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Morality ~ Chapter 10 ~

Morality: a Link x Reader x Dark Link story.

Description: This story focuses on Hyrule, a kingdom in an advancing world. Link rules this kingdom alone, his parents gone and Damian [Dark Link], his older brother, disowned. Link and his lover, Zelda, a commoner, plan to marry soon, but days before the wedding, his long forgotten brother enters the scene. At the exiled prince’s side is (Y/N), who replaces Zelda in the blink of an eye. She takes the stage as Zelda, the king’s lover and soon-to-be queen of Hyrule. As she does her best to play her role and complete her mission, troubles arise and eventually, even her own heart begins to interfere. Eventually, all she has worked for, all she’s done up until now, becomes nothing but mere particles of dust to her; she begins to wonder. What is right, and what is wrong? Whose side is it that she wants to stay at? Who is it that she must betray? And lastly… can she do it?

Important: Morality is a story that combines aspects from multiple games of The Legend of Zelda series. This ranges from characters to locations to objects. Thus, I ask readers to keep an open mind as the story unravels; I apologize in advance for any confusion if say, you don’t know a character or place. Because honestly, I have no concrete plan for this story. I’m a bad writer =w= I just wanna have fun with this.

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Chapter 10 - Word Count: 3076

Warnings: Strong language.

A rapping at the door earned Link’s attention. He waited for it to finish, recognizing the pattern of sound made.

“Come in.”

Ravio gladly opened the door to Link’s study with a smile on his face.

“Hey, Link. I put Epona and the carriage back.”

Link nodded at him in acknowledgement before turning back to a giant touchscreen that was mounted on one of the walls.

“What’s that ‘cha got up there?” Ravio asked, tilting his head slightly for a better view.

On the touchscreen were multiple screenshots scattered about, placed similarly to printed pictures on a bulletin board. Near certain screenshots were bits of text in the secret language that Ravio recognized but failed to understand. Some had bullets next to them, and others served as labels. Ravio looked over them, feeling his heart drop a bit at the sight of blood spilled on the sidewalk.

“These are the clues and evidence gathered by my subordinates,” Link stated. “This is what they’ve gotten since the day Zelda was recovered.”

“Oh…” Ravio averted his eyes, going over to Link’s desk and leaning on it. “Haven’t you thought of asking Zelda herself? That’d be a lot easier, right?”

“They had tried visiting her in the hospital multiple times. From what I’ve heard, Zelda refused to let anyone visit her until today,” Link said. “My guess is that she’s uncomfortable with talking about it right now.”

“Oh… I guess…” Ravio looked back at the board, his gaze pausing at the picture with blood. “What’s that one of?”

“Which one?” Link glanced at Ravio, raising an eyebrow.

“This one,” Ravio went up to the board, tapping the picture. At his touch, the board zoomed in on the picture.

“Oh, that one,” Link said with a quiet sigh, “That’s a screenshot of camera footage from the day Zelda was recovered.”

“Is that her?” Ravio asked, pointing at a blonde figure in a baggy, hooded sweatshirt. The figure was laying on the sidewalk near an alleyway, curled into a fetal position with their arm extended.

“Yes,” Link answered curtly.

“And this must be a guard…” Ravio uttered.

Upon closer inspection, he could see the color, red, which appeared to originate from around the guard’s neck. Ravio’s expression softened; he tapped the board again, bringing it back to the original group of images and text.

“I’d like you to see something,” Link swiped his finger across the board, revealing a video.

“What’s it of?” Ravio asked, a bit wary. Link didn’t answer and simply started the video. There was no sound. Only pictures.

The video showed two hooded figures coming out of an alleyway, the same alley that Zelda had been curled up near. Sometime after they emerged, a guard appeared on the screen; one of the hooded figures grabbed the other’s arm, alerting the guard. When the guard stopped, the first figure released the latter, and they faced one another. Not long after, the latter figure suddenly collapsed, and the guard rushed over, his hand to his ear. The other figure was frozen, paralyzed, their head turned towards the alley. The guard stood up and shook the figure, appearing to shout at the figure. Finally, the figure pulled down their hood, revealing that she was actually Zelda.

Out of nowhere came a blinding light, disrupting the camera. By the time the camera had readjusted, Zelda was laying on the ground herself, reaching out blindly. The guard was also on the ground but as a corpse undoubtedly. Soon enough, Zelda curled up, as if she had lost all hope. Then a man rushed into view, a man that Ravio recognized as Dr. Corram, and picked Zelda up, running off camera. Once he was gone, the video ended, leaving the image of a single corpse before Ravio.

