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I haven't read any of Tolkien's works except The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but does Tolkien ever explain what happened to the ent wives? Or the other wizards that arrived with Gandalf, Saruman and Radagast?

Quick summary: before the Third Age, the Entwives left the Ents and moved to the East of Fangorn (which later became the Brown Lands) to start a garden there. Apparently, they also taught agriculture to Hobbits and Men of the area during the Second Age. But by the end of the Second Age, they disappeared. It’s likely that most of them died during the War of the Last Alliance when Sauron torched their gardens, though Tolkien notes that some of them may have fled East.

Some people reckon they may have been settled around the Shire during the Third Age, mostly because of the conversation between Treebeard, Merry and Pippin (Treebeard’s remark about how the Entwives would have loved the Shire) and Halfast Gamgee’s claim of seeing a “Tree-Man” in the North Downs. It’s not a ridiculous thing to believe, and you most certainly won’t hear me object if that’s your headcanon. But I just don’t think it’s likely.

Tolkien made a few comments about Entwives in a couple of his letters.

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And now the Entwives are only a memory for us, and our beards are long and grey. The Elves made many songs concerning the Search of Ents, and some of the songs passed into the tongues of Men. But we made no songs about it, being content to chant their beautiful names when we thought of the Entwives. We believe we may meet again in a time to come, and perhaps we shall find somewhere a land where we can live together and both be content.
—  Treebeard to Merry and Pippin, The Two Towers

'But the Entwives gave their minds to the lesser trees, and to the meads in the sunshine beyond the feet of the forests; and they saw the sloe in the thicket, and the wild apple and the cherry blossoming in spring, and the green herbs in the waterlands in the summer, and the seeding grasses in the autumn fields…So the Entwives made gardens to live in…We crossed over Anduin and came to their land; but we found a desert: it was all burned and uprooted, for was had passed over it. But the Entwives were not there. Long we called, and long we searched; and we asked all folk that we met which way the Entwives had gone. Some said they had never seen them, and some said that they had seen them walking away west, and some said east and others south. But nowhere that we went could we find them.' - Treebeard, The Two Towers.
"But what about these Tree-men, these giants, as you might call them? They do say that one bigger than a tree was seen up away beyond the North Moors not long back…But this one was as big as an elm tree, and walking - walking seven yards to a stride, if it was an inch."
"Then I bet it wasn’t an inch. What he saw was an elm tree, as like as not.”
"But this one was walking, I tell you; and there ain’t no elm tree on the North Moors.” 
-The Shadow of the Past, The Fellowship of the Ring.

It’s a tiny moment in the series, and probably just inconsequential conversation, but I’ve always held onto some naïve hope that what Hal saw was an Entwife in the north of the Shire, and that there is still a chance that the Ents and Entwives may meet again in Middle-earth after the shadow of Sauron passes.

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Happy birthday, Juliana! I knoooow, you said “don’t write me anything, just tell me about the beautiful things you’re seeing on your holiday!”

Yeah well I can do both :P

My friend took me to a park, and we found these trees that were starting to flower. The bees were getting to work on them already, and she told me they were cherry blossoms (picture below – I hope she’s right!) And, well, fruit-related trees remind me more of Entwives than Ents. And I’ve hardly seen anything about the Entwives around. So here is a fic featuring Entwives and cherry trees!

Firstly though, I don’t think they call themselves Entwives, I think they call themselves Ents. I battled against the temptation to have them call the male Ents “Enthusbands”.

Aaaand I lost.

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