Planet is junked, exactly like you predicted.

Ali Çetin, 2017

It’s been some time. Thanks for putting up with my absence, guys. Been off pursuing the policy dream; things are starting to come together slowly but surely, thankfully. You are all wonderful. Some good news - at the state level, California is kicking some environmental health booty with the new law! I had to share, as it was a great pick-me-up.


Butterflies enjoying milkweed is a beautiful sight. #butterflies #pollinators #milkweed #naturalbeauty #nature #environment #naturetrail #sclowcountry #ruralphotography #ruralliving (at Saint Helena Island)

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🎃 Inktober 2017 - 20 10 17 / The Wizard’s Library
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My apologies for this slightly late upload! I finished the drawing itself half an hour before midnight, but staging pics and scanning takes a bit of time.

It’s an enchanted fireplace, by the way. It totally doesn’t need a chimney because the tiny gothic trilobes behind the logs magically filter all the smoke out (and not at all because I’m an idiot and put a window on top of it without thinking…).
Mes excuses pour l’upload un peu tardif ! J’ai bel et bien terminé le dessin une demi-heure avant minuit, mais mettre la photo en scène et scanner le document prend un peu de temps.

C’est une cheminée enchantée, d’ailleurs. Elle n’a pas besoin de conduit pour faire sortir la fumée car les petits trilobes gothiques derrière les bûches filtrent l’air par magie (et pas du tout parce que je suis une idiote et que j’ai mis une fenêtre au-dessus de l’âtre sans réfléchir…).

In her roles as the wife of Banebdjed, fertilizing mother goddess, manifestation of Isis and Nephthys, and patron of the Mendesian perfumery, Hatmehyt appears as the protector of all activities associated with the hydric environments of the nome, including agriculture, certainly, but also fishing and related practices, as well as commercial activities. As such her cult incarnates splendidly fundamental links that existed in ancient Egypt between spirituality and the landscape.
The dual process of “sacralization of the animal” and “animalization of the sacred” which led to the identification of Hatmehyt with the schilbe, resulted from a representational system that saw all components of the environment as manifestations of the religious sphere.

The Oxford Handbook of Roman Egypt, Christina Riggs p. 32-37


Cut for Time: Climate Change (Kumail Nanjiani) - SNL

BOFPSNL43 24: Chris can be found in this deleted short about a clueless hollywood star who has knows nothing about helping the environment! With Kumail Nanjiani