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After the last episode I can't help but imagine Reverb meeting the Reverse Flash. It would either go horrible, or the two of them would look each other over and go, "well, hello there!" and Cisco would just throw his hands up in desperation, because no, nope, no way is that happening. In no universe is that ever going to happen, as far as he is concerned. And no he isn't the slightest bit jealous either. (Hi, btw, I'm shipping Reversevibe, too. In any combination apparently.)

Late reply is late but I wrote you a fic because I’ve been thinking about the exact same thing since the episode aired. Welcome to the Reversevibe (and Reverseverb now, apparently?) Circle. We have unlimited cookies and heartbreak.

Earth Two, or One if his double is to be believed, is different in many ways. Their Killer Frost is a bio-engineer cum nursemaid, their Police Chief is a news reporter, their Deathstorm is dead – no difference there, really – and their Flash is a child instead of the man that holds a stern faced statue in the center of town.

Their Harrison Wells, who is not actually Harrison Wells is different too and their Hartley Rathaway is small and gay while his own is tall and still pretty gay. Some things have to stay universal constants, he supposes, which is why he’s not at all surprised at how his first meeting with Earth One “Harrison” goes.

Francisco – Cisco, he reminds himself with an aborted eye-roll – had spent three annoyingly pointless days keeping them apart, but he figures they were bound to run into each other sooner or later.

It turns out to be sooner and he has to resist the urge to remove his feet from where they’re perched atop the center console in the Cortex at the arch look he receives.

“Cisco.” Thawne greets with something that could be amusement if Francisco knew him better.

“Time Traveler.” He returns with a dip of his head and watches as Eobard’s right eyebrow climbs up just that little bit higher. He smiles.

“Not Cisco then.” Thawne hums and Francisco has to fight to keep his smile from turning into a grin.

“Oh. No.” A voice calls from the hall leading into the depths of the labs. Francisco tilts his head back to look over at his doppleganger as he makes his way into the room. “No no no. Absolutely not. You two are not talking. My life is not becoming a rerun of The Man Who Haunted Himself.” Cisco pauses, eyes flicking between his ex-boss and his mirror image before coming to pause on the latter in disbelief. “Are those braids?”

Francisco reaches up and wraps one of the braids at his temples around his fingers. “I was bored.”

“Okay Lagertha.” Cisco snips and Thawne makes a noise that’s far too reminiscent of a poorly concealed laugh. Cisco turns on him with a frown. “I thought I told you last time that I’d blast you through a wall if you came here again.”

“Oh really.” Francisco says, eyeing the two of them with interest. “That’d be fun to see.”

Cisco opens his mouth to reply, then pauses and closes it. He holds up a finger and tries again and for a moment the two other men simply stare at him. “Wait, did you call the Reverse Flash – my murderer, might I add – to STAR Labs just because you were bored?”

“It worked.” Francisco says and Cisco makes a choking noise. “You need a speedster to practice your powers on that isn’t Barry and I needed entertainment.”

“You’re evil.” Cisco concludes, voice lowing in disgust on the last word, and Francisco removes his feet from the console so that he can uncurl from his chair.

“It was either him or Rathaway.” Reverb shrugs and looks over to Eobard. “Get your suit, sunshine.”

“Earth Two must be fascinating.” Eobard remarks and he’s definitely amused now, if the bright blue twinkle in his eyes is anything to go by.

“Some of it. Other parts less so.”

And there goes that eyebrow again. “And what would you call the other parts?”

“Flawed.” Francisco tells him and they’re both aware that they’re no longer discussing the city, if they ever were. Eobard hums. “All of it’s dirty in some way or another.”

“But still something worth seeing.” Thawne adds and Francisco pauses, momentarily drawn up short by the pure certainty that he hears in the other man’s words. No wonder his double fell as hard as he did.

“I could show you.” He finally replies and Cisco lets out a too loud sigh behind them.

“I’m gonna show both of you the inside of a pipeline cell if you don’t stop with the icky villain flirting game you’ve got going on.” He grumbles and Francisco chuckles.

“And here I though you grew our of that kink after Hartley blew you up.” He quips back and Eobard draws up short, Cisco stumbling into him with an indignant sound.

“Just because you mind stalked me doesn’t mean you get to share.” Cisco says, sounding strangled as Thawne fights down an obvious smile. Cisco takes one look at him and chokes back whatever he was about to say, face flushing in a sort of breathless anticipation. “You’re not gonna forget that, are you?”

“Not anytime this century, no.” Eobard tells him and Francisco smiles.

It really is too easy sometimes.