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Cuando diseñamos equipamientos comunitarios nos toca centrarnos mucho en aprovechar los espacios, darles máxima cabida a las actividades que requieren y funcionalidad a toda prueba. Esto deja poco lugar al diseño más creativo de espacios, aunque siempre puede encontrarse un punto en el que enfocarse: el techo, un acceso, o en este caso, la escalera y pasillos. Centrarse en un punto específico hace que se note el acento, el que aparte de la funcionalidad obligada, siempre se agradece.

ARX  - abrantes municipal market, portugal

Today is the last post of the Cintiq series!

Hope it will help you to choose your trusty art weapon in the future, it is the most valuable tool an artist can have, and it not only can change your speed of production, but bring to skill to a whole new height.

Next week we will dive into a different topic, and I will be showcasing which are the four world class animation schools and more importantly, how much tuition costs in these places.

We want to make that post for everybody who doesn’t know where to head, or how much it will cost, a map with the bare facts, and no kumbayah,  may let you know what you are getting into. 

* Which are the four Elite of the animation/concept art world, or otherwise said, a school that will make a recruiter grin and nod the minute you mention it.

* How students of the four elite end up with a  post graduation debt between 50 and 100K

* How much of a year of tuition+living costs in these places.

We are gonna ruffle feathers with this one,cause we are not affiliated with these institutions, so we’ll say it as it is.



I know I haven’t been posting so much lately, and sorry about that! Internet really stinks! But don’t worry, you’ll still have some pages this weekend! ^^

Anyway, I made these! It’s been so long since I’ve done some equipment, right? :D

A warm bandanna to fight the cold, and some cool gloves that make you look tough! Hope you like them! c:


- Cute Ribbon

- Toy Knife


- Spider Donut

- Spider Cider