Envy rushes through me, as I read your words

that flow like waterfalls: enormous, luscious, illustrating as if paintbrushes.

Where I live it rains acid,

     that creates a fog so thick, everything I see has a green tint;

it makes my eyes well up with deep love,

creates a nausea, that rests in my throat,

My heart collapse into itself, like these clouds weight themselves down.

So, to your words that build cathedrals, lurch your tongue forward

and taste the acid let it’s syrup scorch deep down in your belly

While your tongue falls out

Sea foam shadows


Will no longer haunt me


Newest trailer for the FMA Live Action released today, July 13th (JST)


State Military of Amestris; Homunculus

How to Deal with Envy and Jealousy

1. Ask yourself the question “Why does this matter so much to me? For example, is it that I feel I’m not enough, or do I feel lonely and overlooked?”

2. Ask yourself “What is MY definition of success?” Then think of realistic goals you can set for yourself, instead of always thinking of what others have achieved.

3. Focus on the talents and the gifts that you have been given, and think of how to use these in a meaningful way. Don’t wish that you were someone you were never meant to be.

4. Ask yourself “What kind of person do I really want to be … and try to develop those traits and qualities. Who you are matters more than what you look like or achieve.

5. Make a list of all the things you can be grateful for today – the blessings that you have, and the gifts that you enjoy.