So I dug through my parts drawer yesterday and found my Ice Girl body that I still haven’t found a head I liked for it yet but i remembered that I’ve been meaning to try a EQG/MH hybrid so I shoved my Rarity head onto here figuring that she liked crystals so much a crystally body would do until I found a Spectra body for her to steal.

So notes is that you gotta heat up the neck hole really good or you’ll never get the head on the MH body. Also the head sits really low on the MH body since it’s using the top of the neck as a ball joint rather than the neck knob itself. This means she can’t look up or down but can look side to side.

my thoughts? I think it looks terrifying since her childlike face wasn’t meant to have a body with limbs this elongated, but since i loathe her original body even more I guess this will have to suffice.

Oh yeah. Completely forgot to tell you guys that I had gotten this little missy. ;b

I had made a deal with the danish bronies princess. He found me a EQG Twilight doll, bought it and took it with him to Genki, where I paid him back the money he had used to get it in the store.
And you know what? I regret NOTHING! The only thing I don’t like all that much about her, is those tiny wings. I doubt they’d even could make her hover.

Next one to get: Rarity!
Cause she’s pretty, okay!?

Here are some pics showing how the hair is rooted on my Equestria Girls doll.  Her scalp is definitely way too visible in some spots.  I know ponytailed dolls usually have thin rooting at the crown, but when you can see the scalp even with the hair up - not good.

The hairline on the sides and the rooting around the ears (for the most part) is actually pretty tight though, so it’s a mix of bad and good overall.