“Who was that other person?” Ravio finally asked, turning to Link with a hint of haste, “Where’d they go?”

“We’ve pieced together what we could from the cameras we have in the alleys,” Link explained nonchalantly, “We’ve confirmed someone new had taken them.”

“But who?”

Link sighed, “I don’t know. I wish I did.”

Ravio frowned slightly, turning to the board. “Maybe… Zelda’s more comfortable with talking now…”

“Ravio. You saw how she was behaving today,” Link gave his servant a cold look. “She’s exhausted. It’s unfair of us to ask her questions now.”

“But this is important, isn’t it?” Ravio faced Link, speaking sincerely, almost desperately. “What if they try and kidnap her again? Then what? What if we never see her again? What if you never see her again? It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?”

Link stared at Ravio blankly, eventually disturbing his friend.

“I, I mean,” Ravio stammered, averting his gaze, “you don’t have to. I-I understand why you wouldn’t. You want her to rest. You want her to be comfortable, so–”

“Go ahead,” Link finally sighed.

“I get why–” Ravio’s eyes widened slightly, and he turned to the king.

“Wait, what?”

“Go to Zelda’s room and ask her,” Link ordered. “If she agrees, bring her here. If not, don’t argue. Just accept it and come back.”

“Oh…” Ravio trailed off, “Um, yes, sir!”

Nodding his head, Ravio left the study.

Once he had reached Zelda’s bedroom, Ravio made sure to knock in a way that was soft but still audible. In response, the door opened almost instantly but only just an inch or two.

“Fi?” Ravio broke into a smile, “What are you doing activated? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you running!”

“Hello, Ravio,” Fi greeted him with its monotonous voice, “do you require Zelda’s presence?”

“Well, um, is she sleeping right now?” Ravio tried to peek into the bedroom but couldn’t see around Fi.

“Zelda has been silent for some time now,” Fi stated, “but I have not confirmed if she is indeed resting. I have heard shuffling, but such is expected during sleep.”

“Well, uh, could you check maybe?”

Fi nodded and left. Before Ravio could try and enter the room, Fi returned, blocking his way.

“Zelda is awake. She asks what the purpose of your visit is.”

“I’d like to take her to Link’s study. We want to ask her about… ya know, what happened to her.”

“That’s it?”

Fi turned around, revealing the blonde behind her.

“That’s all you want..?” (Y/N) asked again, slightly suspicious.

“Yeah,” Ravio broke into a smile, one that he hoped would encourage her. “That’s it! After all, you know everything that happened! If you tell us now, we can eliminate any threat to you.”

(Y/N) lowered her gaze, her face dark with thought. She didn’t think that they’d interrogate her so quickly. She managed to push everyone away at the hospital, but Link was her interrogator this time.

She pursed her lips and looked up at Ravio, nodding. Ravio’s smile widened with enthusiasm, and he bowed in thanks to her.

"Fi, you’re dismissed now,” Ravio said with a wave of his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to know I have served my purpose,” Fi said, emotionless as it left the room and strolled down the hall.

“That android… is not active very often, is it?” (Y/N) asked carefully as she stepped out.

“Nah, she’s kind of old,” Ravio said, closing the door behind her. “Fi used to be Link’s servant 'till I came along.”

“Really?” (Y/N) asked, walking alongside Ravio to Link’s study.

“Yep,” Ravio chirped. “In a sense, she’s more useful than me. After all, she was built with a defense system for the king, but he decided to put her away once he met me.”

“Is that so..?” (Y/N) had the ghost of a smirk on her face as the door to Link’s study came into view.

“Your Majesty,” Ravio announced as he opened the door for her, “I have brought Her Majesty.” He snickered to himself, keeping a smile on his face.

“Thank you, Ravio,” (Y/N) said, walking into the room, only to stop short in the doorway.

Mr. Latun..?! Her eyes were the size of silver dollars; her breath caught in her throat, she approached Link with a nervous smile.

“Zelda, how are you feeling?” Link asked, approaching her, nearly setting his hands on her.

“I’m fine. I rested well,” (Y/N) lied with a small smile. “Link, dear, who is this?”

“Hello, Your Majesty,” Mr. Latun bowed as best as he could with his weak body, “It’s an honor to be in your presence.”

“Oh, don’t be so formal!” (Y/N) exclaimed, gesturing that he stand properly. “Just Zelda is fine.”

She glanced at the android standing beside her old master, narrowing her eyes just slightly.

