I thought that they were ruder than me, and more reckless than I am. I thought they wouldn’t care. I was being arrogant. Others are just like me. Other people are people, just like I am. They feel as uncomfortable as I do, and hesitate, just like I do. There are plenty of people just as nice as I am.

The Drop-In (2.12)
  • Bartlet: Where are you on the missile shield?
  • Lord John Marbury: Well, I think it's dangerous, illegal, fiscally irresponsible, technologically unsound, and a threat to all people everywhere.
  • Bartlet: Leo?
  • Leo: I think the world invented a nuclear weapon. I think the world owes it to itself to see if it can't invent something that would make it irrelevant.
  • Marbury: Well, that's the right sentiment, and certainly a credible one from a man who's fought in a war. You think you can make it stop? Well, you can't. We build a shield, and somebody will build a better missile.