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Lynked: Unit Design & Build

The unit design has been a significant aspect of the overall project. From the very beginning, Logan and I were conscious of designing the installation of this project so that it was not only interactive for the user. But that it had a go UX and UI designed around the open studio style environment. Some of the initial concepts we had included: 
- To build a physical sensor that would be located outside the open studio, that cars could park under. The information would then be sent back to the server and visualised in the studio.
- The other concept revolved around designing a physical model of a parking/charging station environment, with model cars that the user could move around to simulate a vehicle parked/charging in one of our stations.

We decided to go with the options of the scaled model for several reasons. Firstly, we thought it would improve the user interaction with our display. Secondly, it was a better visual representation of our concepts. People would be more likely to automatically understand our concept with a scale model there for them to interact with and see. 

When designing the overall unit, we wanted to build something that was very clean and simple, yet very modern. To achieve this, we looked at Scandinavian furniture as inspiration. We also took inspiration from the movie Tron, to achieve a very modern aesthetic. The combination of these two design elements will give us our desired look of the model. Which is to be large and interactive, yet encourages people to interact without being overly complex. To build the unit we employed manufacturing tools such as CNC’ing and laser cutting. Ensuring that we would have a precise and professional looking display unit. 

The initial plan was to leave the plywood, with a ‘washed out’ white wood look. However, when starting build the unit we decided that element would distract from the overall unit, not aligning with our design pillars. Instead, we opted for a simpler white look. This required a significant more about of prep work on the wood, including bogging and priming of the surfaces to ensure a professional finish.

Above: The schematic for the sensors.
Below: The Initial 3D design concept for the unit.

Above: Logan laying out all the sensors on the bottom mount sheet. 

Below: Preparing the display unit to be painted. 

honestly i think the strongest part of ffxiv is the environment design. there are very few dungeons that feel like holes in the ground where you have to go to kill things (and most of those are just leftover 1.0 dungeons). hard versions of dungeons force you to go back through the same dungeons, but often with a different objective, or going through it differently. one of my personal favourites is pharos sirius, where you have to climb a lighthouse from the subterranean level to the top to kill a siren, but in the hard mode version you’re dropped off by airship at the top and have to make your way to the subterranean, clearing out the kobolds infesting it along the way. it’s through things like this that ffxiv’s dungeon design stays flavourful over time.

anonymous asked:

hey i don't really get why straight passing privilege isn't a thing? like i'm bi myself but gay people are specifically oppressed for being exclusively attracted to their own gender, i might experience oppression for being into my own gender but i also experience societally-supported attraction and since i'm in a straight relationship that means that my relationship (and by extension myself) benefits from the oppression of those who are gay or are in gay relationships.

Straight passing privilege isn’t a thing because bi people aren’t Exempt from homophobia while in m/w relationships. There are certain manifestations we may not experience (i.e. Bi women dating men will not be heckled or worse in public with their partner) but that is not The Only Way homophobia manifests itself.

U can have a homophobic family or a homophobic partner or a homophobic work environment. You could literally be a bi woman dating a man BECAUSE of homophobia and the fear of 1) your attraction to other women 2) acting on that attraction 3) the danger it could place you in to date another woman.

Also it doesn’t hold for All Bi Women, bi women dating women don’t have this privilege & bi women dating men isn’t always a completely separate category from bi women dating women.

Anyway yes it’s important to keep in mind that being a bi woman dating man does grant you Some SOME material benefit it is not a Get-Out-Of-Homophobia Card.

- Vika

Marine animal extinction a major concern

The potential extinction of many of New Zealand’s native marine birds and mammals is one of the biggest concerns revealed in the nation’s first ever marine environment report.

The Ministry for Environment and Statistics New Zealand have also raised global greenhouse emissions causing ocean acidification and warming, and degraded coasts as the top three issues in their joint report.

Environment Secretary Vicky Robertson says pressures from land and sea-based human activities have been building on the ocean for generations.

“Ninety per cent of our native seabirds and shorebirds are threatened with or at risk of extinction. More than a quarter of our native marine mammals are threatened with extinction,” she said.

“Fishing bycatch, introduced predators and habitat change are among a raft of reasons for the poor state of much marine wildlife.”

The report, which is expected to be followed by six-monthly updates, is aimed at understanding challenges ahead.

Statistics New Zealand also released a second report on Thursday showing the marine economy contributed $4 billion, or 1.9 per cent, to New Zealand’s gross domestic product in 2013.


Somewhere along the southern coast of the Final Frontier, one can find opportunity that has laid dormant for too long. This is about to change. In the words of one ambitious, young heir:

It doesn’t take very much scrutiny to recognize that there exists a tremendous abundance in assets. The weather is highly versatile, the location features all kinds of landscapes, and the soil is perfect for the most prized apple saplings. Both literally and figuratively, it’s the fresh breath of air that’s quite vital to life… If we all work together, we can see to it that Fireside actually reaches its untapped potential - and perhaps even surpasses what bars of expectation we set.

           Do yourself a favor and join in this special town’s awakening!

F I R E S I D E  is a semi-plotless group where the focus is seeing a wide variety of characters developing alongside the growth of their environment. All are welcome to join in on this unique opportunity!

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Café Hiatus, 2016

Claudia Aguilar, Lizzy Cole, Zach Goodge, Michaela Ryan
Installation, Impersonation

This installation is an impersonation meant to emulate a coffee shop and bring attention to the value of time.

