Spilledink (in english)

Let’s begin


Age: 19

Sexuality: meh would be bisexual

Personality: cheerful, joker, can become psycho in some moments, osea fijense, personality cheerful but with a thought of pure destruction … is not obvious? Well, he’s a joker, he’s distracted, he’s forgetful and he’s something perverted.

A girl asked me the following

If your child speaks English and you speak Spanish as they communicate?

Answering the question spilledink can speak English and Spanish, practice when you are with edith,

(But let’s say that the Chilean way is something difficult to understand xD)


just like her mom (ink) can change her eyes for her emotions

Being in …


Processing: when it costs him much to understand something remains processing, which will remain completely still and will remain so until he can understand


In love: it is difficult for this emotion to happen to you because you do not see much importance to love

Danger: well this same is difficult to happen since it must be a very but very extreme case for it to happen, causing it to completely lose sanity

And this is confusing.


Spilledink guns use a pen pen as a weapon, but let’s say you do not use it too much.

This pen is layers of turning every being into ink, it just has to be traversed

Counting that it is smaller than spilledink

Spilledink has black parts in its body, those parts are inked with ink.
When he receives a damage in one of the black parts he will not receive damage just through it, it will take a few seconds to return to his position

But if it touches a white area that is skimmed

Game over, friend

If you also have two long languages

And his favorite food is pizza as well as the creator xD

Also has something of fear to the very strong colors, of is the custom of ruining the ink drawings with tinca, could be said phobia?
Could you say Cromophobia? I do not know?

Well this would be all the information of spilledink and if I missed things would be minimal things since I put the most important thing here

Is allowed to draw and write sins of spilledink no problem

But they have to give me the credits when they do

bye bye

@katsudon-art​ Thanks for the translation

[must watch] Angela ‘s Mother told Jackson that angela study in  ‘UK ‘ and she can speaks English well so Jackson use his British accent to talk to her

Jackson’s british accent all the sudden
JS: So you speak english ?
NG: Yeah
JS: her english looks like native.
JS: wot’s your name?
NG: Angela
JS: how odd ar you this yah ?
NG: 8
JS: wot’s yuh favorite sobjecTTT ?
NG: thinkin’!!…
JS: wot’s yuh favorite fooo ?
NG: Apple
JS: Do you have weibo ?
NG: …………
JS: do you want to follllow wang jiaer ?
NG: ……………………….
JS dumb face

Kept In School (1878). George Dunlop Leslie (English, 1835-1921).

Leslie was a genre painter, author and illustrator. He studied at the Royal Academy and he showed his work every year thereafter.

Leslie had some Pre-Raphaelites influences. He painted with the aim of showing “pictures from the sunny side of English domestic life." 

He often used children as subjects and his work was praised by John Ruskin for its portrayal of the "sweet quality of English girlhood.”

hey babies! it’s your local goth dad here to introduce myself to the studyblr community!

✖︎ my name is lee
✖︎ i’m a trans guy and i use he/him pronouns only
✖︎ i turned 17 in june and i’m a highschool senior
✖︎ i’m a gemini sun, virgo moon, infp, and a hufflepuff
✖︎ i live in the very bottom of alabama, only about an hour from the beach
✖︎ i’m learning french, german, and japanese
✖︎ i plan on majoring in psychology and minoring in forensics
✖︎ my interests include comics. star wars, witchcraft/paganism, film, reading, horseback riding, anime, piano, goth fashion, and assassin’s creed

✖︎ ap enlish literature and composition
✖︎ honors government and economics
✖︎ honor pre calculus
✖︎ cp psysics
✖︎ pe
✖︎ advanced choir
✖︎ arts and crafts
✖︎ film production ii
✖︎ piano 

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i’ll be tracking #bloodystudys so tag me in aything you want me to. feel free to message me i’d love to meet new study buddies!

- lee 🖤🥀

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You're from England!?!? Yooooo me too~ I'm from Durham, hbu? In honor of our land and fabulously pretentious accents, how about some headcanons for Itachi, Obito, and Rin with s/o that had an Enlish accent? Let's assume they're from some foreign country but live in Konoha. Cheers love~

Hiiii my fellow Brit! I’m from London! Unfortunately my accent is the furthest from pretentious but I definitely love this idea.

