Eoperipatus totoro

Eoperipatus totoro

…is a species of velvet worm (Phylum: Onychophora) that was collected in Vietnam and is likely endemic. Like other velvet worms E. totoro spends most of their lives in soil, rotting logs, or under rocks. They are also predators, capturing their insect prey by spitting out jets of sticky “glue”. Unlike other velvet worms E. totoro has uniquely shaped hairs on its body surface, their exact function is not known.


Animalia-Onychophora-Onychophorida-Euonychophora-Peripatidae-Eoperipatus-E. totoro

Image: Urosphena

*Yes E. totoro is totally a reference to My Neighbor Totoro, as the scientists who described it were reminded of the catbus.

joefluffer-deactivated20170426  asked:

Hi doctorbuggs, my name is Joe, I'm 17 and I have always had the desire to become an entomologist, my favorite bug buddy is the velvet worm, do you have any experience with them? p.s. your blog is amazing and so are you!

Aaaaaaw Joe! You and I would make great friends ^________^

I LOOOOVE Onychophorans!! They’re at the top of my list of favorite non-insects (along with tardigrades, pistol shrimp, and jumping spiders)!  I’ve been trying forever to get some imported so I can keep them as pets but you wouldn’t believe how tough that is! The USDA doesn’t seem to be down with it! They’re still blocking a brutha >___

Anyways, have you heard of the “Totoro” Velvet Worm (Eoperipatus totoro)

I’m guessing you can see how it got that name! This one’s my favorite species! He’s so cuddly I’m gonna die!