I never envied another relationship, I enjoyed my solitude so much that I was greedy. When you came along I never felt so alone. When you looked at me, when you touched my hands, I didn’t realise how alone I really was. My very own solitude was built upon a false hope and she made me understand that I didn’t enjoy solitude. I was waiting for someone that was worth coming out of my own darkness.
—  Michael Daaboul

Here’s our new Self-Titled Lp, we had a slight problem with iTunes and Spotify but jam it on Youtube until we get it fixed!

Mixed and Mastered by Nick Sadler.

Written and Performed by Matt Stokes and Nick Sadler.

Special thanks to George Christie, Jeremiah Hart, and Tayves Pelletier.

Jealousy Percentage for Each Sign! (Requested):

Aries: 75%

Taurus: 65%

Gemini: 25%

Cancer: 85%

Leo: 80%

Virgo: 40%

Libra: 50%

Scorpio: 90%

Sagittarius: 20%

Capricorn: 30%

Aquarius: 10%

Pisces: 70%

Theodor Galle - The Seven Deadly Sins, “Septem Peccata Mortalia”, 1612.

Adam and Eve in central image surrounded by seven roundels with biblical scenes showing the seven deadly sins : 
Pride” as the fallen angels;
Greed” as Ananias and Sapphira dropping dead in front of St Peter after withholding part of profits; 
Gluttony” as a corpulent man surrounded by other men; 
Lust” as Phinehas killing Zimri and Cosbi; 
Sloth” as King Solomon; 
Envy” as Joseph and his brothers;
Wrath” as Cain and Abel.


Today’s Like and Dislike! Like: My lips! I often hear that my lips is my most attractive feature and I would to some extent agree! Dislike: My tendency to get jealous! I often feel envious of my girlfriend or other people in general who are petite. Or just smaller than me… I have a wide frame and I hate it. I hate being jealous, it’s nobody’s fault. Nobody could have changed it, I can only change how I view it.