Moffat ”This wasn’t a case of, “Let’s grab that off the shelf and update it.” It was, “We love this, we think everybody’s been getting wrong, and we think we can get it right.” Unless you think you’re correcting everyone else, you shouldn’t be doing something. You should be saying, “Now this is the way it should be done.”

K, but a woman literally did it 11 years before you did, Nancy Springer wrote a series called The Enola Holmes Mysteries she was the younger sister of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but enola holmes though

enola holmes with sherlock’s confidence and mycroft’s demenor

enola holmes who is stubborn and clever and ran away to london because she didn’t want to go to boarding school

enola holmes fucking slaying any misogynist that stands in her way

enola holmes wearing bright pink stiletto’s and chasing criminals in them

enola holmes proving herself smarter and better and cleverer than her brothers

why don’t more people love enola holmes

theperditorian  asked:

Enola is 5'3" if you want to compare her to any of your muses

Send your character’s height and I’ll compare it to mine. (always accepting)

I’ll do her with Mycroft’s kids!

Eli (adult height) and Enola:

she’s so smol

Dom and Will (adult height) and Enola:

This is about how I imagined them, tbh.

Penny (adult height) and Enola:

Once again, Enola is so little oh my goodness!

A Room of One's Own - Sol_Invictus - Enola Holmes Series - Nancy Springer [Archive of Our Own]
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Before setting off to London with the mysterious parcel addressed to his sister, Sherlock Holmes visits Enola’s room one last time.

Enola Holmes

A summary of who she is and her family dynamics. (All taken from Nancy Springer’s books. I own none of this. Some of this also explains why I did certain things in her history.)

Enola was born in July 1874, years after her elder brothers had left home. Her mother’s late pregnancy caused her to be shunned by Victorian society. Not that Mrs Holmes cared much as an avid suffragist. Enola’s first encounter with her elder brothers was brief at the age of four when the Holmes boys attended their father’s funeral.

Mycroft became the head of the family’s finances, making sure money was sent monthly to care for the Holmes estate, his mother, and his younger sister. Growing up Enola was raised as a suffragist. She learned to draw from her mother and had a hiding place in a hallowed out tree in the yard where she kept many of her sketches. Her mother taught her many things, from reading to ciphers to botany.

On her 14th birthday her mother disappeared. The sudden disappearance brought her elder brothers home briefly. They had no idea where their mother had gone or what to do with a 14 year old girl. Since it was not Sherlock’s responsibility he returned to London. Mycroft attempted to search for a proper boarding school for Enola, but once she learned of his plans she ran away.

And in order to outwit her brother she headed to London, knowing that would be the last place they expected to find her. Soon she set up shop with funds her mother had kept hidden for her. She opened up a business of finding missing people under the assumption she was “Dr Leslie T Ragostin’s” assistant.

A few cases brought her into Sherlock’s path, but each time she avoided capture through disguise. She is fond of Sherlock, even if all she knows of her brother is from Dr Watson’s writings. As for Dr Watson she finds him fatherly and enjoyed the company of Mrs Mary Watson.

Enola fears boarding school for many reasons. These schools were finishing schools which required corsets. Corsets at this time were seen by men as something a woman wore without a second thought, but they were often worn tightly preventing the wearer from breathing properly or even breaking ribs. Her choice to avoid such schools was almost a life or death choice. Enola does wear a corset as it has it has saved her life on one occasion. She does not tighten it fully and has found a way to hide a dagger in one of the corset ribs.

Enola is highly skilled at sketches of people, of creating ciphers (as this is how she and her mother communicate through the personal ads in papers), she also knows a fair amount about the language of flowers higher society women use and she has a fair amount of knowledge on the gypsies. Upon coming to civil terms with her brothers she states she would like to attend university and study literature, chemistry, and higher mathematics.


[My hair is horrible right now so have a funny picture of me hiding behind this glorious book!]

