Feel free to skip the next Disney/Pixar film, this PSA from Australian bank ANZ is all the emotional roller coaster you’ll need! You’ll experience a full, oscillating range of emotional joy and despair, ultimately culminating in the profundity hope – all in a minute and a half!

The ad features a diverse array of LGBTQ couples in public, clearly adoring but hesitating to touch each other once they feel a critical public’s eye on them. The ad’s message: “When you feel like letting go, hold on.

Holding hands is one of the most basic gestures of affection between two people, yet it holds a large degree of intimacy and potency. “Hold tight,” the campaign urges, and celebrate your love no matter how much you might perceive stigma.

Such a beautiful, powerful, inspirational message. The only thing is though, I can’t even find anyone who will hold my hand tbh (it’s fine though)

But America has spent more in a month protecting the President on all the vacations he’s taken than they spent on Obama in a whole year. ( )/p>

And transgender kids, refugees, and immigrants and their children can sleep in fear….

America is so great now.

If any show gets confused on how to handle equality smoothly, just ask Dick Wolf.

Y'all know what show is perfectly balanced with PoC characters and LGBT characters? Law and Order SVU. If somebody’s gay? They don’t call attention to it. They just breeze past it. If a PoC criminal accuses the cops of arresting them due to race, they show them legitimate evidence that they did whatever crime they did. They never arrest minorities just because. They had a PoC character called racist once. They had male domestic abuse victims. They had homosexual domestic abuse situations. They dealt with real mental illness cases quite beautifully. They showed cases of rich privilege, too. They have diverse characters, diverse beliefs, etc. They had one of their female detectives pregnant, still working and being badass, and whilst single. If any show needs tips on how to do the thing right, ask Dick Wolf. Dick Wolf knows how to do the thing.


Hello Philly friends!!
Some friends of mine are starting a march for trans rights in response to Trumps recent overruling of federal regulations to help trans kids in public schools. If you live in Philadelphia or know anyone there please spread the word!! Message @spunsugarspiderwebs if you want more details!
Peace ✌🏻& Love ❤️

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Teenage Iranian chess master banned from national team for refusing to wear a headscarf
Dorsa Derakhshani's little brother, Borna, was also banned for playing an Israeli opponent.

To most observers, nothing stood out about Dorsa Derakhshani last month when she competed at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival. The 18-year-old female grand master fared fine on the board, twice using the Four Knights defense, and looked like any other teenager you might see in the British territory that borders southern Spain.

But to the head of the Iranian Chess Federation, Derakhshani practically committed an act of treason.

Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh didn’t have a problem with Derakhshani’s play, but her headwear. Derakhshani wore a simple headband in her long hair, instead of a hijab, Iran’s traditional headscarf, which became a compulsory accessory for women after the 1979 revolution. As a result, Pahlevanzadeh announced on Monday that Derakhshani would be kicked off the national team.

Derakhshani’s younger brother Borna, 15, who also entered the tournament, was also kicked off the team. His offense was agreeing to play an Israeli opponent, a strict no-no in the country that doesn’t recognize Israel as a state.

“Unfortunately, what shouldn’t have happened has happened,” Pahlevanzadeh told the semiofficial Fars News Agency on Monday (via Radio Free Europe). “Our national interests have priority over everything.”

“As a first step, these two will be denied entry to all tournaments taking place in Iran,” he continued, “And, in the name of Iran, they will no longer be allowed the opportunity to be present on the national team.”

Neither sibling has commented publicly on the news.

That the two young chess masters received such a harsh punishment is not a surprise. Sports in Iran and other parts of the Middle East have long been affected by the region’s strict cultural norms and precarious political stance.

Last year, American chess master Nazi Paikidze did not compete in the chess world championships in Iran because of the country’s requirement that she don a hijab.

[‘I will NOT wear a hijab’: U.S. chess star refuses to attend world championships in Iran]

“Some consider a hijab part of culture,” Paikidze said in an Instagram post announcing her decision. “But, I know that a lot of Iranian women are bravely protesting this forced law daily and risking a lot by doing so. That’s why I will NOT wear a hijab and support women’s oppression.”

i. god bless the man who believes that a womans occupation on earth is to fulfill his every desire.

ii. “what a waste of a pretty face”- i’ve heard it too many times and it makes me gag. maybe i gave up on men after i was handled like an object and thrown around but let me make something clear- one thing i can say to this day is that your hand across my face still cant waver my opinion of the creature you are. but maybe, just MAYBE i discovered and accepted myself, even if it meant losing respect in a room full of testosterone.  

iii. its never been easy to watch children as they pass by and point at us for holding hands {god, just let me love her without all the stares} maybe the hardest part is glancing back and realizing that their parents jerked them out of our sight- oh is this a sensitive subject for you? equality? is love hard for you to understand?

iv.  so help me god, do you know how hard it is to sit at a table and have to hold back tears when my grandmother asks if i’ve met someone yet? yes grandma i have and i know you would love her but nothing comes out and my head is begging for acceptance.

v. “when are you picking out your prom dress?” my mom mutters- mom, i think ill take an extra shift at work that night, prom is stupid. jesus, its not and i found the dress but i cant face those people and stunning gowns followed by clean cut tuxes. i should go right? so they can all stare and ask if shes my sister or maybe my cousin. PSA: no im in love with her and after this ill probably wind up in her bed. 

vi. god bless every one who has to battle sexuality because the bible says in bold letters than men and women are the only righteous duo. god bless every girl and boy who dies on the inside trying to sputter out the words {mom-dad, {“i’m gay”} 

vii. god bless the people who stare too long and don’t understand the importance of sacrificing respect for inner freedom. but most of all god bless anyone who lives a life of confusion because they are afraid that theyll be viewed as insignificant for their act of bravery. 

viii. i am not less worthy of human rights because i dont find comfort in lying next to a man. and he is no less of a man for loving another man. we are not underdogs and we’re tired of being glued to the label “homesexuals.” can you just call us people from now on?

—  via @lorenashleigh

religion should not be:
- a reason to shame others
- a justification for dismissing other people’s human rights
- forced upon anyone

atheism should not be:
- a reason to shame others
- a justification for dismissing other people’s human rights
- forced upon anyone

“Our work isn’t finished until every single person is treated with equal rights and dignity that they deserve…” -Hillary Clinton ❤️
Ok so I have some stuff to say:
This week some incredibly ridiculous stuff went down. The LGBT community has worked so hard to get the basic human rights that they deserve. When it finally looked like we were making steps in the right direction we started walking backwards. Transgender people are people, they are no different from you and me. They still have a heart, they still have feelings and a life of their own, and they still have the functions of a normal human being. The fact that a person cannot use the bathroom they feel most comfortable using or the bathroom they should be using, because they are women and they are men, is ridiculous. The government is trying to suppress this community, taking away rights as basic as being able to use the bathroom in public, but ultimately it’s not about bathrooms. It’s about being equal. By taking away their rights to use the bathroom you are making them out to be less than human and less than everybody else. You’re letting everyone know that since they aren’t human, that since they are unnatural, that since they are less than them that it’s ok to harass and bully and beat them down. Well, last I checked, they are human. And last I checked we were all ensured basic HUMAN rights. So stop trying to suppress the LGBT community, because it is a very real and a very human community. Instead start looking at everyone around you, no matter what gender they identify as, or who they love, or what God they pray to, and look at them with love and compassion not hate because we are all human and none of us are better than anyone else.