Late-night Deceive with Haruka

So you know how we got those pictures from the upcoming album ?

It’s showing Takane on a road/street then Haruka and Kano talking in the street at night.

It’s probable that we’ll get a similar talk to the one Kano is having with Ene.

First, Kano tells about his past in the manga, in chapter 40 but also about Ene’s situation.

Then, we have the song, Yobanashi Deceive, which shows Ene at the end. And since Kano is talking to someone (he uses ‘you’) we can suppose it’s the music route’s talk between Kano and Ene (Kano talks about his past, his encounter with his siblings, his power, etc.)

Then, we have the anime, of course.

In episode 7, “Konoha’s state of the world”, Kano and Ene talk, and Ene really say a lot about her own past.

But, Kano does something special : he deceives Ene by transforming into Haruka.

So I thought about this :

What if the talk in the comic is going to be the same as this ?

Kano could deceive Haruka by transforming into Takane.

Of course, she could be THE Takane, but she looks hautain.

Much like Kano as Haruka in the anime.

Of course, there is another theory : Kano gets Haruka’s body back (like in the novel with Takane for example) and they get to talk. Because Haruka looks different, Takane (who appeared because she knew where is the location of the bodies/she followed them) is dubious about who he is, and doesn’t jump out of joy when seeing him… or Takane could be mad at Kano because she’s scared he would say or do something rude to him or even be jealous of him ? Since we don’t have the dialogue, it’s hard to guess. But I feel like Kano deceives Haruka instead…

In both cases, I feel like Haruka and Kano will have a very interesting interaction…

Tell me what you think !

  • Takane: Hey, Kido, you know that invisibility thing you have? Do you think you could hook me up with that?
  • Kido: Well, it would be literally impossible since we can't trade abilities, so no. Why do you want it?
  • Takane: So I can take naps whenever I want without Haruka finding me.
  • Kido: You have got to be kidding me.
  • Takane: I would be completely unstoppable.
  • Kido: No one should have that kind of power.