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 We’re all in a constant state of motion, reacting to the environment and trying to align what we see with how we think. If all you see is pain, trauma and rejection then your mind will succumb to depression and sorrow. Change your environment, surround yourself with people who resonate happiness. Experience life, put yourself out there you learn about the person you are and the person you want to be. How do you know you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it? Discover your passion and explore every crevice. Your life is set in front of you, don’t leave fate to fill the pages, take a stand and write your own destiny. 

The other thing, which katisconfused touched on, is that maybe, just maybe, the record numbers of overweight people in the U.S. and U.K. might have something to do with systemically unhealthy environments and not personal failures? People didn’t suddenly decide, en masse, to ignore their satiety cues 

What really bothers me is that at my work I’m treated like a little kid because I’m the youngest. People are always saying rude things to me, looking down on me, and making me feel like shit about myself here. It sucks when I can’t be happy in your work environment because of the people around me

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Ok I understand that being a vegan is about the animals and environment but for some people it's also about the health benefits so all these vegan bloggers who say "IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT JUST DO IT FOR THE COWS" isn't helpful... Maybe just be nice & answer people's questions

Ok lol I never said those exact words, and if you actually read my reply I said you’re doing the animals, the environment and your HEALTH a world of good. Health doesn’t necessarily = losing weight/outer appearance.

My Advice for The Signs - Scorpio 🌊💙

Let your guard down every once in a while. Even just typing this I can feel Scorpios everywhere say “Wtf no, not in a million years.” but hear me out. I know you like to be self-sufficient and I understand that you are fully capable to look after your own problems but while you’re looking after your problems, who’s looking after you? There is always that one person that we can open up to and I urge you to just let down your guard every once in a while, even just for 20 minutes and let it out, cry, rant, or just ponder. Our world is such a harsh environment for people to be carrying so much on their shoulders. Before trying to seek control over others, try to gain some self control. Scorpio’s own psyche tends to be well hidden, even to Scorpio. Focus on discovering your self and controlling your abilities. Don’t let the world wipe their feet on your reputation, you are the one who keeps us alive, even through methods you’re not proud of.

Mad Dog and Loathing In Las Vegas

This weekend, my mawm and I are goin’ up to Las Vegas. I mentioned the trip in an earlier post, and the time has finally arrived. Again, I’ve never been to Las Vegas before. You would think a guy like myself would’ve already been there a million times by now. Better late than never, I always say.

This will be the longest I’ve been away from home since, well, I got sober. I’m more of a homebody I guess. I know the cats will be taken care of, but I’ll miss them little meatloafs.

I’m kind of nervous being in a new environment with mobs of people. But I figure I need to think of this as a social experiment. Well, a nice vacation with mawm, definitely. But also a rare opportunity to see shit I’ve never seen. 

Don’t worry, I’ll still queue a PARTY HARD on Friday night. And I’ll try to post things periodically when I can. 

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Did u hear abt Misha ://

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YEAH this is what i woke up to!! and!!! i was so distressed!! better now that i’ve seen this:

but i myself am still like

even my manager from my hourly job contacted me and she was like “I SAW THE NEWS, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?? YOU MUST BE SO WORRIED”

even though he’s physically experiencing minor injuries, any group of people assaulting you and taking your possessions, in short, sucks ass. and they went after his face, which is literally something that is put to primary use for his job. like, this kinda stuff happens, but of all the people. my heart, you guys

so while love and support is there, please hop on twitter and tweet “ I ‪#‎vote‬ @randomactsorg as my favorite nonprofit to #UpgradeYourWorld ” –this big of a win for a charity he’s devoted so much to meant a lot to him before this happened, and will be a huge boost to all of us if it’s successful. MAY HE HAVE A SPEEDY RECOVERY


[You do quite a lot of charity work. How important is giving back to you? How did you choose the various foundations you support?] It’s really, really important to give back, whether you’re in the entertainment industry or not. It’s something that everyone should do and should want to do. I have my own reasons for getting involved with the various charities that I’m a part of and I want to start something else on my own - a cause with my own vision of what I’d like to make a difference in and with my own direction. But I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to give back.” x

when people have good intentions in an rp but they just can’t write for shit so you just

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annie: what do you hate most about this world?

humans prioritizing greed over the welfare of other people, animals and the environment. and people who hurt or take advantage of others who can’t emotionally or physically defend themselves like children, animals, those with certain disabilities, the elderly, etc. 