Originally posted by shisuithegreekgod


  • Would love your British accent. He’d actually find it incredibly sexy and he’d take in every syllable when you talk.
  • Itachi would like some of the pet names you give. “My love, Pet etc.”
  • Would research things that British people are supposed to like and would automatically assume you like tea, crumpets or fish and chips. 
  • Might have to ask you to repeat yourself sometimes because he doesn’t understand your accent. Sometimes he’d need you to slow down because he really can’t keep up.
  • If you used any form of British slang he would be completely confused and try and work out in which context it was meant. He’ll write down some of the phrases or words so he remembers what they mean and he will try and use them back at you.

Originally posted by kkahvi


  • He will jokingly repeat the things you say in a forced posh British accent, because he thinks you sound adorable. “Do you want to go for a cuppa tea, Y/N?” Causing you to land harsh slaps to his arm.
  • Confusing him with British insults or swear words. “Bellend..?“ 
  • If you use slang around Obito he’ll think you’re making words up and will jokingly make up random words to say back to you. "Obito, I said Aggy.”
  • If Obito picked up on certain words you used it would sound so cute coming from him with his own accent, it would make your heart melt.
  • “Y/N, why are you always talking about the weather?”

Originally posted by narulis


  • “Why does your accent make swear words sound so polite?”
  • She’d laugh everytime you offer her tea when she visits you. She also has no clue what the difference between English Breakfast and Earl Grey is. 
  • Spending a lot of time having to repeat yourself because she doesn’t understand what you say. Her face moves in to a cute blinking face, with her eyebrows furrowed as she tries to understand you and she looks adorable.
  • Rin would get you to try and imitate her accent and she’d find you even more adorable.  
  • Winding Rin up on purpose by using slang just because she looks cute when she’s confused. “I’m cream crackered” “You’re… hungry?”
Whirlpool pt. 1

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Summary: Second semester is in full swing and the college campus is in chaos when a student commits suicide. Now, Virgil is trying to deal with his own demons brought back to the surface, Roman’s struggling after he’s kicked from theater, Logan’s reeling after unexpected news about his mother, and Patton’s just trying to keep all his friends from falling apart.

Word Count: 2,126

Fic Type: pt. 1 of Whirlpool, part of the Human!Sides verse

Warnings: Several mentions of suicide and violence 

Pairings: Ambiguous or Implied Relationship(s)

Notes: This is a human!AU fic, so they’re all humans and not different sides of Thomas’ personality. I am trying to keep everyone in character. In case you need a little guide, here:

Logic - Logan
Prince - Roman
Morality - Patton
Anxiety - Virgil

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Hi! i’m dayna, i’m turning 17 in september,  and i’m from Korea. 

i have always been interested in doing pen pal and tried to find one but i was so nervous to contact someone first so..hopefully someone who think i’m interesting enough will message me. 

i can speak korean and english, well obviously korean is my mother language and i think i’m..okay at using enlish.  

i love music in any kinds and love watching movies (except horror movie, i just can’t sleep alone after watching one so..) i enjoy playing piano, i used to learn riding a horse and i still love it, i like watching sports games and i’m also interested in fashion but not like i’m obsessed with it. i’m planning to major in biochemistry or pharmacology.

i’m looking for someone age 15~20, who can share culture and talk about any kinds of stuff  and has similar sense of humor and interest. i really don’t mind your gender, sexuality, religion, where you from but no homophobia and racist.

text me :

instagram: kdayna96

e-mail: da9916 @ naver . com

i don’t have my pictures in my laptop so i’ll send you if you want to. so feel free to contact me!

ok and I’m starting my traditional sketches adventure with this crappy sketch

his is actually the first try of All Might - I drew it before my vacation, it’s all wrong and shit but i really like it anyway? XD


This makes me so happy


I did it! TAT (sob

1.5months, 50 pages. The backgrounds almost killed me…OTZ

keyade is helping me with the Enlish translationO3O (THANK YOU SO MUCH O3O) She is such an amazing and talented artist!!!!

Guest Artist: gin-uzumaki =3=

The cover is only for the Chinese version=3 (English version will probably include both psych0′s and my mangaO3O)

For Castiel's illustration

- in the market, go ahead all alone ( don’t go with either Castiel or Rosa )
- Take a look at Iris’s computer when you’re hiding
- Drink punch
- After you go out of the bathroom to wash your hands, go directly with the others

- When you choose someone to talk to, be sure the person you choose has at least 80+ l’OM with you 

- Choose “ Dare” and then “ dare something more mature” ( or idk the translation in enlish)