swords i drew a year ago for my first selfmade tabletop rpg ACHT’S equipment chapter. haven’t really worked on it lately :/

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Sword of Dungeons & Dragons

A new card for Magic the Gathering’s joke set Un-Stable is appearing at Hascon called the Sword of Dungeons & Dragons. As a fan of both nerd-things, I’m pretty excited. Let’s stat this martial monstrosity:

Sword of Dungeons & Dragons

Magic Weapon, legendary, requires attunement

The weapon is a +2 weapon that deals 1d4 bludgeoning, 1d4 slashing, and 1d4 piercing damage on-hit. The attuned creature is immune to poison damage and radiant damage while wielding the weapon. The weapon has 3 charges on it that replenish at dawn. A charge can be spent to add 1d20 poison or radiant damage to their next attack that hits. Once per week, the attuned creature can call forth a Young Gold Dragon under their command for 8 hours. The dragon arrives 10 minutes after it is called.

//I feel like the weapon is crazy but it touches on everything at least a little flavor-wise and it IS legendary so it’s not for low-level characters. The dragon can’t be used mid-combat most of the time so it’s hard to abuse it, and it’s only usable once every week so it feels more like a last resort. On the downside, it will slaughter almost any boss you throw at the players so hit hard if this item lands in your game. To make it a bit less powerful, I would suggest trimming the dragon’s time to 1 hour instead of 8 so they can’t rest or they lose the dragon.

#12- The Pendant of Secrets

Wondrous Item, Rare

This pendant, when worn on the ear, grants the wearer the ability to store secrets within the gem. When a secret is stored in the pendant, the user forgets when they put in. They can remember the secret from the pendant again. A different wearer can learn the secrets from the pendant even if it is not theirs. This can be used do keep secrets from interrogators or spells that compel you to tell the truth.

anonymous asked:

how do I go about making a short film? I have no experience and want to experiment but have no idea where to start. have any tips or advice?

Hi Anon!

There’s a lot that goes into making a short film and the bigger the project, the more you need. That being said, this post is a bit long so I hope it’s not too overwhelming.

Let’s start with the basics, ranked (roughly) from most important to least important:

  1. Camera (Equipment)
  2. Location
  3. Script (PreProduction)
  4. Crew
  5. Cast
  6. Budget

Technically, a camera and location are all you need to make a film that is strictly aesthetic. But having a script (formalized or not), is IMMENSELY important if you are telling a story with any kind of plot. If you can get a solid story on paper and are able to organize it well, you will be off to a good start.

So if you get these 6 things together (or even all but the budget), you can make a bare-bones short film.

Now let’s expand this list to be a bare-bones “professional” set. I use “professional” in quotes because equipment is NOT equivalent to skill, experience, or quality.

  1. Equipment (Camera)
    1. Camera
    2. Lenses (Prime or Zoom)
    3. Tripod
    4. Tungsten/Florescent/LED lights
    5. Shotgun mic
    6. Boom pole
    7. Multi-track field recorder
    8. Slate
  2. Location
    1. Written permission to use space
    2. Knowledge of the layout
      1. Room for people and equipment
      2. Lighting situation
      3. Sound situation
      4. How to film shots in the space
  3. Script (PreProduction)
    1. Script
    2. Script Breakdown
      1. List of characters
      2. List of props
      3. List of settings
    3. Scheduled filming days
    4. Shot list
  4. Crew
    1. Director/Cinematographer
    2. Production Designer/Art Director
    3. Gaffer
    4. Boom Operator/sound mixer
    5. Editor
  5. Cast
    1. List of confirmed actors
    2. List of extras
    3. List of dietary restrictions (Cast and crew)
  6. Budget
    1. Cost of props
    2. Cost of food for cast and crew
    3. Cost of location

As you can see, most of the requirements are based on planning. The more you do in preproduction, the better off you will be during production. This also means that lack of equipment shouldn’t deter you from making a film.

If you’re interested, below the cut I have expanded this list even further to show what goes into an average short film.

Good luck!


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  • Shadow’s Mistress
  • 13 colors (more colors here)
  • 8 elements
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#1-The Hat of Best Behaviour

Woundrous Item, Rare

Once part of a collection of novelty wizard headwear. When worn, this goofy looking hat feeds on all the negative energy of the wearer, causing them to become friendly and docile.

You may put the hat on a creature as an action. An unwilling creature with an intelligence greater than 6 must make a DC 14 Charisma save or become influenced by the hat. On a success, the hat leaps off the creature and seals itself. It cannot be used again for 24 hours. On a failed save, the creature acts as if it were Neutral Good and feel an overwhelming sense of calm and pleasantness. It attempts to be diplomatic rather than violent and regards every person as friendly unless threatened. The do not want to remove the hat and will prevent others from removing it. Every 24 hours, the hat’s DC is lowered by 1and  the creature may attempt another Charisma save to remove the hat. After removing the hat, it cannot be used for anther 24 hours.


Proyectar un templo que acoja todas las religiones tiene ese origen común y ese escaso compromiso con una en particular que te lleva a trabajar pensando en gestos y espacios, algo que sea a la vez global y nuevo. Este templo trabaja con la luz, las capas y cierta vibración en su materialización, la que sumada al contexto de altura donde se ubica hacen que logre esa espiritualidad necesaria para entender un templo, ea de la religión que sea.

Projecting a temple that welcomes all religions has that common origin and that little commitment to one in particular that leads you to work thinking of gestures and spaces, something that is both global and new. This temple works with the light, the layers and certain vibration in its materialization, which added to the context of height where it is located make it achieve that spirituality necessary to understand a temple, and of the religion that is.

hariri pontarini architects - bahai temple of south america, santiago, chile