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“If it’s all about sacrifice, or something that means a lot, what’s one thing that Grog aka me, would never do?” 

“You spent so many times inspiring me, I’d like to take a page from your book.”


The Drop-In Podcast with Jennifer Morrison

Some notes from the podcast:

  • Jennifer grew up singing and performed in musical theater
  • She talks about Albion … she hasn’t seen it and doesn’t know where it is
  • She warms up her voice when she is on set
  • She has trouble singing publicly unless she is playing a character
  • She would like to do something with her sister. Her sister had a song on the Warning Labels credits and will have a song on the Sun Dogs credits
  • She would like to get back on stage
  • Jennifer’s OUAT contract ends at the end of Season 6 and she is waiting to see if they will have a Season 7
  • She is fiercely protective to the show and to the character
  • Has no interest in abandoning the show but she also can’t commit to it forever so a life decision is coming
  • She wears the same pair of jeans over and over again 
  • A&E wanted to take an everyday character and make it as iconic as any other Disney character
  • Bad habits? She drinks a lot of coffee
  • She’s really regimented and disciplined - yoga or Pilates everyday, she doesn’t drink during the week, eats lots of vegetables
  • When you Google her name you get “Jennifer Morrison Arms”
  • “I never intentionally did anything to have this arm situation.”
  • Six years away shooting in Vancouver have been her six years of solitude. Being there she was forced to deal with herself.
  • She would never have had the time or focus to become a director if it wasn’t for her time in Vancouver.
  • She talks about how she transitions from being in a hyper focused creative space on set and coming home to an empty house and how it has helped her to enjoy being alone.
  • If the show isn’t picked up then her goal is to allow the spontaneous, adventurous side of herself to exist. It’s been 13 years straight of network TV schedule and films on hiatus. 
  • “I’m a real sucker for characters that I love.”
  • Most of her co-workers started the show in relationships and she didn’t so it’s been tough. She realizes that there are good things about being in a hyper committed relationship and good things about being completely free and single.
  • She’s okay if she doesn’t get married or have kids - she might but she is okay either way.
  • “I think they gave up on me doing anything normal.” - Jen on her parents
  • She went into the forest in Vancouver and found herself - just like a fairy tale character
  • “I think I was born to direct”
  • So much is on the line when you make a film like Sun Dogs. She felt like it was her job to take care of everyone and live up to their hopes.
  • “What they’re doing everyday is so vulnerable.” - on why creative types are so sensitive
  • “The rejection of the art feels like a rejection of yourself.”
  • She talks about not having had a break in two years and she finally got one the last three days.
  • She wants her next project to be even better but she hasn’t said yes to anything yet.
  • Sun Dogs will be seen when is gets accepted to a festival.
OCTOBER 13: Zolita’s “Immaculate Conception” EP is released (2015)

Today is the second anniversary of Zolita’s Immaculate Conception EP, which dropped on this day in 2015. It was the lesbian pop singer and aesthete’s very first music project and featured the hit song “HOLY." 

The cover art for Zolita’s Immaculate Conception EP (x).

Zolita first exploded onto the scene with the music video for the song "Holy,” and rightfully so, for the video shows two girls falling in love amidst their otherworldly religious all-girls academy. The label’s describes Zolita’s high concept music video as, “A young girl explores a lesbian relationship in a patriarchal schoolhouse and starts a secret feminist girl cult.” The Immaculate Conception EP was dropped on October 13, 2015, but after the release of the “Holy” music video in June of 2016, Zolita’s fan base of young wlw grew. 

Just this month, she began releasing new music and setting the stage for the release of her new EP. The first single from the EP, “Fight Like a Girl,” is a politically charged synth pop fantasia and a response to "the spirit” Zolita felt at the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. In a recent interview with Out Magazine, she spoke on her position as a queer artist by saying,

“There are so many artists in pop music who claim queerness (which is great), but they are so afraid to make art that is actually queer. They run away from using pronouns in lyrics or same-sex partners in music videos because they want to be palatable to the general public. I want to make pop music that queer and marginalized people feel like is made especially for them. Queer people have been connecting to and projecting their experiences onto heteronormative music their whole lives. Is it really so heard for me to ask straight people to do the same with my music?" 


okay but you understand how much of a genius Julie is?

like we get to see s3 through 3 different perspectives now

  1.  ISAK: we had isak’s view on things, we felt what isak felt. isak was the one pursuing even, he was the one who was way in too deep, deeper than even was. we knew what isak was thinking but never even, even was a mistery through isak’s (and our) eyes.
  2. PRESENT EVEN: with ep 10 of s3 even dropped the “i was there to meet you bomb” and from that moment we had an entire different view on the season through even’s eyes. Even was the one to notice isak first, he was the one pursuing, he was the first one to have a crush. And still this Even was sure of himself and about his feelings for isak.
  3. PAST EVEN: with ep 4 of s4 we get to know of even’s past and his doubts about himself and his feelings. and when in s3 even says “i’ve never felt anything quite like this before” or “say it again (that i’m the man of your dreams)” or hears “du er ikke alene” we now know how much of a deeper meaning and deeper impact they are for even.

what other show gives you one story that is so complex that has 3 ways of watching it. there is truly no other show like skam and there’s no other writer like julie andem. she is a freaking god of screenwriters.

one of the things I’ve never seen and never saw anyone talk about after the last clip of ep 8 dropped is the fact we literally saw Henrik’s ass and I’ve literally never been more grateful of something because in most shows or movies or anything a fan base would literally lose their shit and take a million screenshots and make a thousand gifs but I just love how no one brings it up? because it isn’t supposed to be the focus of that scene??? it’s not the point and the message you’re supposed to take from that clip and I’m glad no one made that the main focus of the clip because it wasn’t and that scene was so much more significant than the literal one second we saw his ass and knowing other people recognized that too and ignored it makes me oddly happy in a way that so many people in this fandom just get it and respect that clip and its purpose and don’t skew it’s true meaning because they got to see someone’s ass


I voice a Meif'wa Boy in Aphmau’s Phoenix Drop High S2 [Ep.1]


i’m still not over the time griffin mcelroy was halfway thru a song for the adventure zone soundtrack and he realized he’d accidentally made a somber remix of run away with me by carly rae jepsen