“I’ve always thought the rumors of your beauty were a bit exaggerated, but now I see that even the rumors do not do your beauty justice,” Mr. Latun said with a sincere smile.

(Y/N) gave a fake laugh, “You flatter me.”

“Mr. Latun is one of the best engineers of Termina,” Link began. “We’ve confirmed that the creator of this android was a student of Mr. Latun’s. When we catch the culprits, we’ll have Mr. Latun confirm which one is his student if possible. For now though, he is just a guest.”

“Haven’t you looked through the citizen records?” (Y/N) asked, furrowing her brow. “They have to be a citizen, don’t they?”

“We searched the records already,” Link stated. “Whoever they are, they must be staying illegally.”

“Are you sure about that..?” Mr. Latun asked, “Even (Y/N)..?”

“We couldn’t find a (Y/N) (L/N) in our records,” Link said, pitying the old man. “It’s possible she changed her name when she came into the country.”

“Yes… perhaps…”

“Link, aren’t you gonna ask about you-know-what?” Ravio reminded his blond friend.

“Hm? Oh…” Link’s face darkened, and he glanced at the board, “Yes.”

“What is it?” (Y/N) asked, all sorts of possibilities forming in her mind.

“Do you remember when… you had escaped?” Link turned to the young woman, eyes clouded with conflict and reluctance. “You came out of an alleyway with someone else who looked identical to you at the time.”

“Yes…” (Y/N) nodded slowly, “What about them?”

“Who were they?” Link asked, “Were they an accomplice to your kidnapping?”

(Y/N)’s heart stopped right then and there; she gulped once.

“It’s alright if you don’t want to say,” Link said immediately, his voice kind but hasty. “I understand. We may be asking too much from you.”

“No, it’s okay,” (Y/N) said calmly, steadfast. She exhaled steadily. Her chest felt tight.

“That person was an accomplice. She went by Davar.”

Everyone fell silent. Link’s gaze slowly shifted from (Y/N) to his servant. Ravio’s eyes were frozen, wide with disbelief as he tried to grasp what he heard.

“Zelda!” Ravio suddenly grabbed (Y/N) by her shoulders. “That person! Davar! What happened to her? Why did she collapse all of a sudden?”

“She was shot…” (Y/N) said, melancholic, “She betrayed the others for me. I’m almost certain they found out, so they… they sent someone to kill her before she could succeed.”

“Sh… She’s dead..?” Ravio uttered, taking slow, unsteady steps backwards. “That’s.. That’s impossible…”

“Ravio, calm down,” Link said, reaching out to his friend. “It may just be a coincidence..! She could’ve easily taken on an alias–”

Ravio smacked Link’s hand away, shaking his head with the expression of someone lost.

"I need to.. She can’t be dead! There’s no way she’s involved in this!”

“Ravio!” Link exclaimed, seizing him by his shoulders. The servant almost whimpered, his breath caught in his throat.

Sighing, Link looked Ravio in the eye and spoke as calmly as he could.

“I will send someone to check on her, alright? You cannot just rush out there because your emotions say so.”

“Link, Ravio… Did you… Did you know her?” (Y/N) asked, feigning dismay.

Neither of them answered her; she waited patiently, keeping a close eye on Ravio for a reaction.

“What did she look like..?” Ravio finally asked, his voice cracking. He lifted his eyes to meet hers.

“Davar… looked surprisingly close to me,” (Y/N) spoke with an unsure voice, “She had blonde hair, and her eyes were blue.”

Link’s eyes widened, and he looked back at Ravio, who looked completely broken.

“There’s no way…” Ravio mumbled to himself, gritting his teeth as he gripped Link’s arms. “There’s no way, there’s no way…”

“Mr. Latun, if you don’t mind, could you please retire for the time being?” Link requested, looking at the old man.

The old man nodded without hesitance and gave the king a comforting smile of pity before leaving the study. At the shut of the door, Ravio took a deep breath.

“What if it really is her..?”

“Ravio, you knew her,“ Link reminded him. "Would she do this?”

“It makes so much sense though! She… She never told me anything about her!” Ravio exclaimed, “She always listened to me rambling about the castle, what was going on with you and Zelda! I, I… I’m such an idiot…”


“And remember what she said that day? She said Zelda would be closer than we thought, and… I… I didn’t think anything of it, and…”

Link said nothing more, his eyes dark and downcast as he patted a gentle hand on Ravio’s back.

“Your friend… Do you know where she is, Ravio?” (Y/N) spoke up hesitantly. What she was about to say did not have much reason behind it.

