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Call me Shade: I'm a avid airsoft collector and player, i have a bunch of ideas for games and environments and go totally operator in scenarios. [Get to know you Meme]


|| Yooo Shade! Nice to meetcha. I remember a few of my friends being rather big on airsoft a while ago, and my older brother as well. There must be lots of fun matches with you when you build ‘em up! ||

Climate Change

So I really meant to post this sooner, but school got absolutely crazy. It’s my last semester, and I’m wrapping up my research and trying to tie all my loose ends, so sorry about the gap. 

So, climate change in a nutshell. First I have to talk about the greenhouse effect. In an actual greenhouse, light comes in through the glass, and warms the inside of the building. The glass also keeps heat from dissipating out, so the inside stays nice and toasty, and not too cold for the plants inside. The greenhouse effect is pretty similar. Around the earth, there is a protective layer of gas. Sun shines through, and warms up the earth. Then the earth reflects some of this energy back into space. But not all of it goes into space. The protective layer of gas sends some back to earth. This is a good thing! Right now, the average temperature of the earth is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the average, over all the earth’s surface. Where I am, it’s WAY hotter than that. When it gets that cold, we put on our sweatshirts. But someone living in, like, northern Alaska probably sees that as pool weather. So if you took the average of the every place on earth, you’d get 59 degrees. Without the greenhouse effect, though, the average temperature would be around 0 degrees Fahrenheit! Big difference! Here’s a diagram that I think explains it well:

But there can be too much of a good thing. Whether it’s oils on your skin making pimples, too much time with your best friend and then getting annoyed by them, or this little puppy who ate too much food

you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing. Over the past, eh, hundred years-ish, the amount of greenhouse gases have been increasing. This has been making the greenhouse effect a lot stronger, and way less energy has been released to space, and more been reflected back to earth. This is steadily making the earth warmer and warmer. 

But how have we been increasing greenhouse gases? Well, first let’s go over what the greenhouse gases are. Water vapor is one of them. Methane (natural gas) is another. Ozone is another (I’ll explain ozone in another post, later on). But the one that we’re the most concerned about is carbon dioxide, (CO2). The 2 in CO2 is supposed to be a subscript, a little letter sort of down to the side, but I don’t know how to do that on here. CO2 comes from the burning of fossil fuels, like coal and oil, and when natural gas burns. It can also come from deforestation, when trees are cut down and they release the carbon stored in them. We emit about 10 BILLION tons of carbon each year.  Now, plants use CO2 for their food. But this is way too much, especially because we’re cutting down so many trees at the same time. So it goes into the atmosphere and amplifies the greenhouse gas effect.

Okay, so apparently I’m horrible at guessing the sizes of my blog posts, so I’m going to end it here. I’ll talk more about how we know climate change is occurring, its effects, and other details later. But I don’t know when that will be, since everything is so crazy right now. 

Think critically. 

But the paradox remains, for overwhelmingly the photograph insisted on the principle of representation and the depiction of space that modernism rejected. Perhaps this suggests the extent to which the photograph reflected a populist base - encoding the snapshot into its basis as a democratic art form. but equally suggests that the individual, whatever material context is involved, is given significance, and definition within an everyday world of codes and signifying registers of meaning. In that sense, and for all its limitations, the photographic portrait inscribes into meaning precisely that play between internal and external worlds that remain one of the great subjects of the ninetheth-rather than the twentieth-century novel. Above all, the great portrait photographs simultaneously declare identity as they probe the terms of definition.  

page 111

I think that one of the most changeling things is getting a good portraiture of a person. the simple point, shoot, and smile environment have a good application (elementary school photos, passports, mug shots) But I think the magic, like and good photograph, is getting the feeling and personality out of a subject. That comes from spending time and getting the know them a little bit before the shoot. Too often, none of that happens, and the photographs come out feeling fake, or forced with no real substance to them. It’s an area of photography that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately with building my own work. 


(OS) Chapter 5: Socialization

5.1.Theories of Self-Development

  • Understand the difference between psychological and sociological theories of self-development: Psychological theories of self-development have been broadened by sociologists who explicitly study the role of society and social interaction in self-development.  Charles Cooley and George Mead both contributed significantly to the sociological understanding of the development of self.
  • Explain the process of moral development: Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan developed their ideas further and researched how our sense of morality develops. Gilligan added the dimension of gender differences to Kohlberg’s theory

5.2. Why Socialization Matters

  • Understand the importance of socialization both for individuals and society: Socialization is important because it helps uphold societies and cultures; it is also a key part of individual development.
  • Explain the nature versus nurture debate: Research demonstrates that who we are is affected by both nature (our genetic and hormonal makeup) and nurture (the social environment in which we are raised). Sociology is most concerned with the way that society’s influence affects our behavior patterns, made clear by the way behavior varies across class and gender.

