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I don’t know how I’m still gaining new followers when I haven’t posted in god knows how long

Just so you know - I haven’t died, or abandoned the sims haha

I almost got kicked out of my university before I went to Africa (hence why I took a quarter off to go to Africa haha) so these last two quarters I’ve been working very hard at school to achieve a good GPA standing :)

Last quarter I got two B’s and a C which is an awesome improvement for me! :) I also got a new job at this environmentally friendly laundromat that I’m in LOVE with. So that’s where I’ve been. :) all is generally well, and I hope to start posting (sporadically, most likely) sometime soon :) 



Smart wedding gown tracks air quality

A wedding gown that can track the real time PM2.5 air quality index drew attention at a wearable device exhibition in Shenzhen.

The annual event, Wearable 2015 – now in its fifth year – was co-hosted by three state-owned research institutes. The event aimed to promote innovation in Chinese wearable device technology.

The dress works by lighting up along with the PM2.5 level, said Qin Jingyan, the leader of the design team. The higher the PM2.5, the brighter the dress gets.

Ms. Qin teaches at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing. She also brought to the show seven other smart dresses that simultaneously function as health monitors – tracking heart rate, pulse, and other vitals.

Qin said technicians installed chips in 3-D printed accessories to go along with the dresses, which also collect real time health data. These dresses and accompanying accessories are made from recycled materials and are therefore environmentally friendly, Qin said.


New editorial for our latest 4 Horsemen Supplies piece, the Natural Indigo Jute Noragi, is now up on our Blog. 

Made from jute, this natural fibre is a rain watered crop, has little need for pesticides or fertilizer, making it a much more environmentally friendly crop than cotton, and creates a durable, breathable fabric. Our latest noragi utilizes this material know as the “Golden Fibre”, that has been dyed with natural indigo dye, which will fade with time and wear. 

Also featured is a new iteration of our Core T-Shirt cut, the Bubble Knit Ecru.

The Natural Indigo Jute Noragi is available in limited numbers in-shop and online.


Kanopi House (Blue Lagoon, Portland, Jamaica) :: A tropical jungle of vine-drenched, 100-foot Banyan trees; soaring chartreuse bamboo and flowering magenta ginger lily descending into a secluded, white sand cove.

Where an elegant, earth conscious oasis of chic-ly appointed, ‘tree houses’ is linked by a winding pathway sliced through a sun dappled rainforest overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 

A private shoreline that wraps around a blue lagoon, ringed by an untouched coral reef; purple manta rays gliding through clouds of colorful fish in a warm turquoise sea, glazed in a layer of cool from the mountain stream that flows into, and over, it. Kanopi House is an environmentally friendly hideaway.


These are pencils made from recycled newspapers, and they’re manufactured by a company called TreeSmart. As the pencils are sharpened, they produce a marbling pattern near the graphite tip.

Here’s a quote from their website: “Whole newspaper sheets are rolled around high quality No. 2 graphite. No toxic chemicals are used in manufacturing and the eraser tips are latex free. A special adhesive formula binds the newsprint together into a cohesive core that is hard as wood. The pencils sharpen easily and last longer than wood pencils.“

See (and buy) their products here:  http://treesmart.com

And here:  http://www.guidedproducts.com/products/treesmart-green-recycled-pencils-24


Table I made at school. Legs are walnut. Rails and top are pine over which I applied two layers of milk paint (brown under green), giving it its antique crackled look. Milk paint is a non-toxic water based mixture. Early settlers brought this method of paint making to North America more then 250 years ago. I hand carved the leaf handle which, when drawer is closed, mates up perfectly with one of the twigs.


By Sahid Fawaz

As we celebrate Earth Day today, we are reminded of a powerful reason to buy American: the out-of-control pollution in China.

It’s not only the cheap, non-union labor in China that is drawing manufacturers to the country. It’s also the lack of environmental protection standards that much of the developed world has set for companies. When a business can destroy the air, land, and water in pursuit of profit, then we all suffer in the long run. Not to mention that it is a completely unsustainable business model.

- See more at: http://labor411.org/411-blog/749-these-photos-of-chinese-pollution-are-even-more-reason-to-buy-american-made#sthash.VBsQLxrs.dpuf


Happy May Day and Welcome to National Bike Month!

Here are a few reasons why Biking is Better:

  • You can stop going to the gym (money saver)
  • You can carry books, flower, food etc (oh yeah)
  • No parking problems (if you live in nyc, you know what’s up)
  • It reduces stress
  • Your heart is happy when you use it (yay)
  • It gives you legs of steel (heck yeah!)
  • You save money on fuel (score!)
  • The earth is happy when you use it
  • You can sing on it
  • Zero emissions (score!)
  • You can carry your bags (buy buy back pain. lol!)
  • No car tax or insurance (yipee)
  • It makes you happy :)

To get tips and ideas on how you can use your bike more this month, or to join a bike challenge, visit Bike League here.



Reichstag Dome

Berlin • Germany

By Sir Norman Foster

Own photo by Andrea Stinga of Ombu Architecture Studio


Solar Freakin’ Roadways! It’s Finally Gonna Look Like Tron!

It’s the roadway of the future! Feel inspired? Help us bring this project to the next step: