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Sun Wukong 

These are some of the stages I see him as according to the books but I wouldn’t say they all are 100% spot-on. In the first book it’s mentioned that he looks like a rhesus macaque so tried to make his fur light brown, red face and short tail. When making these I developed a head canon that his red face changes according to his level of confidence. His red butt tho, is canon. The Great Sage, 3heads&6arms-form and Buddha outfit was inspired from the 2011 TV series by Zhang Jizhong. The paper talisman bears the mantra ǎn ma ne bā mī hōng (Om Mani Padme Hum) that Buddha uses to seal him under the mountain.

If you get the chance to read Journey to the West pls do so, it’s very enjoyable and you get to learn much about the Handsome Monkey King and a bit of chinese mythology in general. Also it’s fun how Wukong gives no shit and kicks everyones asses (or in most cases just kills them)


Every Poison Ivy Outfit Ever

For some of these I couldn’t find the comic name or where it’s from, but if you know please tell me so I can fix it!

Batman: The Animated Series

Joker’s Asylum

Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum Database

Arkham Knight

Batman: Crimson Mist

Batman & Demon: A Tragedy

Batman and Robin

Batman: Dark Victory

DC Universe Online

Crisis on Infinite Earths

DC Superhero Girls

First Appearance

Gotham City Sirens

Gotham Girls

JLA: Created Equal


New 52

Batman: Dark Tomorrow

The Batman

Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Young Justice

Super Best Friends Forever

The New Batman Adventures

Suicide Squad


Unknown Poison Ivys

So I just saw Wonder Woman

I cannot stress enough how important for girls to have good, strong, female role models. I’ve been obsessed with Super heroes since I was TWELVE and I’ve NEVER seen a female super hero portrayed in a way that captured the strength and power the hero was capable of without sacrificing the passion or the innocence of the character. My favourite female super “hero” is actually the villain Harley Quinn purely because she is absolutely fearless and she refuses to take shit from anybody without fail. She was the only female super anything that I had seen with that attitude EVER. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love Harley and she will for ever be my queen of crazy, but tonight I finally found a version of a female hero whose main purpose wasn’t to be a sexy character that the “real” hero could flirt with. The film makers stayed true to the original costume, but not ONCE did I feel like they used it to sexualize her in an unnecessary way. She was sexy, naturally, but it wasn’t forced. She never had to use it in the attempt to seduce the bad guy, men were distracted by her, but the movie made it clear that that was not her fault, she was focused on her mission the entire time and never once faltered for a boy. They just did SO MANY THINGS RIGHT by keeping everything about her focused on her being a badass rather than her being fucking gorgeous, even though she is that too. The best part about her attitude is that she wasn’t “weird” because of it, it was normal and even encouraged for her to be like that. Speaking of attitude, let’s talk blocking. She was put in so many power positions throughout the movie, it was like she refused to let anyone ever look down on her. She had the high ground in SO MANY fights, she was running on rooftops, she was getting all up an some general’s face lecturing him about honour, and this girl WOULD NOT BACK DOWN. Someone tell her to stay put and she didn’t want to? She didn’t. She went exactly where she wanted, exactly when she wanted. And then, in one of my favourite moments, she FLIPS that classic “stay here, I’ll go ahead”, line that guys had been using on her throughout the movie back onto them before running STRAIGHT TOWARDS ENEMY FIRE AND TAKING OUT EVERY BAD GUY IN HER PATH. BUT for every ounce of magnificent attitude in her body, there was AT LEAST an equal amount of compassion. She genuinely cared for every civilian, for every soldier, for every person that she met and everything she did was guided by her desire to do what she believed was right. And despite being told she was wrong, that it was crazy, that “that’s not how the world works”, she was RIGHT. I won’t go into detail, because spoilers, but she was RIGHT. She also treated everybody like they were just as important as her and HELLO THIS GIRL IS TAKING OUT WHOLE PLATOONS NEARLY SINGLE HANDEDLY, SHE DESTROYED A FUCKING TANK AND SHE STILL DIDN’T SEE HERSELF AS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. And more on that compassion thing? She was still very capable of emotions and you could see them swirl together and twist themselves into knots as she tried to process the idea that everything may not be as she was raised to believe. However this is the first time I’ve seen a female super being feel emotions as powerfully as that and, rather than becoming useless or distracted by them, she was actually STRONGER because of the passion she was feeling. Let me repeat that HER FEELINGS DID NOT IN ANY WAY PREVENT HER FROM BEING A COMPLETE AND TOTAL BADASS. EVEN MALE SUPER HEROES AREN’T GENERALLY ALLOWED TO DO THAT. AND as for things that don’t directly relate to Diana herself, it dealt with soldiers suffering from PTSD (whom she reminded of their value and still saw them as warriors), carried a heavy theme of honour and acting on what you believe in, and it didn’t use the demeaning of men as a tactic for female empowerment. To be clear, it showcased Diana’s strength without making the guys come across as weak, cowardly, or immoral. That’s a victory for equality. I was physically shaking on the edge of my seat for most of the movie, I’ve literally spent the last 8 years of my life waiting for a hero like this, 100/10, GO WATCH THIS MOVIE.

