-meteor aka timelinewhattimeline.png

so sorry for the 90° angle, but there was NO way tumblr was gonna let me put this up without eating it and the detail as a singular image. other than having to tilt your head, though, i really like how this turned out and am thankful that 25 hours of work paid off so well~



i just really wanted to draw this because 1. a lot of these really fit their characters 2. because of the 1000 follower milestone (which was a while ago but better late then never. you cant tell me what to do. i do what i want) aND 3. becaUSE ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN. MERRY HALLOWEEN MY TAINTED SINLORDS LET US NOW FROLLICK IN THE FIELDS OF SKELETAL SPOOPINESS AND HAVE A GAY OLD TIME

based off this post: http://ciphord.tumblr.com/post/130480222513/signs-in-a-haunted-house