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“Lorcan had been born from and gifted with darkness. Returning to it was not a difficult task.But letting that glimmering, lovely light before him die out… In his ancient, bitter bones, he could not accept it.She had been forgotten—by everyone and everything. And still she had hoped. And still she had been kind to him.

And still she had offered him a glimpse of peace in the time he’d known her.She had offered him a home.”

Lorcan Salvaterre

-Sarah J. Maas, Empire of Storms

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TOG Finale Theory


OK, so as you know, either Aelin or Dorian must give up their lives to make the Lock work. Now, I know this is SO FREAKING EVIL OF ME but imagine if Aelin gets PREGNANT. The baby will carry AELIN’S BLOODLINE!!! Hence, ahem, the baby can die instead. Please don’t kill me.


P I R A T E  L O R D

Slip? I don’t know what you fool were talking about down there, but from where I was standing, it looked like you lost your gods-damned mind and were about to fire on my town.”  


Perseid Meteor Shower Over Mono Lake by Jeff Sullivan
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One night after the peak of the shower.

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"I just wanna be numb, I don't wanna feel anything." For the Manorian Drabble, pretty please?

“I just want to be numb, I don’t want to feel anything.”

Dorian held the letter in his hand. It had been written hastily in the middle of the night and the first thing the King had thought when he saw it was that her handwriting was as beautiful as her face. Neat and easy to understand, the words written with a slight tilt to the letters. It had been short and to the point, as expected if she had written it.

What the King of Adarlan had not been prepared to see was the actual message.

“So she left you?” Chaol muttered as they both sat in front of the warm fireplace. The First Hand was still wearing enough clothing to brave a blizzard due to Dorian’s magic flailing out, ice covering the whole room, making their breaths come out in clouds.

“I don’t understand,” Dorian muttered. He had thought it had gone so well yesterday. When he’d finally told her his feelings, what he wanted for them both.

“I told you the witch was trouble,” his friend said, the only one at this moment who could even stand in the same room as the King.

Manon had kissed him, had spent the next few hours after the confession in his bed. And then he had woken up alone…and there had been a letter neatly placed on the pillow next to him. “I hate this,” Dorian admitted. Just when he was ready to face his feelings, just when he let himself love again…

“I just want to be numb, I don’t want to feel anything.” Especially not now, especially with this letter. Chaol didn’t speak, but his presence was enough for Dorian, at least for the moment.

Where had he gone wrong? After so many months, after this past year of them being together. Of him giving her flowers and having her smile. Of her getting him flying leathers and kissing his cheek. “I shouldn’t have told her,” Dorian heard himself say, “I should have kept it to myself.”

They had been fine with what they had. Dorian shouldn’t have been so selfish, particularly because it was with Manon. Because even though she’d accepted his hugs and sometimes whispered sweet words back, he should have kept those three words to himself. Should have not told her that he wanted to marry her.

It would have hurt him to keep silent on it, knowing she didn’t return his feelings, but it would have been better than this.

Than his heart breaking for the last time.

Because he was not doing this again.

She had been the one, and he didn’t want to move on.

“You said she stayed after you told her,” Chaol mumbled.

The dry tear streaks on his face stung as Dorian turned to his friend. “She did.”

“You know I don’t like her,” the other man said, “you know how I felt about all this.” Dorian looked at the dying fire, wanting it to be as barren and ashen as he felt. “But I wanted you to be happy and I still want that for you.”

Dorian had been happy. And it still shocked him how he had felt like he could face the future like it was nothing and now wanted only for it all to stop.

“You should go after her.”

A shiver went through the King. “What?” He whispered.

“From what little I know of her, the witch might be scared.”

Scared? “She isn’t afraid of anything,” Dorian answered, his voice dead and monotone.

“From the letter, she seems to be afraid of loving you.” Even the flames of the dying fire stilled as the blue-eyed man turned to his closest friend. Chaol raised an eyebrow as he met eyes with Dorian. “You know where she is.” A pause. “Go get her.”

“She doesn’t want anything to do with me,” the King said, his voice tinted with anger as he raised the letter.

“I don’t think that’s true.”

Dorian breathed out while he passed a hand through his hair. “So what? I go find her and then what? What do I say?”

“Only you know that.”

Frustrated and furious, Dorian blew out the fire, plunging the room into semi-darkness as the sun set outside the windows. “What if she doesn’t want to talk to me? What if she throws me out?”

He could see Chaol’s silhouette shift. “Then at least you know you tried.”

The King thought about it for a bit, feeling as his heartbeat quickened, as his conviction rose. “Would you cover for me while I was gone?”

Chaol sighed. “Don’t worry about the kingdom,” he ordered, “…go get your Queen.”

And so Dorian did.

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Hey girls (spoiler alert)
  • Rowan:Hey girls, do you know what my scent is?
  • Fandom:SNOW AND PINE!
  • Rowan:Not anymore...
  • Aelin:Now it's made of husband material.
  • background sound:"if you like you should put a ring on it"
The Throne of Glass series basically
  • Rowan:Aelin no
  • Chaol:Aelin no
  • Aedion:Aelin no
  • Dorian:Aelin no
  • Everyone:Aelin no
  • Aelin:...
  • Aelin:...
  • Aelin:Aelin yes

Dear Sarah J Maas,

Thank you for giving us characters:

  • Who  have periods
  • Who have flashbacks
  • Who have nightmares
  • Who have intimacy issues
  • Who have physical disabilities
  • Who try to be happy despite trauma but don’t always succeed and that’s okay
  • Who have periods
  • Who have non-stigmatized, non-abusive sexual encounters with loving partners
  • Who have healthy sexual encounters even after sexual trauma
  • Who have to come to terms with the blurred lines of abuse over time rather than “just knowing”
  • Who fall out of love
  • Who have multiple relationships in their lifetimes
  • Who take time to get over a serious relationship before being able to jump into a new one
  • Who have to train and work in order to be fit and in shape
  • Who have a complicated relationship with their families
  • Who make mistakes, even mistakes that negatively affect the lives of innocent people, but who still try to be good
  • Who are badass women
  • and who are badass men.