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Sister Abigail hot take:

1. Spooky!

2. I’m glad Finn and the announcers are using female pronouns when referring to Sister Abigail and also are acting properly spooked!

3. I’m intrigued about how they’ll maintain Sister Abigail’s appearance when Bray stops just being on a screen

4. Boy I hope this means Bray gets a win huh? More magic equals victories yes?

Tumblr in the year 2156

Beet Rations issued by the state kitchen are at an all time low.

Minimum wage is $1,500.00/hour. $750.00/hour after taxes.

There are 10,000 minimum wage jobs… In the entire economy. You need a four year degree for most.

College is free. You don’t learn anything except that you are a victim and you need government to protect you.

$750.00 is enough to purchase a loaf of bread.

If you make 2x the minimum wage you are “rich” and taxed at a 90% clip. No one wants to be rich and government declares victory for equality.

People are living in cardboard boxes and calling them “tiny houses” thanks to a government housing initiative.

The Bernie Sanders Audit The Fed bill of 2018 prevents the Federal Reserve from ever being audited.

The banks own 99% of all property via debt, including the box you live in.

Tumblr, fighting the good fight as usual, derides “capitalism” while demanding government intervention in the exploitive “free market”.

America’s long journey towards equality has been guided by countless small acts of persistence and fueled by the stubborn will of quiet heroes to speak out for what’s right.

Few were as small in stature as Edie Windsor – and few made as big a difference to America.

I had the privilege to speak with Edie a few days ago and to tell her one more time what a difference she made to this country we love. She was engaged to her partner, Thea, for forty years. After a wedding in Canada, they were married for less than two. But the federal law didn’t recognize a marriage like theirs as valid – which meant that they were denied certain federal rights and benefits that other married couples enjoyed. And when Thea passed away, Edie spoke up – not for special treatment, but for equal treatment – so that other legally married same-sex couples could enjoy the same federal rights and benefits as anyone else.

In my second inaugural address, I said that if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. And because people like Edie stood up, my administration stopped defending the so-called Defense of Marriage Act in the courts. The day that the Supreme Court issued its 2013 ruling in United States v. Windsor was a great day for Edie, and a great day for America – a victory for human decency, equality, freedom, and justice. And I called Edie that day to congratulate her.

Two years later, to the day, we took another step forward on our journey as the Supreme Court recognized a Constitutional guarantee of marriage equality. It was a victory for families, and for the principle that all of us should be treated equally, regardless of who we are or who we love.

I thought about Edie that day. I thought about all the millions of quiet heroes across the decades whose countless small acts of courage slowly made an entire country realize that love is love – and who, in the process, made us all free. They deserve our gratitude. And so does Edie.

Michelle and I offer our condolences to her wife, Judith, and to all who loved and looked up to Edie Windsor.

Barack Obama.

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What are your thoughts on the recent announcement of the allowance of females in the cub scouts and Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts had held onto their backbone for quite some time but the moment they began to let in “trans boys” at the start of the year, then it was only a matter of time before boy scouts no longer meant boy scouts. 

