In Goodfellas, the ‘Am I a clown? Do I amuse you?’ scene, where Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) attacks Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) for calling him a 'funny guy’, was Pesci’s idea. He’d once worked at a restaurant where he got a nasty reply after telling a real-life mobster he was funny, so he suggested it to director Martin Scorsese, and they filmed it without a script to get genuine reactions from the cast. Source

A little something cause I was getting bored atta my mind so I needed some entertainment to keep me going and I gotta say I love this reference scene from Disney Movie Hercules so this was perfect to demonstrate some of my frustration =) 

Aaaand also this happened O-o 

(Im confused & shocked and akfjnskrjngsg) holy hotdogs omg I thank ye 1,000,000,000,000 overdrive of stars turning confetti ;-;

(One thing that was a drag is that I couldn’t shake the screen at the end since I don’t have the program for it so this was all I can do though I hope ya like it anyhow c: )

Nightmare!Sans & Art /c/ the awesome gal @jokublog Original Post / Movie Scene

Please Forgive Me a short thriller film by Drake showcases some of the best of South Africa

An Apple exclusive well, till we at least found the backdoor to it. This short film showcases a bit of South Africa’s cultures, we now know why Drake had been visiting Johannesburg for a short period of time.

The vibrant video shows pantsula and township culture in one of South Africa’s most historical townships called Soweto where the June 16 Uprisings took place and also is home to where Nelson Mandela had his first home.  

The thriller follows a story of Drake as a gang member alongside Popcaan and his girlfriend being offered a million dollars to sleep with him which is  played by  South African stage and screen actor, Jerry Mofokeng

The film was directed by Anthony Mandler

Fanny Neguesha
Sonni Chidierbere
Kyla Reid
Elizabeth Lejonhjärta
Victoria Lejonhjärta
Bob Nameng
Jerry Mofokeng
Lehlohonolo Motaj
Mitchel Mungai

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iPhone 7 Plus proves Apple is gearing up for augmented reality

iPhone 7 Plus proves Apple is gearing up for augmented reality

“The iPhone 7 Plus could be Apple’s first major step into augmented reality,” Macworld writes.

“One of the best new features on the iPhone 7 Plus is the dual-cameras that can work in tandem to create awesome photos,” Macworld writes. “But this technology has way more, far-reaching applications for than just taking better pictures inside a bar.”

Macworld writes. “In this week’s episode…

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Tokyo has the coolest street races 📷 @sianjkavanagh
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At a conference in June, NBC CEO Steve Burke explained what would constitute an Olympics “nightmare,” Bloomberg reports. “We wake up someday and the ratings are down 20%,” he said. “If that happens, my prediction would be that millennials had been in a Facebook bubble or a Snapchat bubble and the Olympics have come, and they didn’t know it.”

That nightmare is basically here, as the Olympics saw a sharp viewership dip for the first time since 2000. Among 18- to 49-year-olds, the damage is even greater than 20%, sitting at a 25% drop-off


NBC Olympics viewership is down 17% - Business Insider

AKA “It’s not our shitty, tape-delayed, reality-show style coverage, or our myopic and draconian social media policies - it’s those damn millennials and their snapchats!”

A wild Pikachu appeared! People in New Orleans were surprised one day when someone had illegally installed this Pikachu statue overnight, covered it in patina to make it look like it had been there for years, and inscribed it with the hashtag #pokemonument. Nobody knows where it came from, but Pokemon GO players really enjoy visiting. Source Source 2 Source 3