5.3. Agents of Socialization

  • Learn the roles of families and peer groups in socialization: Our direct interactions with social groups, like families and peers, teach us how others expect us to behave.
  • Understand how we are socialized through formal institutions like schools, workplaces, and the government:  Likewise, a society’s formal and informal institutions socialize its population. Schools, workplaces, and the media communicate and reinforce cultural norms and values.

5.4. Socialization Across the Life Course

  • Explain how socialization occurs and recurs throughout life: Socialization is a lifelong process that reoccurs as we enter new phases of life, such as adulthood or senior age

Things Your Character Absolutely Cannot Stand

BOLD = your character DOES NOT enjoy this

Italic = Your character is begrudgingly okay with this, used to it or will at least look the other way

Strike through = Your character displays this trait, approves of or engages in this behaviour (or item)

Swearing/Profanity | Being petted | Certain colours | Nail-biting | Quiet environments or people | Loud environments or people | Slang usage | Mumbling | Tapping | Knocking | Rocking back and forth | Humming | Twiddling their thumbs | Nails on a chalkboard | Hedonism | Offkey singing | Obnoxiousness | Overconfidence or cockiness | Crying | Shyness | Scratching | Proper grammar/formal speech | Not chewing with their mouth closed | Belching |Unshaven/unkempt people | Poor hygiene | Yelling | Certain smells | Religious people | Non-religious people | Zealots |Hypocrisy | Arrogance | Ignorance | Defiance | Racism | Prejudice | Assumptions being made about them | Rumours | Arguing | Infidelity or cheating | Backstabbing | Routines | Gluttony | Laziness | Procrastination

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Bloody Brilliant

by Isobel Blanchard

LOWER MERION - As students awoke the morning of Thursday last, they were greeted by WTF week in full swing. Campus was fully decorated with the strings of tampons and bras decorating Pem arch serving as a lovely center piece. Most students laughed joyfully to themselves and walked through the archway giving little thought to the items artfully stretched before them, but it appears one student took it into their own hands to send a message to the student body. By Friday morning the tampons had been replaced by a series of menstrual cups.

It seems unclear as to whether the message of this ‘performative art piece’, as it is being dubbed, is that menstrual cups produce less waste than tampons and therefore are good for the environment, or if the artist/s simply meant to state that menstrual cups are the superior period product. With several new environmentalist groups coming forward on campus, the consensus seems to be that the menstrual display was likely a statement about the amount of waste tampons and pads produce when contrasted with menstrual cups.

When asked to comment one student had this to say: “I don’t know much about material waste from tampons, but like… menstrual cups are expensive. So this seems like a financial waste.”

Another student interjected “Actually, they can reuse these for the next ten WTF weeks”, at which point the two students chatted about the pros and cons of menstrual cups.

As of yet, no student has come forward to claim responsibility for the piece, however I’m sure in time we shall receive an answer.

Oh my god. I can’t believe my mother. She’s a good person, but god, her thinking can be so medieval and I’m mad about it.

She’s watching the Oscars and made the comment that there are people of color nominated in every category. Then she went onto say that it’s great that they’re being nominated, but “they shouldn’t just be giving them awards because they’re black.” I immediately lashed out and said, “Did you ever think that maybe they actually deserve it for a great doing a stunning job?” I then went into Hollywood Whitewashing for several minutes. I just don’t understand her. I know my dad is racist and he wasn’t in my life very much so his thinking never caused me to hate someone because they looked different. I always thought my mom was my biggest influencer, but now I’m starting to see how ignorant she is and that maybe my environment and friends and teachers were my biggest influencers. 

I keep hoping that these discussions I have with her will help her break out of that southern Ohio ignorance, but sometimes, I have very little hope. One life-changing thing for me was my study abroad in Malaysia. It’s a predominately muslim country and I had never spent much time around muslims. They were some of the kindest and most hospitable people I have ever met in my life and I have such a ridiculous amount of respect for them. Maybe I need to throw my mom into some countries with people of color for a few months and see if she starts to change her perspective.

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Hey, so I want to do dance/circus at university and go into aerial dance as my career but my mum doesn't want me to as she thinks I'll be too reliant on my body and worries that I won't be able to get a job when I'm in my forties and can't dance professionally any more. I know there's careers like teaching etc out there but how can I convince her?

Check out this post: http://i-remember-there-was-mist.tumblr.com/search/child+wants+to+be

In my personal experience, my parents were also very nervous about me pursuing a career in dance. They were concerned about being in such a cutthroat environment, and having my job be so reliant on my body and my health. I think what really convinced them to be more on board (they aren’t all the way on board, but they’re close enough) was talking to the faculty at the program I decided to attend. What she said was really beneficial and answered a lot of their questions. I also applied to many other schools for programs that weren’t dance based, so I did have “backups” for dance. Perhaps visiting a college you’re interested in and speaking with a faculty member is what they might need to get them off the fence! Best of luck!

Blog Prompt 4 - Passage (Video Art)
I've been taking this Photography for New Media, which is awesome so far. I've enjoyed this class thoroughly and we've finally gone into video art. Here is a...