Ben Shapiro was asked “Where is it written you have to be a boy to be a boy scout?” He was utterly confused if this was a legitimate question, he replied, “In the name boy scouts.” 

The strange thing is, they’re keeping the name ‘boy scouts,’ but I’m sure this blatantly sexist name will be subjected to a quick change as well. 

I don’t agree with this move, it’s just further proof that males aren’t allowed a space of their own without being accused of sexism and misogyny. Men aren’t allowed to form groups on campus and groups such as the MRA often have their meetings closed down and met with rabid feminists, now the boy scouts have been hijacked, all while women’s organizations and segregated racial groups (all but white ones) are encouraged. 

I’m personally not going to throw my arms up about it, maybe they just did it to boost membership numbers, but I think it’s important to keep a steady eye on the bigger picture and how all these little “victories for equality” are only ever at the expense of one particular group of people.

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Slight modification to the fic prompt I sent last night (now that I have the post-it I wrote it on): “Michiru smoothly retracted her foot from the top of Rei’s head.”

A kind of crappy thing I wrote in tiny little hundred word chunks from a THE GIFTENING prompt. The origin of the phrase comes from this brilliant submission from @verbforverb, which never fails to delight me. I’m not sure this is what anyone wanted or expected from it, but there we are. Blame @docholligay for insisting it being foisted upon you.


Michiru smoothly retracted her foot from the top of Rei’s head. “Oh, Rei, my apologies. I wasn’t aware you’d relocated.”

It was possible – on some alternate or parallel plane of existence perhaps, or at the heart of an alien culture blinking into consciousness galaxies away, where words and actions had implications beyond those of mere humans – that Michiru’s apology might have come across as less genuine than it was in this moment.

It was possible. But Rei wouldn’t have bet on it.

There were several options open to her. She could stay where she was, foster the idea that face down on the floor was no less than the successful and entirely competent execution of Rei’s plan. That this made no sense whatsoever was a detail that never crossed her mind.

“You know, if you wanted a face full of carpet, there were less humiliating ways.”

Minako missed a truly magnificent glare as her feet shuffled past Rei’s nose. The tortured metal groan as she threw herself into Haruka’s favourite recliner was met with similar consideration. Minako kicked up the footrest and balanced a heaping plate on her chest. Nachos were Minako’s only concern now.

It was official: Rei hated everybody.

A cool hand slipped under Rei’s elbow, not flinching away despite the burn Rei could feel roiling just under her skin. When the hand tugged, Rei allowed herself to be drawn upward with it.

“Rei-chan.” Usagi had her lecture voice firmly in place as she hauled her friend to her feet, “Maybe just let Haruka have this one.”

It would have been impossible for Rei’s face to register more betrayal if she has taken it to the Betrayal Registry Office, waited in a series of excruciating lines, filled out several forms, paid the requisite fees, and shown Usagi her Betrayal License.

Rei’s hand actually fluttered to her throat. The onrush of words bunched together in her mouth, each fighting to be the first out the door and so clogging passage for all. The best she could manage was a tight strangled noise.

In her long career, there were few battles Usagi had ever ceded. Sometimes she had to reconsider, sometimes she had to adjust, but by and large, her track record was as impressive for its victory column as it was her surprising resolve in the face of opposition.

Still, she knew a complete loss when saw it. With a loving smile (and only the slightest roll of her eyes), Usagi squeezed Rei’s arm, patted it exactly twice, and turned away to battles more easily won. Like nachos! Minako, mind ever alert for dangers, curled protectively around her plate and hissed.

Concession equaled brilliant victory in Rei’s mind, and she spun, her hair slicing through the space where Usagi had stood moments before. Their exchange was already forgotten. There were critical matters to attend, stauncher foes to vanquish, honour to reclaim.

Haruka was stretching, curling her long arm across her body in a manner that seemed so casual that a wave of hot, pulsing insult coursed through Rei. She ordered her face to remain neutral. Her jaw insisted that “neutral” meant “clamp down and grind as viciously as possible”.

Had it occurred to Rei that all parts of her were equally stubborn, she might have realized how grievously she was failing to project the carefully constructed image she demanded. Instead, all of her attention was on how noticeable it was that Haruka didn’t care.

