Introducing … the HsMafia Palette Art Competition and Ranked Tournament!

Here’s how it goes. We’ve got some neat little prizes to give to you and some really simple ways to earn them. 

1. Epicmafia Tournament 

  • If you haven’t made an epicmafia account already, you’ll need one to participate!
  • send your epicmafia username to the tumblr and say youd like to enter!
  • if you already have points, send a screenshot of your initial point amount
  • keep an eye out for ranked or competitive games posted on this tumblr to earn points
  • the person who earns the most points in two weeks wins!


  • 20 epicmafia tokens
  • your choice of any homestuck patch or pin
  • first pick of custom art from either @chaos7 or @prospt

2. Palette Art Contest

  • consider playing a game of mafia with us! we’re always looking for new people to play with
  • draw a homestuck themed piece of art using any of the palettes shown above
  • tag it #hsmafiart and send an ask to this blog to submit it
  • @chaos7 @prospt and @purplecalamity will judge your drawings based on palette usage, execution, concept, and creativity!
  • the winner will be chosen two weeks from now


  • 20 epicmafia tokens
  • your choice of any homestuck patch or pin
  • second pick of custom art from either @chaos7​ or @prospt

epicmafia.com is a site where u can play a game called mafia. it’s confusing when you first start playing it, once you catch on it’s really fun. this post is to help that first few games be not so confusing.

i will not be including roleplay stuff since i don’t rp.


in epicmafia, there’s a village and a mafia. the mafia typically kill a player each night, and the village have to figure out who the mafia is and vote to kill them. mafia win if they make up half of the players left alive. village win if all mafia die. some games have 3rd-party roles who are aligned with neither the village or the mafia and have their own win condition. a very basic setup looks like this:

this game has 3 villagers (also called blues or vanilla villagers), 2 vanilla mafia (meaning maf that have no extra abilities), a doc (village-sided role that can choose one person each night and save them), and a cop (village-sided role that can visit one person each night and find out if they are village, mafia, or 3rd party).

the number to the left of the icon shows how many of this role are in the game.

you can mouse over the icons to get a description of what the role does and what side it’s on. in the beginning when you don’t know what any roles do, mouse over each role in the setup so you know all the things that can happen during the game.

here’s the game i am playing right now at the same time as writing this post

consider this post up to this point a tl;dr. if you just read up to this point, you’ll still be confused, but you’ll be able to play correctly after messing up for a few games. i’d advise you to read the lingo section i have in this post as well. if you want a real comprehensive guide…

lets take a closer look… under the readmore

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