I decided to make my blog prompt based around train travel. When I heard the word passage, I thought about the passage of time. In this case, time is such a general concept that could cover anything. In this case, it covers the passage of time and space as seen through the window of a train. Time since at this moment the sun is going down and time itself is passing on as the train gets closer to my destination, and space with the zipping by of the environment.

Of course, as with my other pieces, I added my signature checker background and logo.

Welcome to Boston, a place where we all call home! Famous for it’s long history, Boston is today one of the oldest cities in the United States. Renowned for its cultural facilities, world-class universities, champion sports teams as well its location, this vibrant, thriving city is willing to accomodate and entertain you as few other cities can.

Boston is home to over 617,000 residents, many institutions of higher education, some of the world’s finest inpatient hospitals, and numerous cultural and professional sports organizations. Millions of people visit Boston to take in its historic neighborhoods, attend cultural or sporting events, and conduct business.

With more than 23 major theatres, orchestras, and symphonies; small theatres numbering into the hundreds, with the largest museum in New England, Boston boasts a wonderful cultural tradition.  

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BOSTONMA-RPG is a plotless, appless role-play which focuses on character development. Our aim is to provide a fun and safe environment that’ll allow our members to play their plots and grow and explore their original characters. Come join us and see where Boston will take you!

Welcome to London, England where you get to decide what journey in life you take. From the beautiful waters, to the London Eye and of course Buckingham Palace, there’s all sorts of life altering choices and adventures that you can get lost in. Which road will you take?

London’s Calling Roleplay is a small appless multi muse based roleplay focusing on character development. Applications are accepted daily and we have a small welcoming group willing to form connections and play in a safe environment.

We have rebranded ourself with a new name and a new layout to separate the past from the future and we would love to have you.

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6. 30.?

6. What’s your least favorite thing to draw?
Another least favorite thing to draw are buildings! (before we started using Sketchup to model them instead, and now I don’t mind them so much) Our style is very detailed, and we want the environment to match. Unfortunately we don’t have the time or patience to do so by hand, even with a perspective grid, which makes them a pain to freehand.

30. What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

A lot of the enjoyment we get out of drawing comics is the reaction people have to them. When someone comes up and tells that they loved a comic we drew, or picked them up when they were down, made them laugh, etc. that makes us happy. I LOVE seeing what people think of our art (even if they don’t!) It hasn’t gotten old yet, and I don’t think it will.

As to being a better artist… There’s always something I do that I know I can improve upon. I actually wonder how much of our drive to get better is because Kelly and I work as a team (and not just a team, but in tandem in the same work space) I’m always striving to make my colors better to showcase her lineart, and she’s always striving to draw better to showcase my rendering. It’s this push and pull of wanting to be better for each other, instead of ourselves, which I think helps.

There’s also good ol’ spite, as in “how dare you think I can’t draw you! screw you I’m gonna practice night and day until I learn how to draw your shitty, shitty form perfectly” which is how I learned to draw horses, incidentally (with @jinxess help)

When I'm at school, I feel like I am always fighting.

I’m fighting to stay awake, fighting to keep my grades up, fighting to stay sane in an environment of constant anxiety. But even my own morals and ideals are fighting. Part of me refuses to do pointless homework and longs to destroy the system in an angry explosion, but I still find myself opening that textbook or writing that stupid essay until my hand cramps. I ache to rebel, yet I have been so broken by the system that I find I cannot. My fear of failure and punishment cripples me so that I have no choice but to obey. People admire my near-straight-A record, but never stop to consider at what cost. I am stressed, tired, and severely lacking motivation to learn. I am sacrificing time to pursue my interests and develop as a person, for no reason except that one little letter.

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Omg, what tattoo do you want Taylor to write out for you and where would you tattoo it? So cool, I want so many music related tattoos but can't figure out what exactly and where, partly bc of work I have to maintain professionalism and I already have one in each shoulder blade.

The lyric “mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you”

I think it’s really great that nowadays most work environments are fine with visible tattoos and it isn’t considered unprofessional. I know my partner has a full-length sleeve and his work (an engineering firm) is fine with it. Though I guess this might also vary depending on where you live because the west coast tends to be more relaxed when it comes to work dress codes.

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What was your favorite thing to do as a little girl?

“Oooh, you know I was always an indoor kid, I watched a lot of nature documentaries! And ate a lot of food… I didn’t like the outdoors or being active much, which is weird considering what I do now. ” KC thinks for a moment. Actually, it wasn’t that weird. She still hates being outside. 

She hates the sticky and gross dusty feeling at the end of the day. The humidity and heat of the environment around the ranch sucked too. And the house she took over is old and creaky and dusty in places. She didn’t have much money, so things were hard sometimes.

Walker suddenly reaches out and pokes KC in the cheek as he jumps up into her lap. He continues to poke and poke, liking the soft feeling of the human’s fleshy cheek. It was weird.

“Mmm, stop it Walker, not while I’m talking.” Still, even if she hated the outdoors, she could bear it for the Cactuar. They were worth all the effort and discomfort.