I really cannot put up with those “reblog in ___ seconds or bad thing will happen” posts anymore. They cause stress and anxiety and are honestly just assholeish posts by the op for notes. So for the sake of my already not great mental health, I’m just going to immediately unfollow anyone who reblogs those onto my dash, even if we’re mutuals/friends.


As honorary president of Project Playground, Princess Sofia attended the “Easy Street diploma ceremony” where she spoke about her own experiences of violence in the townships.

The diploma ceremony was the final part of the education that young people from the township of Langa, South Africa completed with Easy Street. The project is called the Great Corner and is a collaboration between Project Playground and Easy Street. The aim is that young people with Calm Way’s techniques will help to create a safer environment for all young people in Langa. 

I think the most important thing in literature is to represent things well. And there are certainly books/media that represent very well, but there are some that are blatantly ignorant and obviously didn’t do their research. More specifically, ableism is very, very, prevalent in books. The way a book could use the r word or cr*zy or p*ycho as a way to describe someone’s behavior. And note this: it’s all derogatory; (used in a negative connotation).

It’s pretty apparent ableist language is incredibly ingrained in our society and without notice, people constantly use it as their everyday language - words like st*pid or bipolar (although the usage of this word is alright as long it’s not poking fun or is used as a joke) or “schizo”. It’s what creates that stigma which in turn creates an unsafe environment for people who do have mental illnesses and who do have autism or down syndrome or who are paralyzed or for people who cannot speak or cannot hear. It’s these things that perpetrate that stereotype and also this regular use is what creates authors of any type of media to use it as it is normal, everyday speech, right?

And especially in that media when a character is written in a distasteful way, (i.e. commonly villains) fandoms use words p*ychopaths or s*ciopaths when in reality, those terms are considerably derogatory. 

It’s harmful - incredibly harmful to use ableist language and while many people don’t know how so, it’s important to see how impactful words can truly be. It’s why we must try to call out or try to discuss the usage of ableist language in all types of media (although my main focus right now is books). 

There are many alternatives in explaining and conveying someone’s behavior without the use of ableist language; it’s very easy. Use the tools given to you to understand by research.  And if i wasn’t clear enough or if i didn’t articulate correctly you can look at this article which I think is pretty informative and covers mostly everything I tried to talk about. It also has a list of alternative words that you could use in your daily language and a list of words that are ableist. 

The Man Who Thinks He Owns Me (a poem)

Always the same conversations,

I’m still the one who’s wrong.

Disappointment’s a common theme -

I will never be enough.

I’m told bipolar disorder is just a phase:

“You just need to get over it now.”

“Real adults push that stuff aside.”

“I expected better of you.”

He says mental illness is not real -

It’s just a choice one makes to be.

“It’s okay to sometimes be unhappy,

but it’s not okay to want to be.”

He tells me I should wear shorts in summer

because I always cover my legs.

He makes me feel uncomfortable

and he’s the reason that’s not an option.

He urges me to get a car,

even though that’s not what I want right now.

He says “every adult your age has one.”

I can’t even tell him that’s not true.

He tells me to become independent,

then says I need to get a man.

He tells me to act more grown up;

but, he tries to govern everything I do.

He makes jokes he knows offend me.

He points out every flaw.

He tells me to stop dreaming

and just be as practical as him.

For years I’ve been told to change.

This man has tried to tear down who I am.

All my life I’ve been afraid to be me

because the one who told me not to be

      is my dad.