She didn’t make note of Rei’s INTENSELY CALM demeanor. Worse, she didn’t even notice it, instead bending at the waist and bobbing there like a buoy just off shore on a calm summer’s day.

“There’s no shame in defeat, you know,” Haruka said in what she would later claim was a supportive and encouraging tone of voice, completely devoid of an entire month’s supply of condescension.

Minako cackled (years of battlefield training kicked in, and Usagi snatched a loaded tortilla chip and shoved it in her mouth before her crime could be discovered). “Yeah okay buddy, remember that next time we play Mario Kart.”

Haruka shot Minako a glare that bounced harmlessly off her impenetrable blonde hide. It was a skill Haruka had never quite learned, instead somehow seeming to deliberately throw herself in the way of glares and scorn that might not even be meant for her, process them like a Glare Factory at the height of the Industrial Revolution, and choke the atmosphere on her Hate Emissions.

Which rather made it a miracle that she was missing every single poison-tipped dagger Rei was violently flinging at her. A more studied person may have said it was something to do with “oh, that’s just how Rei-chan always looks!” Usagi had certainly said it enough that Mako had put it on a t-shirt for her one year (Usagi found it hysterical, Rei perhaps less so). Still, Haruka was a great many things, but “a more studied person” wouldn’t be found anywhere on her resume, so it was safe to assume it was simply the Goddess of Butches granting Haruka’s atrocious people skills a boon for once.

“Don’t dooo iittt,” Usagi sang from her perch on the arm of Haruka’s recliner.

Mouth stuffed full of nachos, Minako nodded with unwavering certainty. “Oh, she’ll do it.”

“Defeat is certainly not a look you wear particularly well, Rei.” The high-backed chair framed Michiru like an empress, eyes twinkling at the prospect of an afternoon’s entertainment of sweat and bloodshed entirely for her amusement.

Rei’s shoulders slung back and her chin thrust out. For a moment, she embodied the mantle of war that, desired or not, was her birthright. She stepped forward, the mat crinkling beneath her feet. Haruka stopped stretching and rose to her full height, towering several inches above Rei and offering no quarter. It was an impressive sight that affected Rei not at all.

Their eyes met, neither looking away. They were, for this moment at the least, equals.

“Again,” was all Rei said.

Minako’s cheer and Usagi’s groan mingled into one, nearly drowning out the whir coming from the thick square cardboard in Michiru’s hand. Never once did Rei and Haruka break eye contact.

Michiru was never one for popcorn, generally speaking, but there were occasions when she could see its appeal. Perhaps, should this continue for as long as she fully intended to goad, she would indulge in some caviar.

Slowly, relishing the tension and teasing it out for a delicious sustained moment, Michiru allowed her gaze to fall upon the card in her hand.

“Right hand … blue,” she purred, and as Haruka’s lean, glistening body stretched before her, Michiru sank back into her chair to enjoy the coming show.



1. the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability.

2. the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.

3. uniform character, as of motion or surface.

4. Mathematics: a statement that two quantities are equal; equation.

Etymology: from Latin aequālis, “equal, even, level”.

Mack’s Top 5 - Mobile Suit Gundam fights

It’s time again for another of my top 5 lists. This one is going to cover the many fights seen throughout the various series of Mobile Suit Gundam over the years. Now, these lists are only my opinion and do not imply that other fights are not worthy, just that personally I consider these as high points throughout Gundam.

I would also like to note; fights are not defined as ‘Battles’ here. This list will cover one vs one only, battles I will cover later.

5 - Stark Jegan VS Kshatriya

This lone warrior, an MS team commander onboard a Clop-class Battleship, takes it upon himself to ensure his ship’s safety by keeping the Kshatriya busy long enough for his ship to fall behind the Garencieres. Even against impossible odds he comes literally within inches of victory, only for the Kshatriya to use its wing boosters to blow him back long enough to carve his suit in two. With his last words, he curses the Sleeves and dies a hero.

4 - Zeta Gundam VS The O

This fight was incredibly intense. Here we had two newtypes of equal capability battling for victory in two suits that outclass each other in various ways. Zeta has firepower and speed over The O’s enhanced agility and melee capability. Reaction over wit, clash on clash… all culminating in a death that made even the most strong stomached of fans declare ‘ouchies’.