“Maybe… I can confirm for myself if she resembles Davar. She may not be dead like I thought.”

She needed some way to calm Ravio though. This was her first solution.

“Sh-She runs a bar on the outskirts of town,” Ravio said, his voice wavering as he parted from Link and looked at her. “It’s called Davar’s Bar.”

“Zelda, are you sure about this?” Link asked, walking up to her. “If that bar is somehow connected to these people, you’ll be putting yourself in danger.”

“I know, but…” (Y/N)’s eyes gained a new gleam, and she met his eyes, “if they’re still out there, I want to catch them. They already got me. They may try to go after you next. I can’t risk that.”

“Zelda…” Link trailed off, his eyes saddening.

“Ravio, let’s get a horse and find your friend,” (Y/N) looked at Ravio. “I’m sure we’ll find out the truth soon enough.”

Eyes wide, Ravio nodded, snapping out of his shock that was still partly instilled in his mind.

“Let’s go,” Ravio took Zelda’s hand then headed for the door, his fingers wrapping tightly around the handle.

“Zelda, Ravio.”

The servant and the queen-to-be looked back at Link, both afraid of opposition. Link appeared ready to speak up against their impulsiveness, but unexpectedly, his expression softened, and he gave them a small smile.

“Be careful. Come back safe.”

“Yes, sir!” Ravio answered before leaving with (Y/N) right behind him.

“Those two…” Link sighed, “I don’t ever recall Zelda being so quick to act…”

She had truly changed after her kidnapping, hadn’t she..?

Her arms securely wrapped around Ravio’s waist, (Y/N) sat on Epona behind him, her heart beating wildly with anxiety.

She could only hope things went as she planned. Ravio’s heart would surely be broken, but such would have to be expected with a role like hers. Seeing him like this disturbed her. She knew he wasn’t this sort of person, but that didn’t matter anymore.

She had to make her death clear as day.

The road they traveled on was practically barren. It was an old road that circled part of the city, an original road of Hyrule Castle Town from when it was first established.

Epona weaved left and right and in between the few obstacles in the road, whether it be a person or an object or another horse. Ravio led the bionic horse through it all smoothly, bringing the horse onto another road and soon, to where Davar’s Bar stood.

Canines and investigators surrounded the building, much to his horror. Without a second to waste, he jumped off the horse, (Y/N) hastily doing the same as he ran over to the closest person.

“Wait, Ravio!” (Y/N) called out to him, stopping at the bright yellow tape that in complete disregard, Ravio simply ducked under.

“What’s going on?” Ravio asked worriedly.

“Ravio?” an inspector turned to the king’s servant, wide-eyed. “What are you doing here?”

“What’s going on?” Ravio asked again, becoming desperate.

“Oh, well,” the inspector cleared his throat, “we had confirmed the blood trail stops here. The blood had been washed away unfortunately, so we couldn’t collect any samples, but the scent still lingered, so we made use of Hyrule’s best canines to track it.”

“Quite impressive, isn’t it?” a voice said with great pride. Ravio turned around, his eyes widening slightly at the plump lady before him.

“Mamamu Yan?”

“I’ve trained my dogs well,” the brunette gave an arrogant chuckle. “I always knew they’d be recognized, and now they finally have!”

Shaking his head, Ravio turned back to the inspector and asked, “Was anyone in there when you went in?”

“No, I’m afraid not. The scent of blood is quite strong in there though,” the inspector said, “It turns out there was a secret lair beneath this bar, but even then, there was no one there. Whoever was holed up in there must’ve left ages ago.”

“You.. You didn’t see anyone?”

“No, 'fraid not, son.”

Ravio’s face fell right then and there; the shattering of his heart pierced (Y/N)’s ears. A regretful frown on her face, (Y/N) ducked under the tape and rested a hand on Ravio’s shoulder.

“Come on, Ravio… We should head back now.”

His head lowered, Ravio slowly turned around and faced her. Forcing a smile, he met her gaze.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Ravio helped (Y/N) onto Epona before climbing onto the horse himself. He led Epona onto the road, and they made their way back to the castle at a trot, deadly silent.

“I’m sorry, Ravio…”

“It’s okay… In the end, she did something right…” Ravio chuckled sadly, biting his tongue. “She’s a good person… She just… didn’t realize it right away…”

“Yes… In the end, your friend was very brave.”

“Did… Did she tell you anything before… before she disappeared?”

“…She only said that I should tell you… She’s sorry.”

“Heh… Thanks…”

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