Reign III (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 2280

Summary: Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader. 

Warnings: **minor** Character death

A/N: I am having so so so much fun writing this series. Ugh. I hope you all are enjoying reading it just as much. I’m going to try to keep posting fairly regular, so every saturday at 8pm central time should do. <3


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New epaulet Napoli model jacket, straight out of the shipping box. Great fit, great shoulder (as natural as I’ve found anywhere), and the subtle herringbone is a great touch on a more casual jacket. I think I’m going to take the flaps off the patch pockets.


What’s this?  A sister and her brother?

What’s this? A woman by herself?

What’s this?  The remains of the cock tower, bobbited, stuffed and mounted just beneath a rose, which has been nailed to a wall and is oozing architectural elements?

It can only mean one thing:

I’m a fountain of blood, in the shape of a girl

Yes, we’re doing this!

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Wonder Woman Review

I was questioning whether or not to do this, but on the advice of @byzantinefox and @bantarleton, I’ve decided to make a post addressing the events portrayed in the film. I’m not a film critic or scholar (my wondertrev buddy @twoquickdeaths could probably say more about those aspects of it than I could), but I am a history major with a great interest in the First World War. Hence, I will be addressing the events of the film, their historical context, and the way they are portrayed. WARNING: Spoilers below!

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What of Friends, Indeed

Summary: Novel-Thrawn and Rebels-Thrawn are very different. There is no question that in Rebels, Thrawn favours a crueller, harsher command. Eli Vanto returns from the Ascendancy a year after departing, to find a very changed Thrawn. Eli has questions. He may not like the answers. Oneshot, gen. Thrawn novel and SWR both referenced.

I’ve cross-posted this to FFN as well.

There was always something about Lambda-class shuttles that didn’t quite sit well with Eli Vanto.

Perhaps it is the fact that while most Lambdas are used to ferry troops or personnel, they also conveniently double as prisoner transports; every Imperial officer is well-used to seeing even the most toughened of Space-pirates tremble when the distinctive triangular silhouette of a Lambda shuttle settles down before them.

The harnesses can be locked down, certainly, transforming into prisoner bindings rather than simple crash webbing. And there are no viewports – not like the soaring, panoramic views of a star-destroyer bridge.

But the disquiet that flickers through Eli’s thoughts are not only of this shuttle – perhaps the environment is simply a reflection of the greater battle within his mind.

The Lambda shudders slightly as it drops out of hyperspace.

Eli cannot look through the solid durasteel walls, but he knows that far above the shuttle is the insignia of a many-limbed Chimaera, about to swallow the shuttle whole.

It is strange. Not so long ago, he would have considered it an embrace for a returning warrior.

But he has read the reports given to him – Thrawn is anything but lacking in keeping him updated about the goings-on of the Imperial Navy – and what he has read has…disturbed him.

This Grand Admiral, who brings whole peoples under his control – Ryloth, places further afield; kills factory workmen to make an example – setting a workman on a faulty bike the man has built himself, then edging up the speedometer until the bike explodes, and the man with it; allows an innocent Navy officer to be imprisoned, brutally questioned, and almost executed in order to continue to deceive a Rebel spy – is this Grand Admiral truly the Thrawn Eli knows so well? 

Eli cannot reconcile the Thrawn he knows – with his faint smile, his care for his subordinates, and his horror at the massacre of Batonn – with the Thrawn that he reads about, now.

This emotionless, ruthless Chiss warrior, like the blue-blooded, ice-veined monsters of the Wild Space legends; cunning warriors without compassion.

But this is Thrawn. Surely this cannot be all there is to the story; he must have a plan. He always has. 

Eli closes his eyes. In the duffel by his feet, there is a journal, kept dry and clean in a waterproof cover.

Thrawn is not…Thrawn, without compassion. Had he not written in reference to Batonn that sometimes victory is too much for a warrior to bear? And Botajef – had Thrawn not gone to whatever lengths he could to avoid war, and succeeded?

Had Eli not been there with him, one step behind his shoulder on the Bridge of the Chimaera, from the moment she had been given to them?

The Chimaera.

The roar of the repulsors quiet into a gentle hum as the Lambda settles onto the hangar floor.

And Eli is home. 

The ramp descends with an efficient whirr – the smallest of details are stringently monitored on the Chimaera, as they always have been – and then Eli is faced with the familiar view of one of the star-destroyer’s smaller hangars, situated precisely halfway between the bridge and the officers’ quarters, and so most favoured by Thrawn whenever he had reason to leave or return.

Disappointment rises minutely inside his chest when the small welcoming party comes into view, stood sharply a few paces from the end of the ramp – Faro and a few other officers. Not a trace of blue-skinned Chiss in sight.

Eli pushes down on the disappointment, masters it with a grudging twist.

He cannot expect Thrawn to come and greet him himself. It is not traditional, and even less procedural.

But Thrawn had never been one to adhere to those two things.

The doubt that flickers at the edge of his consciousness rackets up another notch.

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Meet my newest baby! Her name is Lizz and she’s a thief who’s working for the Inquest. Her design should actually use Scarlet’s Spaulders and Scarlet’s Grasp, but I don’t own them yet, so this is her outfit until they are available again.

Here I am using: Dragonscale Epauletes, Auxiliary Powered Coat, Viper’s Armguard, Carapace Leggings and Carapace Boots. I tried finding headgear that fits the design, and I actually wanted to use the Council Watch Faceguard, but unfortunately it’s clipping through the strands of hair in the front, so I can’t use it without freaking out every time I notice it. She’s wearing the Strider’s Faceguard now, but I hardly ever display it. I like to imagine she wears it to conceal her face when she’s infiltrating some facility to steal valuable data or something.

Dyes I used are the following: Iron, Night Shade, Shadow Abyss, Abyss, Fuchsia and Maroon.

I’m a little late to the fashion week, it started three days ago, so I’ll be posting three more outfits I put together to catch up, I guess. Consider this one “Day 1″ of Fashion week for me.

John endured conditions at Valley Forge in large part because Henry supplied him with needed clothing. The young officer required the best clothes and accessories so, as he put it, “I may not disgrace the relation in which I stand to the President of Congress, and the Commander in chief of the Armies of the United States, by an unworthy appearance.” On one occasion, he desired powder and perfume for his hair; to make a new uniform, he wanted blue and buff (a soft, brownish-yellow leather) cloth, yellow buttons, and, if Henry possessed sufficient money, gold epaulets; he also requested dimity for a waistcoat.

Gregory D. Massey, John Laurens and the American Revolution p88

he suffered through Valley Forge but he looked good doing it