I did a bad thing. Yesterday at B&N I found a new Sherlock series….it’s the Mary Russell Novels by Laurie R. King. I am about a third of the way done currently and I am in love with the voice of this author and character. Sherlock is exactly how I had hoped he would be and I can almost picture an older BBC Sherlock in the role. 

I also may or many not have convinced @bakerstreetsconsultingsociopath and @hisjiminycricket to join me in my reading of the series. 

Last night I had to close at work but the second I clocked out I was reading and I woke up this morning and read another two chapters (they are long!). I am so happy right now. I haven’t gotten to read like this in so long and reading is my life. (I was reading The Hobbit in elementary school!)

Promise I haven’t forgotten about reading @theholmesalone rec/inspiration from the Enola Holmes novels! I have book one and as soon as I finish Mary’s I am diving in. I just needed something to get me back into the habit so I can enjoy reading again. :) So many lovely young ladies working with Holmes. I am so happy! 

i really want enola holmes in the show because she could literally the epitome of the tumblr generation

“Enola you’re going to boarding school”

“i came out to have a good time and i’m feeling like so attacked right now”

The Other One

In His Last Vow, Mycroft mentions about another Holmes sibling - what if it is a sister?

SH: William Sherlock Scott Holmes. 

JW: Sorry? 

SH: That’s the whole of it. If you were looking for baby names. 

JW: *laughs* No, we’ve had a scan, we’re pretty sure it’s a girl. 

SH: *smiles (probably remembering his parents saying that when he was about to have a younger sister)* Oh… Okay. *Sherlock starts thinking of something… or someone.* 

JW: Yeah… I can’t think of a single thing to say. 

SH: *suddenly distracted from his thoughts* No, neither can I… 

JW: The game… is over. 

SH: The game is never over, John. But there maybe some new players now. That’s okay.  The east wind takes us all in the end. *Sherlock remembers “the other one” once again.* 

JW: What’s that? 

SH: It’s a story my brother told me when we were kids. The east wind - this terrifying force that lays waste to all in its path, seeks out the unworthy and plucks them from the Earth. That was generally me. 

JW: Nice. 

SH: He’s a rubbish big brother. *remembering what happened to the other one IF MYCROFT WAS INVOLVED* 

JW: So what about you then? Where are you actually going now? 

SH: Oh, some undercover work in Eastern Europe. 

JW: For how long? 

SH: Six months, my brother estimates. He’s never wrong. 

JW: And then what? 

SH: *almost crying* Who knows? 

JW: … 

SH: John, there’s something… I should say, I’ve meant to say always and I never have. Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, I might as well say it now.

He also begins by telling Mycroft, “Since this is likely to be the last conversation I’ll have with John Watson, would you mind if we took a moment?” Meaning, he wants to tell John about his sister, but didn’t want Mary to hear it, or Mycroft to know that Sherlock spoke about her, as they may have planned not to mention about her to anybody.

“John, there’s something, I should say, I’ve meant to say always and I never have. Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, I might as well say it now… I have a sister. I’ve always meant to tell you about her, but I never did. I’m sorry.” (And then, I don’t know, maybe Sherlock wanted to tell John that she’s in danger or something, who knows? Or maybe, if she returns, he wanted John to take care of her, as he wouldn’t be there to do so.)

Sherlock had always meant to tell John that he had a younger sister. John knows the rest of Sherlock’s family - but not her. Sherlock and John have known eachother for years, but Sherlock’s never talked about her to him. He was about to tell John, but then he changes his mind by saying that Sherlock was actually a girls’ name. He wanted to say Enola - who, according to some books by Nancy Springer, was the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes. Enola is backwards for alone. “Alone is what I have, alone protects me.” (Enola is what I have. Enola protects me?) Sherlock most probably decided to not mention Enola to John at all maybe because neither Sherlock, nor Mycroft have told about her to anyone so far. Even Mycroft just referred to her as “the other one”.

So sorry if this whole thing sounded like fanfiction. :)