The paramedics came and they said that you probably saved my life.  And even then, you were willing to risk your life for someone else.  And that has terrified me for a long time.  And I realized, I know, I realize I can’t just lock you away.  That’s not an option.  But I really wish I could.  Oh, I really really really wish I could.  But I can’t. I can’t control everything that happens to you so…  What I should have been doing is helping find other ways to… Just helping you.


This cast is so amazing.

When Elise Bauman cries, I cry. She’s that good. She’s precious. The way she’s portraying Laura as this sad, flawed, struggling woman who is trying really is, like Carmilla described it, beautiful.

Natasha Negovanlis? She slayed all her lines; and her non-verbal gestures as Carmilla is so amazing! Especially her expression after their ‘”to hell with light and casual” scene’. Carmilla looks so in love and happy, she’s like in cloud 9.

Kaitlyn Alexander? I love them and their acting… but their scene where they’re talking to Perry? My heart broke into a million pieces. So much emotion conveyed, not just through the words but also the acting.

ANNIE BRIGGS. Wow, just wow. Her acting as Perry possessed by the dean who is acting as Perry though lol. Clearly the dean doesn’t know how to act as good as Annie. 

Sophia Walker! Line delivery, gestures - the way she uses the space she’s in just gravitates me towards her. Like if she’s in the scene, I cannot not focus on her.

Aaron Chartrand, Sharon Belle and Shannon Kook, though their appearances were brief, Aaron’s voice as JP is still so captivating, Sharon nailed that fight scene and Shannon well, poor guy gets hit a lot on episode 24 but eh, good (epic, tbh) reactions!

While we haven’t seen much of Mel and Kirsch yet, the podcast is important! Matt O’Connor and Nicole Stamp’s voice acting there is really remarkable.

And of course, not to forget (of course not) Mr. Enrico Colantoni who is undoubtly a really great Papa Hollis. Laura’s scenes with Sherman is so effective because the way he cares about Laura is probably how everyone imagines how their dad would care for them. He’s not perfect but like his daughter, he tries. And Mr. Colantoni delivers so well. 

We’ve been blessed to get to see them act out this webseries and I’m really thankful to each and every one of them for it.

‘iZombie’ Season 3 Spoilers: ‘Veronica Mars’ Reunion (John Enbom, Ken Marino, Enrico Colantoni, Ryan Devlin, Dan Etheridge, Daran Norris, and Eddie Jameson)
“iZombie” creator Rob Thomas revealed that “Veronica Mars” alums Ken Marino and Daran Norris will both appear in Season 3, Episode 6 of the Rose McIver-led series.

“Veronica Mars” alums Ken Marino and Daran Norris will both appear in Season 3, Episode 6 of “iZombie.”

“Veronica Mars” and “iZombie” creator Rob Thomas revealed the news onTwitter on Tuesday, Sept. 20, with a photo of Marino and Norris posing for a pic with director Enrico Colantoni, executive producer Dan Etheridge and writer John Enbom, who all worked on “Veronica Mars” as well.

Marino made his “iZombie” debut as Major’s (Robert Buckley) lawyer Brandt Stone in Season 2, Episode 18, titled “Dead Beat.” Norris, on the other hand, first appeared as Johnny Frost in the pilot and reprised his role in Season 1, Episode 11 (“Astroburger”) and Season 2, Episode 16 (“Pour Some Sugar, Zombie”).

“iZombie” actress Rose McIver also shared a photo with Marino and Norris on the set of the crime procedural series. “A funny little sandwich. #BehindtheBrains #iZombie,” McIver, who plays Liv on the series, captioned the pic.

As revealed at the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel last July, “Veronica Mars” grad Eddie Jemison is also returning in Season 3  of “iZombie” as Seattle’s leading crime-lord Mr. Boss. However, despite Mr. Boss’ big role last season, the show won’t get to him until later in the upcoming installment.

In addition, in a response to a fan question on Twitter, Thomas revealed that “Veronica Mars” alum Ryan Devlin is also going to appear on “iZombie.”

“So when @RyanDevlin is gonna be on @CWiZombie @RobThomas? will he play a baddie? plot twist, he’s a goodie,” the fan asked.

“Oh, he’s going to be in the show, but I can only see him as venal - his laudable charity work not withstanding,” the exec producer answered.

Devlin chimed in, writing: “I’m tiring of this whole nice guy facade anyway. Time to get back to the real Devlin.”

“iZombie” Season 3 will debut midseason on The CW.

why does nobody on tumblr talk about this movie?

I mean seriously:

“The alumni cast of a cult space TV show have to play their roles as the real thing when an alien race needs their help”

It’s a Star Trek spoof where the actors get sucked into a real space battle.

It has Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear, Santa Claus, and Tim Taylor of Tool Time), Sigourney Weaver (Dana Barrett from Ghostbusters, and Ellen fucking Ripley from Alien), and Alan Rickman (SEVERUS SNAPE) playing the Kirk, Uhura, and Spock roles

Sigourney had lines like:

“Well, Alex, at least you had a part, okay? You had a character people loved! I mean, my TV Guide interview was six paragraphs about my boobs and how they fit into my suit. No one even bothered to ask me what I DO on the show.”


“Look, I have one job on this lousy ship. It's stupid, but I’m gonna do it, OKAY?”

which spoke directly to how ridiculously sexist so many female roles on TV (especially shows that can get away with throwing their female characters into skin-tight suits) are written, and also perceived by the fanbase.

Alan Rickman plays a character who is pretty much 900% done the entire way through the movie, and still managed to give me massive amounts of feels.

Tony Shalhoub (Monk) plays a perpetually stoned Scotty character who falls for a hot alien chick. Yes, there is interspecies romance in this movie.

Yup, an interspecies couple where the chick has tentacles and the guy is really into it.

The villain is played/voiced by Robin Sachs (Ethen Rayne from Buffy)

Sam Rockwell (we know him as Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2) plays an extra.

One of the awesome aliens is played by Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars’s dad)

This cutie

back when he was this cutie

The above cutie is Justin Long (star in another all time favorite movie of mine, Accepted) who plays one member of a group of fans who analyze the show like we do with our shows, and ends up saving the fucking day because they analyzed everything so well.

That’s right.

This movie is about fans saving the actors when the show turns out to be real.

If you haven’t seen it…

Go watch it.



We’re finally going to meet Laura’s dad and he’s played by Enrico Colantoni, aka Veronica Mars’ dad! You might also know him from Flashpoint, but it’s way more fun to think that Veronica Mars and Laura are some kind of secret sisters. “Laura’s always talked about her overprotective dad and you get to see that and peer into the telescope of her growing-up life,” Bauman told BuzzFeed. “[Colantoni] was so, so lovely and made Laura’s dad so endearing as well,” added Negovanlis.


“At some point you have to let go and [Sherman] realizes in the course of the season that he can’t protect his daughter. He can’t have that control over what could happen to his daughter. It’s like, ‘I can’t, I have to let go, I have to let her be her own person, and be there if the worst ever occurs.’” (x)

9 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The New Season Of “Carmilla”
Natasha and Elise gave us the deets and they're delicious.
By Lauren Strapagiel

Oh! And if there weren’t enough surprises already… we get to meet Sherman Hollis this season! (Yes… that IS Veronica Mars’s Dad!)