3 - Ez-8 Gundam VS Gouf Custom

In this epic fight of bullets, running, jumping and mashing of metal we witness Shiro Amada fight for his team’s safety whilst Norris Packard fights for the protection of his base’s hospital that, with its imminent launch, would surely be shot down by the guntanks roaming the abandoned mining city the 08th MS Team are guarding. Norris gives his life to take out the last of the tanks, ultimately dying for nothing as the Kergueren gets shot down regardless…

2 - Wing Zero Custom VS Nataku

Here we witness not just a battle of Gundams, but a battle for freedom of all. Wufei truly raises a good point in that discarding soldiers for the sake of peace is no sense of justice as those raised to fight and fight only now have no purpose. But equally so Heero is right to contest him to prove that their purpose only leads to death after death for the sake of a goal that will forever end in bloodshed. Hence the title of ‘‘Endless Waltz’‘ I guess.

1 - Gundam NT-1 Alex VS Zaku II Kai

This fight was not only epic, it was heart wrenching. Because as the audience we knew the truth and we knew the inevitable outcome. It didn’t make it any easier to stomach and it certainly didn’t make it easier to finish the final episode through to the bitter end. To those not wanting spoilers I will say only to give this series a watch to experience the full effect. It is definitely a high point for Gundam and well deserving of the number 1 fight spot for it’s conflicting finale.

Topstagram (G-Dragon Scenario)

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Hope you’ll like it, sweetie! Enjoy~

Summary:  You’re an idol from the US and you and Ji Yong are openly dating. Your fans ship the two of you together and TOP therefore takes it upon himself one day to show everyone just how cute you are, through his Instagram.

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The Moment

She stood before that immense monolith of stone and wood, and marveled at how far she had come. The ceremony soon to come would elevate her to Knighthood, and fulfill at last her lifelong dream.

Only a few months ago, she had been a thin, meek girl, hiding her misfortune under poorly-made armor and a nervous smile. She had been searching for salvation, searching for purpose, for shelter. More than that, she had been desperately seeking the slightest inkling of hope to make that dream come true.

She had found it.

From that very first day to this one, Lorna had walked ever onwards, not further into despair but towards that ever-distant light she had longed for. There had been setbacks, there had been obstacles- losses and victories in equal measure, tragedies and triumphs. Through it all, she had never stood alone. 

Whether to face down the enemies of House Reinhardt, or to challenge her own demons, Lorna had never once been made to stand alone. And because of that, she had come at last to the moment she had been waiting for. The moment that, only a scant few months ago, had seemed an impossibility in her heart, and in her mind.

It would not be long now before she knelt as Lorna the Squire, and rose as Lorna the Knight.

When she had arrived at their doorstep she had never truly believed that she would make it so far. Those last few steps to the end of her journey were ones that she would never have managed to take, if not for those people who had become her brothers and her sisters, her family- her people. 

It was in those dark moments when her own faith faltered that Lorna would rise again, borne aloft not by those kind words alone, but by the faith that they represented. By the knowledge that when she faltered, those people she had surrounded herself with would help her to stand again. This, truly, was what had saved her, and what had propelled her along that path to salvation. They had carried her and guided her this far; it was up to her to take those last steps.

Today, she would make that final ascent. She would arrive at the end of her journey… and begin anew. Whatever might come, be it fire and brimstone or everlasting peace and prosperity, she would face it as a Knight- as the culmination of all she had once aspired to be, and surrounded by the most wonderful people in all the world.

I’ve got some VERY exciting news I want to share with you all!!!

So sense the beginning of this past school year one of my friends who is a transgender man has been trying to get gender neutral bathrooms for our school.

Because of him and all his hard work, I can proudly announce that our school has a bathroom that is friendly to people of any gender/gender identity!!!! 🎉🎈🎉🎈

There is only one so far but the school is working on getting at least two more. The only thing stopping them is not knowing where they would put them. But Even though it’s only one I still consider this a HUGE victory!!

I hope I will get the chance to share more awesome news like this with you all in the future!!!!