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Quintis [text]: You thought you could get away with that, didn’t you?

From Happy Freakin’ Quinn:
You thought you could get away with that, didn’t you?

Toby paused. He raised his head and looked around the garage. It was empty, which wasn’t unusual for it being one in the morning, but there was an unexpected eeriness lurking in the air that made his skin crawl.

He rose, grabbing his mug and quickly rushing to the kitchen. He stood by the sink, rinsing out his cup and trying not to let the silence get to him. He hasn’t ever been afraid of the place he now called his home, but right now the hairs on his neck was shivering and he was, maybe a little worried.

Not enough to warrant the scream that escaped him when he felt something grab his elbow, but almost so.

He was turned around mid-screech, with his eyes as wide as his gobsmacked jaw. He stopped screaming as he noticed who had gripped his arm. Happy stood before him, her nose scrunched up in a mix of hesitancy and humour. “Why Doc, I didn’t know you could sing that high” she chuckled, taking her hand off his elbow and reaching past him to grab a clean glass.

“What, the ferret, was that?!” Toby asked, gripping his chest and turning to face her.

She shrugged, filling the cup with water and bringing it to her lips.

“Because yo-you almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Please!” she scoffed, fixing the collar of his shirt with two fingers, which were close enough to his throat to feel his elevated pulse. “You aren’t scared of anything. And besides, this is payback.”


“For three weeks ago.”

Toby stared back, still in shock from the initial scare, but then he remembered what had occurred last month in the entrance to the garage. “That? You wanted payback for that?!” He asked in disbelief.

“That was my favourite shirt” Happy replied bluntly, her eyes seething lightly with anger, “and it still smells like custard.”

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry” he replied, raising his hands in defeat. “We’re even now, right?”

Happy took a step forward, keeping Toby in place with her hands bunched into his shirt. She pulled him down till they were face to face, her breath hot and heavy on his face, and her eyes boring holes through his optics. “Not. Even. Close” she threatened quietly.

Then she pushed him away, pouring the rest of her drink out in the sink and walking away. Toby just stood there, yet to breathe out in case Happy came back and snapped at him again.

(He considered making a remark about how hot she looked when she was angry, but he knew she would hear it.)

Remember that time, when...

…Toby said he’d get Happy a sweater to help her keep warm after the whole Antarctica thing?

..and then he never delivered! 

So what’s a girl to do to stay warm? Ask him to spoon her of course! To help keep warm. Because he never got her that sweater, so he has to do the sweaters job himself. ;)

Spooning lesson #1 by Happy: If you promise to bring me a sweater, but do not do so, then you end up keeping me warm with your own body heat.’

“Well…if you knew how to keep me warm…”#referencetoseason1

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Waige “HA! I found a weak-spot on you, didn’t I?”

“Ha! I found a weak-spot on you, didn’t I?”

Walter’s hand was hovering over the particular spot on his neck that Paige suddenly found so interesting, and clutching at his ribs that burned from struggling. “Th-that was just the effects of knismesis and gargalesis, c-caused by the uh, your fingers rubbing against the sensitive area of skin that has-”

“Just say it, Walter” Paige barked, a smile still warm and present on her face.

“Okay, I-I may be just… a little, ticklish.”

“A little?” Paige corrected, walking closer to Walter who took a couple of steps back in response. “You practically jumped out of the chair.”

“Well it was more of a flight response, as opposed to the latter” Walter said, laughing nervously and rubbing his ticklish pulse.

Paige simply nodded, humming beneath her lips, though the smirk that resided there didn’t seem to be fading. “Fair enough” she added, turning on her heels and escaping to the back of the garage.

Walter let out a breath he had been holding in, sighing and turning to walk back to his desk. But then the loud and obnoxious tones of Tobias M. Curtis ran through the room, like an echo that made Walter’s stomach turn, and the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.

Paige, don’t you dare-

Bursting the bubble:


Its:  "That honey is from Kovalskys. Its free.“

Not: “That, honey, is from Kovalskys”

Words written by: Matthew Davis (the shows  prod.  assistant) 

ETA: Also, according to him (if we are to believe it is actually him who made a comment under the spoiler article for this ep) Happy did not call Toby honey, and the sentence was a reference to the Kovalskys cream aka “honey” aka the cream he puts in his cup of joe aka coffee to make it sweeter/taste better. Or the sugar - whatever was in that packet he took from his pocket. But either way it was a reference to the “sweetener” he adds to his hot beverage. 

And there was no comma before the honey in that sentence. 

Fractured Sneak peeks thoughs

My feeling are all over the floor someone help me pick them up.

Sly offering to take Ralph ALONE is just so sweet. Just try not to imagine Sly and Megan with babies and raising kids, because I did and I’m not okay.

Also, Sly driving without glasses I have no words to describe how I feel about this except that I really need Fractured to be released already.

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned it before but I love that in season 2 Cabe is forming stronger bonds with the rest of the cyclone, not just Walter.

Also, Toby and Walt going to the couples counseling thing, was not what I expected. I really thought that we’d get to see Toby talk to someone about his love for Happy and all that. But still, watching Toby and Walter going to a session of couples counseling together would be hilarious to watch, I can already imagine the yelling (why are you such a creamer screamer????) and the banter. and Happy’s expression when Paige suggested it is adorable. I also want to know why Toby and Walt have been “fighting a lot”?

HONEY OH HONEY. When I first heard Happy talk about the honey I was neutral, I thought that she was talking about literal honey. But I re-watched it and though “WAIT DOES HONEY COME IN PAPER SACHETS?!?” Then again I did see a post about this and sadly she was just talking about literal honey, not calling Toby honey.

And I’m begging, hoping, wishing just for a nice, sweet Quintis scene in Fractured. Please. Please. Please. I mean you can’t just leave us at the alter after White Out, I need confirmation that they really be datin’.

I can’t wait for Fractured to be released, looks like it’ll be an action packed episode with plenty of banter!

Quintis “Let your love freak flag fly” edits

size: 500x500

Scorpion s2 

PS. The definition/meaning of the phrase “let your freak flag fly”  (for those, who are interested)  HERE  & HERE

Basically it means “be yourself/authentic” 

In these edits I have just taken the phrase literally, and made a (freak) flag…fly.. (as much as possible in a non-moving image)