swords i drew a year ago for my first selfmade tabletop rpg ACHT’S equipment chapter. haven’t really worked on it lately :/

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  • Shadow’s Mistress
  • 13 colors (more colors here)
  • 8 elements
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Hand Accessories | Veil: 420 Maanas or 70 Gold Coins
Hand Accessories | Fan: 600 Maanas or 100 Gold Coins
Tops | Top: 240 Maanas or 40 Gold Coins
Coats | Shoulder veil:150 Maanas or 25 Gold Coins
Dresses | Dress: 480 Maanas or 80 Gold Coins
Face Accessories | Facial Veil: 210 Maanas or 35 Gold Coins
Face Accessories | Earrings: 120 Maanas or 20 Gold Coins

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beachbumzero  asked:

What would be the best way to combat the white walkers militarily?

I’ve answered this before, but I’ll go into some more depth.

Militarily, your biggest thing is that you need equipment. Your enemy does not tire, and since they can raise the dead, you must minimize your own casualties as otherwise, you’re just delivering fresh troops to your enemy. You need obsidian arrows to handle the Others, and fire to handle the wights. The Others need careful preparation, but they are beatable, and a skilled general can achieve victory without Valyrian steel or dragons.

What I would use is a fire line. Flaming arrows themselves are very difficult to light before they are nocked, as they will burn your hands. Instead, you want longer arrows which extend much further past the bow than a typical arrow. To fire, you can nock, then step forward, light the end (probably with cloth soaked in oil tied near the head) at the fire line, and immediately release before you singe the hand that isn’t your draw hand.

When aiming, you want to fire at the largest wights you can. As we see in Jon’s chapter, wights that burn tend to hit their flashpoint very quickly, so the larger the burning wight, the bigger chance you have to have that wight catch other wights aflame. This means firing at bears, shadowcats, and other large fauna. I don’t know how the famed ice spiders react to fire, but I’m gonna guess they’re not fans.

Your sharpest shots need to have obsidian arrows, and they are watching for Others. When an Other is spotted, let the cry go up so that any other archers can clear a shot and burn wights so that one doesn’t absorb the shot meant for an Other, as we see in Sam’s chapters, wights are not vulnerable to obsidian. 

Given the arrogant nature of the Others (see the first book’s prologue about taunting Waymar Royce), I would say that the first large-scale loss of one of their own where others of their race can view it, I’m honestly not sure how the Others would react to us insects killing one of their own. The wights are almost certainly nothing, the worst emotion that any Other would probably experience to a human general obliterating even an entire wight army would probably be minor annoyance, but killing one of their own? That might cause them to revise their strategems, or attempt to bypass me entirely.

Thanks for the question, BeachBum.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

  • Warrior’s Maid
  • 13 colors (more colors here)
  • 8 elements
  • Available in Clothes Shop during Valentines 2017

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Shoes | Shoes: 390 Maanas or 65 Gold Coins
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Hand Accessories | Flask: 150 Maanas or 25 Gold Coins
Tops | Top: 240 Maanas or 40 Gold Coins
Necklaces | Necklace: 90 Maanas or 15 Gold Coins
Belts | Winged Belt: 270 Maanas or 45 Gold Coins

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One set can be obtained for free during Valentines 2017.


Loch Achray by Tim Haynes
Via Flickr:
Drive road. Turn corner. See view. Find parking spot. Grab camera. Trot back and take photo. Admire light and reflection. Such is the way of the roadside photographer, anyway

So for those asking about kitchen scales for measuring using weight rather than cups, this is the brand I have:

I’ve had mine for almost a decade at this point and it’s still the best one I’ve ever owned, so if you’re looking at the $30 price tag and thinking it’s steep, from how much I use them on a near daily basis for the last 7+ years, I can tell you they are worth investing in as they’re damn sturdy. 

I’m not sure about other brands, but I’ve always used Salter, except for that one time when I had to literally use one of these at work:

Because that was how we retained our historically authentic trademark. Those were a pain in the ass.

My mother actually has a set of those that belonged to her mother, and they’re a damn sight shinier. I’m still figuring out how to get them over to the US with me when the time comes for me to inherit them.


Un equipamiento de gran escala requiere formas de mostrar interiores y exteriores. En este centro de música el contraste se da por una cáscara y un interior, diferenciando materialmente ambos y mostrándose uno desde otro. Lo mismo pasa en otro nivel entre los interiores expuestos al clima y los interiores, los que contrastan en liviandad y pesadez a través de material y forma. Todos conectados por las relaciones visuales.

Large-scale equipment requires indoor and outdoor display modes. In this center of music the contrast is given by a shell and an interior, materially differentiating both and showing one from another. The same happens in another level between the interiors exposed to the climate and the interiors, which contrast in lightness and heaviness through material and form. All connected by visual relations.

herault arnod architectes - opaque modern music centre, france

A way to fix a feder with a rattle in the handle with limited hardware.

This method should be considered temporary. It will not substitute a proper tune-up but it will keep your fittings from rattling until you arrange a proper repair.

  1. Rattling fixtures are caused -usually- by the wooden core of the grip compressing or being otherwise damaged, creating a gap (B) between the crossbar (A) and the wood. When new, the whole hilt assembly is held together by compression.
  2. Before you begin you must push both sides of the crossbar (A) towards the point of the blade thus exposing as much of the gap (B) as possible.
  3. Take a length of cord (A) and wrap it once around the gap (B).
  4. Apply a little glue (A) to the string as you continue to wind it around (B). A more abused feder will require more turnings of the cord to build structure in the gap.
  5. Pull both ends of the cord as tightly as you can (A) - using pliers as a lever can help. Note (!) that very little cord should be visible and it should be driven as deeply into the gap as possible. If cord remains outside you have applied too much. Feel the crossbar, if it has stopped rattling you have wound the string enough. Cut the ends of the cord (B) and secure them with a good amount of glue.
  6. In some cases there may be a gap at the other end of the hilt between the pommel and the wooden core. This gap is likely to be much smaller than the first but applying cord here can help.
  • Secret Ingredient
  • 13 colors (more colors here)
  • 8 elements
  • Available in Clothes Shop during Valentines 2017

Underwear | Teddy: 600 Maanas or 100 Gold Coins
Socks | Socks: 150 Maanas or 25 Gold coins
Hand Accessories | Bracelets: 90 Maanas or 15 Gold Coins
Tops | Corset: 270 Maanas or 45 Gold Coins
Gloves | Gloves: 120 Maanas or 20 Gold Coins
Hats | Wings: 180 Maanas or 30 Gold Coins
Face Accessories | Earrings: 90 Maanas or 15 Gold Coins
Belts | Winged Belt: 1050 Maanas or 175 Gold Coins

Total price: 2550 Maanas or 425 Gold Coins
One set can be obtained for free during Valentines 2017.