An impersonation is taking elements of an ordinary environment and placing it into a new environment that changes its meaning. In this piece we intend to recreate a coffee shop with a new and thought-provoking atmosphere.

In Café Hiatus, the participant becomes more aware of what time is and how it is spent. A coffee shop is an environment in which people often take time for valuable conversation outside of distractions. By adding clocks into the
environment of the coffee shop, the tension between valuable relationships and time becomes more apparent.

(photographs by Lizzy Cole)

anonymous asked:

I have a pregnant woman who's been kidnapped practically her whole pregnancy. While she gets bare necessities, she's in a bad environment. What are the risks of this for the baby?

Hoooo boy. This is basically a wild card. A good starting point is here: http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/birthdefects/types.html   along with http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/birthdefects/documents/10ThingsFlyerEng.pdf .

Good news for mom is that, barring physical harm to her, the odds of baby developing normally, being birthed normally, and all parties living are actually pretty good.

But there are a lot of “what if”s. Because the fetus hasn’t been followed, because mom isn’t getting prenatal vitamins, because mom isn’t getting care, it’s basically roulette. Fetus could have had a congenital abnormality. Fetuses, at various stages, are basically tubes; if those tubes don’t close properly, you get problems, like spina bifida, which is when the spinal cord doesn’t fully close, or omphalocele, which is when the abdomen doesn’t close, and some or all of the abdominal organs develop outside the body. (Cleft palate / lip is another tube-closure disorder). While these aren’t risks related to pregnancy during kidnapping, not knowing about the baby’s condition represents a threat to mom during birth, especially for omphalocele.

Another issue is that kidnappers often drug their victims to keep them sedate and compliant, so the baby may have been exposed to various drugs during development. That can impair everything from learning capabilities to actually being born with addictions and withdrawals.

Even if the fetus develops normally, they may be underweight, depending on how well-fed mom was during pregnancy.

       What would you wish for if you could have anything?

There are many myths surrounding the monkey’s paw, and though none of them take its power lightly, there are still many that search it out. Legend says that anyone that can find the paw will be allowed one rule-free wish, but the wishes come with an enormous price for interfering with fate. The results are unpredictable, and sometimes deadly. It’s no wonder there are so many weird occurrences around here, but this isn’t an open supernatural world so the human population is mostly unaware of the origin of these disturbances.


Have you ever wanted to play in a roleplay where all of your fandom favorites were available for play in an environment that fostered creativity and allowed you to explore your muse in whatever au sense that you wanted? Then I have some good news for you. All canon characters in all fandoms are allowed here, and your biographies don’t have to be strictly canon. This is the roleplay for you if you’ve ever wanted to explore an au. Though this is a fandom roleplay, one does not have to play a canon character in order to join the fun. We want your original characters! Build a new muse based on your favorite legends, explore your favorite supernatural creature, or take advantage of our diverse character inspo skeletons.

TWISTED WISHES is a supernatural multi-fandom roleplay that is set in the town that the money’s paw is rumored to be located. Join us as humans, hunters, angels, superhumans, witches, werewolves, vampires, hunters, sirens, succubi, and the rest of the creatures that go bump in the night search to make their greatest wish a reality.

How do I stop procrastinating?
  • close this tab, turn off your phone, pause netflix, put your distractions in another room if possible
  • get up and jump around a little, stretch your muscles!!
  • write a to do list (quick and concise- no messing around!)
  • change your environment if you can
  • take your earphones out unless they’re absolutely necessary (music is great but it is a distraction!!! this sucks, i know!)
  • go have a pee, wash your hands with cool water, splash some on your face (cold water, not pee)
  • get a glass of water, eat a fucking apple
  • nobody can stop you from procrastinating except yourself
  • be PROACTIVE and do it yourself!!
  • you can stop procrastinating by stopping procrastinating!
  • rip off the band aid and just do your fucking work
  • you can chill later- you’ll feel 6000000% better about letting yourself relax once you’ve actually done some work
  • seriously, you just have to do it
  • stop now!!!!
1er aventure : Perdre du poids

Mon objectif

C’est partie pour une nouvelle moi. Pour cela j’ai décidé par commencer à perdre du poids. Je me suis fixée pour le moment un objectif de 10 kilos en 2 mois et demi ce qui fait environs 1 kilo par semaine. Totalement réalisable avec de la motivation et un bon programme alimentaire.

En fait mon réel but est dans un premier temps retrouver mon poids d’il y’a 2 ans. En 2 ans j’ai pris 8 kilos ! J’ai réussi à en perdre 2 mais maintenant il m’en reste 6 . Après j’aimerai perdre un peu plus pour atteindre mon poids idéal car même avant j’avais des kilos en trop !

Je sais bien que le poids ne veux pas dire grand-chose car il ne représente pas que la graisse mais aussi les muscles qui eux sont plus lourd que la graisse. Donc mon vrai objectif est d’avoir une silhouette et de pouvoir rentrer dans mes vêtements.

Comment perdre 10 kilos ?

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Could Central Asia be facing a water and electricity crisis? The Soviet-era system in which the five countries of the region shared their resources has broken down, leaving some facing water shortages and others chronic power cuts. Instances of small-scale unrest have already occurred, but some are warning it could lead to a larger conflict. For more: bbc.in/centralasiawater #Turkmenistan #Kazakhstan #Uzbekistan #Kyrgyzstan #Tajikistan #CentralAsia #Environment #Nature #Energy #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews #sunandsandnews

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